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“Oops I did it again….REBLOG.(Freebie).

Long story short, it’s past midnight I can’t sleep so to stop me spending £sss I was going to spend Lindens instead which is how I ended up at Faiths Fav shop, Neve, and then it was a short hop to a shop on the same shopping sim called Goji.

This has been this shops Group Gift since the day it opened its doors and although it’s sad there isn’t a new one you have to admit this is a fine GG so as always it may just be new to you.

Lots of mesh fits and a 4 shade hud.

There is also a lovely added bonus which IS new, I think, in that the delivery system is now this adorable, wearable little clutch bag.

Budget Update.

I’m changing my budget plans for next month as I’ve now decided to stick to the 500Lds. I found it a lot easier than I had expected and in fact I even have about 134Lds left from last month so really I will have about 634Ld.  This money is only for the small things I buy for the blog ie Dollarbies, 10Lds, 25Ld Tue etc BUT if and when I get the urge to change our sim then I will spend what I want as we believe money spent on landscaping is money well spent.

Just as I was about to click “Publish” I broke the internet so it’s now a GOOD MORNING off me.  I’m off out today, going to have lovely bit of ME time.  I’m going to buy myself some super sticky Mochi from the Chinese supermarket, they make Strawberry Cheesecake Mochi! It’s like a fluffy pillow of stretchy, sweet cheesiness! Then I’m going to sit in a dark cinema in the middle of the day eating Mochi and snacking on crispy things hoping the scary film is as scary as people have said.