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It’s a community? (Freebies).

As I’m clearing out all the old notes I came across one from “The Monarchs” and I have no idea of who and what they are all I know is they have some very bold and brash Christmas gifts out for the free Group.

This is the landing place and I’m going to assume the pictures are of Monarch members.

There is a couple of ridables so I hopped onto this roller coaster and it worked out well as you can see all of this is on a platform in the sky.

That whole platform is cluttered with interesting things.

And gifts. Since all of the gifts seem to be very Christmassy such as this junky van I’m not sure how long they will be out.

This is actually the thing I went for, this antique flying balloon. There were a few more gifts such as a full deccorated Christmas tree and a big Pavillion and again all very bold and brash so the “season to be jolly” maybe over however roll on the next year.

Unlike me you may also want to check out the “The Monarchs” Group as it looks like it’s a very community based group. They even have a youtube chanel. It looks like thay hold a lot of events and people really throw themselves into these events which is so nice to see.

I’m happy being an SL loner but I do know a lot of people rely on SL to expand their social contacts and this might just be the sort of group for you.

PS I think forming friendship in SL is actually better than other social media sites such as facebook.

The Monarchs