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“Just Because” I’m old! (Freebies).

I’m feeling old as I didn’t realise the shop “Just Because” is actually 10 years old now! The same can be said of some of the group gifts….MEOW!  However, I am NOT throwing any shade because I always think if it’s as good now as then it means that people of all SL ages can treat themselves.

So first a couple of the oldies and then the last picture is of a super handy top-quality basic dressy up dress.

I remember this dress coming out and it being grabbed and worn by everyone.  That grey has a metallic tone to it, I don’t mean it shimmers or anything like that but it just looks like woven metal.

I don’t really remember this sweater but since I’ve had and loved and binned so many sweaters I may have had it and just forgot about it. Again it’s just such top quality and when teamed with green, remember “red and green should never be seen” is the old mantra, I personally think they make an amazing contrast.  Sorry the jeans are NOT inc and I think are now back up to full price but I will check that out and pop an update on the end.

Last but not least is the newest and a Birthday gift.

A simple bodycon dress, I did a very similar one to this just a couple of posts ago because this is just such a classic and wearable design.  This one, however, comes with an excellent hud for many shades. When I log back in the first thing I’m going to do it pop on a couple of tops on to see if they will fit over this dress.

Damn it’s finally stopped raining in RL which I know should be a good thing but I’ve now not got an excuse not to clean out my greenhouse and it’s COLD outside and my inner cat is dreading it.

UPDATE: The jeans are not free but they’re on special offer for 50Lds. I bought these a while ago and they have turned out to be my “go-to” jeans as I LOVE the colour and shockingly enough even though they didn’t inc my SLink fit the Maitreya one turned out to be equally as good.

Also there is a whole wall of Group Gifts in the Amataria shop and at only 50Lds to join a great way to snag a lot of bargains BUT because I believe this shop doesn’t cater for my SLink fit I won’t be joining but you may just like what you see and of course you can treat yourself to some great jeans.

Just Because


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Not this one.(Freebie).

Foxcity is known to me for its seriously addictive backdrops but in this case, the 3 gifts under their tree contain a “cold breath” which is very realistic, and if you want to announce your presence then there is a walking bell tinkling add-on and then this sweater.

I know that Christmas sweaters are now pretty common as gifts but with 7 colours/messages and quality texturing it won’t do you any harm to add this to your winter woollies.

Now for the pose.  This was quickly snapped as my AV was spinning around so not the best example but the AO’s from Kuso are what I think are not just the best but the best priced. The ones I hopped on were only 200-300Lds for the full pack AO or 10-20Lds for individual purchases.  I’m STRUGGLING, there is nothing wrong with my AO even though it’s so old I’d like to try something new but the struggle to make my damned mind up is driving me crazy.

UPDATE.  Nope, I’ve still not bought anything, indecision is my middle name, but I spotted that there are Bento enabled poses.  These come with a bigger price tag of 600Lds I have no idea if this is a good/bad price as I’ve never really paid much attention to AOs.  I won’t be buying a Bento enabled one for sure, I love my poses to be more subtle while Bento ones are much more “active” but its something you may want to check out plus there is a nice selection of male AO’s and I’m now wondering if I should try them as well.