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Free & Happy

Free Dress

I chundered over to the Happy Event this morning and found this beautiful free gift at the Zola design Booth. Two separate pieces skirt & top, both could be worn independently. Gorgeous floaty feel to the lightweight fabric and a hint of kimono style at the waist. Perfect green for spring ! Just buy the box that’s placed at the front for 0L.

Fits for: Maitreya, Belleza Freya, Isis & Venus, Slink Hourglass & Physique, Tonic Curvy & Fine

Happy Wednesday ❤

Happy Event

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Dog Walking with Freebies

FREE Cargo pants leathers & denims, Free glitter top, Synnergy Backdrop, Fashiowl chow pose

Couple of dead nice free group gifts for you tonight. The cargo pants are just brilliant – you get two mega packs & Huds with them for an array of leather and denim tones, an option to change the pocket colours too. The sweater is also free and comes in just black BUT you can play with the glittery bits that are dotted all over it. Both of these are from Evie, the group is free to join. I’m also wearing the free sneakers from GST that I picked up at the Alpha event. I did pick up a couple of items in the weekend sales, my pose set from Fashiowl and the glorious backdrop from Synnergy both should still be out on offer.




Alpha Event

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I Cant Do This Justice ! (Free gift & SL18B)

Free Gown & Facinator by Son!a

The gown above is the free gift at the Shop & Hop event from Son!a – and ohmydays its just beautiful. I’m not a great gown wearer but I’m going to keep this one incase I get asked to go anywhere posh ! I found so many superb gifts at the event, but as I’m working at SL18B atm I don’t have a lot of time to show them – howeverrrr thank goodness dear Naria Panthar has made a video of EVERY single gift form the whole event !! I will link it below and you can sit back and see them all at your leisure ❤

SL18B kicked off last night with a speech from Patch Linden , it was really heartwarming to see a lot of Lindens & Moles all together, we also had a few moments of silence for Ebbe. I will be around and about at the event – click me for an information pack !

Naria Panthar All The Gifts !

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Not Offensive Really ! (Free gifts)

Free group gift - Elegant Offense

Got a couple of group gifts from Elegant Offense to share with you. You’ll find all the gifts towards the back of the store on the right hand side. Loads of them! Absolutely loved this cute crop top and vest “Let it bee” – plenty of sizes given, just the one colour. I’m wearing this over leggings today and it looks crazy pretty.

Free gift - Elegant Offense 2

“Giving a f**k doesn’t go with my outfit – made me chuckle! You get a full fat pack of colours with this shirt dress – a ton of sizes for mesh bodies in the box. Perfect as a dress might try it with shorts later. Group is free to join so have at it. Lots of pretties to take a look at in the store.

Oh! I bought my new hair-do at The Outlet yesterday @ The Outlet – its by Tableau Vivant and cost me just $175. If you haven’t been to The Outlet yet – its brilliant for finding bargains !

Elegant Offense

The Outlet

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Twenty gifts to find !

YDEA hunt - free bag

A fantastic free hunt is happening over at The Free Dove ! Two stores are participating Ydea & Shiny Stuffs. There are five gifts from each store hidden at The Free Dove and five more from each at their own main store locations. There are big boards about the hunt to click, you’ll get a notecard detailing everything you need to know, including what prizes you can find ! I found this dress from Ydea (not telling where!) and its a beautiful colour & style.

My bag is one of many free gifts at My bags – several free groups to join to receive them.

The Free Dove

My Bags

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All For Free

I was at Osmia perving their clothes when I noticed the group join sign (its free), then I scouted around and spotted a few group gifts. I picked out two beautiful dresses. The one above is a classic sweater style, with added nipply action. You get a Hud for colour change – really loved this red for the time of year.

This is the other dress. Actually when you look at the rear it would seem more of a joined skirt and blouse – really lovely detailing and ties – grab it and you’ll see what I mean. You also get a Hud with further colours and patterns.


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Its Sweater Dress Time ! (Free)

I cant sleep ! Boris has just given us the news that we are going back into a lockdown – but its not really a lockdown – but it is with days with a “f” at the end and if you eat baked beans on a Wednesday – or something. GAH! I give up , Decided to wander over to The Free Dove and see what I could see. Came up with this little bit of gorgeous from Hilly Haalan – bloomin heck, you not only get the sweater dress with sweet shirt beneath, but two bags, and a pair of stockings with shoes attached.

Theres also a Hud with more patterns and colours for both shirt and dress.

I also spied this classic sweater dress by GGVG – very snug fit and lovely textured woolly fabric. Absolutely essential to get for your winter wardrobe, pop it on, nice pair of thick tights and some fab boots – et voila !

This also comes with a Hud of totally have-to-have colours. If you’re new to The Free Dove its dead simple. Arrive, join the free group and click to your hearts content at anything and everything – if you cant see a group joiner just click on an item and in local chat you’ll get the group join link.

The Free Dove