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Techie love (Free stuff).

When your OH is an IT specialist there are some benefits such as spare mouse’s, monitors, God knows how many cables and other techie stuff and best of all a brand new keyboard for me so finally my poor AV can move.

ice creamDrool drool drool and again yes this was me at the weekend.  The best thing about so so weather is that you may not want to bare the flesh in your cossie but you can indulge in lots of yummies and especially when there was a massive food fair going on. OK that was my last holiday comment.

coatOK a now common and basic SL coat so apart from the price tag, Free, whats so special about this? It comes with a colour changing Hud and each colour is a lovely summer/spring shade.

Still wearing that free skin from my last post so if you haven’t grabbed that yet check that post out.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Button Up. (Mens Freebies).

Not sure whether to be mad or happy,  I had just bought  a shirt because I really liked it and it cost me 200Lds and then not only did I find this almost straight after but it’s FREE!  The icing on the cake is the fact you get a hud with it which I thought would change the colour of the buttons but it actually changes the whole colour and you have a massive choice of 15 colours and some textures.

XiaThankfully I resisted the 400Ld coat because look at this one and again FREE.

Xia2Even the coat comes with 6 colour choices but also a hud to change the colour of the shirt underneath (8 colours for that). Look at the detail of the straps on the cuffs you have the same details on the belt, buttons and pockets.  One of the newer style jackets in that the belt is tied tight.

You do have to join Superjaix Residents group Xiaj to grab them but not only is it free to join but you don’t even have to visit his shop (it would be such a shame if you didn’t though).  So join and then check out the group notices and you will see both of these items and a fun item of a Christmas ornament….I’ll leave the surprise for you.