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Worth it.(Hunt Prize & Info).

Popped over to Giz Seorn because I saw what their prize is for the SL frees and offer hunt (ends this Sunday) and I WANTED it soooo badly!  I almost clicked on every item of clothing because the hint is “Do you know Miley?” nope I didn’t but I do now.

Check out the prize.

The coat and dress are linked and I love the colour combo.  Can’t remember the sizes but it doesn’t matter because of the style.

Unsurprising there is a big Black Friday Sale event going on so the place was very busy and there is some really nice stuff.  Although I will say because I did price check a few things, even I was tempted, but the price tag did seem to be more than I had expected.  So I don’t know you get a refund sent or you have to be in the group etc or I’m just wrong and the prices have been changed to reflect the sale.


Drat, I went over to “West End”, a shop, as they have some tights/stockings/socks/pantyhose/leggings whatever you want to call them.  Maitreya only which is a shame as I would have found them very useful but since they’re only in the Maitreya Applier I can’t even try to show you but go check them out for yourself you won’t be disappointed.

Giz Seorn

West End

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It’s worth a click & more.(MM Prize).

This turned up in my invent this morning and I could not for the life of me remember picking it up.  So I went back to Poeme where it came from and I had forgotten that I’d clicked on the MM Board (Midnight Madness Board) when I was there grabbing the wellies.

This is really GOOD, so good it’s a KEEPER, even though it’s blue lol.  What you can’t see is down the back there is a nice big hood.

I rarely do MM boards but for this prize, I totally recommend you give it a click. It only needs 35 clicks in total and since they also have those fab wellies out I have a feeling a lot of people will be checking out the upstairs and that’s where the Lucky Boards and this MM (Midnight Madness) Board will be found.

The Poeme group does cost 1Ld to join.

PS.  Noooo so as I’m LM grabbing I’ve spotted this design and if you want to buy a different colour texture then it will cost you 199Lds and there is an old rose textured one which is gorgeous!


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I’ve finally SNAPPED! (Freebies).

I had gone over to the SWANK event and looked and looked and looked some more wondering where the goodies were hidden but it was only when I returned at a later date for another try did I realise that you have to TP to a really lovely decorated Wintery are and under the tree are the gifts.  This TP is actually at the LM for SWANK, it’s on the floor just behind you.

Lots of clothes n stuff for sale but I paid more attention to the landscaping/decor items which are placed in the middle of the shop.  Personally, I’m done with landscaping, I don’t think our sim can hold any more snow, tree’s shrubs etc but I would have been tempted by some of what’s here if that wasn’t the case.

This coat/hat/glove set is one of the prizes and the lovely wintery setting at SWANK was going to be a perfect backdrop to show it off so I TPed back to the event and snapped, snapped, snapped some more till I finally SNAPPED! It’s a lovely setting but with all the flashing lights it was a nightmare to get a decent picture so I TPed back home and got the snap this outfit deserves. It also comes in so many sizes and the fuzz on the cuffs and hat doesn’t have to be worn if you want a simpler look.

BUT, once you’ve grabbed the gifts under the tree don’t rush home to unpack because you may notice that around this landscaped area are other scattered gifts.  I’ve only unpacked 2 items, this coat and I’m actually wearing earrings which are teeny tiny sparkling trees so cute!!!!


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Time to concentrate.(Freebie).

For the past 4 days I’ve been popping in and out of 2 sims I want to show you but each time I settle down to take pictures SL and RL interrupt and it happened again! but it was worth it as it’s this lovely Freebie from American Bazar.


Normally I like to leave my piccies untouched, like Moi lol, esp if it’s a paid for item, but when it’s not just a freebie but a quality freebie I like to have fun with the piccie although sadly I don’t think I’m showing off the lovely details as much as I would have in my usual Nams setting.  As always with the gifts from American Bazaar, this thick fur collared, bow-tied Winter coat is a keeper, for at least another month and then when the seasons change it’s in the bin LOL.  I was so quick grabbing this although I did notice that right next to this ladies coat is a FREEBIE for MEN! Not sure if this is part of a “his n her” set but for sure there is something set out for the men of SL.

Soooo I’m going to not just have a lazy afternoon finally getting to wander these 2 sims snapping away, I’ll show you the pictures tomorrow, I’m going to be a “Lady who lunches” or rather a woman who is having an afternoon tea which basically means 2 women snarfing down a plate of cakes and bitching about our OH’s, work, periods, friends, the clothes people are wearing near us etc..never claimed to be a nice person LOL.  As nice as that sounds I will be having cabbage for dinner as some form of punishment for overindulging.

PS Almost forgot to mention that the coat comes with a built in black top.

American Bazaar

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CandyMetal – is back !

candymetal FREE coat - NEW leather look jeans (with colour HUD)

I was chuffed to get a note-card from Emychan @ CandyMetal the other day, the store is back in business ! The coat above is a group gift, the group is free to join. Very glam and stylish look. The grey turtle neck is actually part of the coat, it gives it a more polished appeal I think.

NEW leather look jeans

New on the rails are these scrummy “Nemy” leather look pants. Gorgeous texturing, beautifully cut at the waist and ankles, really sharp. You get a HUD with eight colours as part of the deal – $125L, quite the steal. Take the Lm below and go upstairs for CandyMetal, the group gift is on the wall in the centre, the pants in the far right corner on the wall. Thanks Emy ❤


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Broken hearts (some free)

Heart hunt - dress 25L

Lemania Indigo has a kind of hunt on at the moment. The prizes vary in cost from 1 L – 50L. This little wrap dress only cost me 25L and its a real keeper for sure. Great styling and a sweet all over heart print that isn’t too in yer face. The broken hearts are scattered all over the store and arent to hard to find.

FREE mesh coat - ArisAris boots NEW!

While I was there I also nabbed the latest group gift (free to join). A darling peachy hued coat, with fur cuffs and collar. I slipped on some new boots from ArisAris called “Basic Instinct”, gawd I could lose hoursss playing with these.

ArisAris Boots new! (come with HUD)

They come with a HUD and boy-oh-boy do you get a load of choices ! (These are not for slink feet)

ArisAris AA83 Basic Instinct Hud Pic

Heres the HUD, isn’t it glorious ! I think it covers every eventuality and more. From swish to casual, jeans to dresses, brilliant !

Lemania Indigo


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Techie love (Free stuff).

When your OH is an IT specialist there are some benefits such as spare mouse’s, monitors, God knows how many cables and other techie stuff and best of all a brand new keyboard for me so finally my poor AV can move.

ice creamDrool drool drool and again yes this was me at the weekend.  The best thing about so so weather is that you may not want to bare the flesh in your cossie but you can indulge in lots of yummies and especially when there was a massive food fair going on. OK that was my last holiday comment.

coatOK a now common and basic SL coat so apart from the price tag, Free, whats so special about this? It comes with a colour changing Hud and each colour is a lovely summer/spring shade.

Still wearing that free skin from my last post so if you haven’t grabbed that yet check that post out.