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All for little old MEEEE! (Freebie Poses).

Thank you, Sparks you have saved me a big headache.

I’d spotted this freebie car/pose set up somewhere but because I didn’t make a note of it I couldn’t remember where and now thanks to the heads up from Sparks it turns out it comes from Fashiowl….and I would not have found it on my own lol.

The thing with Fashiowl is that it’s a brill shop with props and poses but from what I know no poses on their own and since I have a whole sim to play on and a fat invent I don’t need props as much.  But if I did I’d buy them from here because as you can see you do get great props but even better the poses are more mesh body-friendly than some.

I’d changed back into my snowboarding pants because I was going to show you the snowboard and poses but changed my mind and so here is the ski.

I think there is about….6 maybe full pose packs with props and you don’t even need to be in the group as they’re free for all.

BTW Did you notice the hat?  I did what I suggested you do and made a copy of the hat and hud, tucked them into their own folder and changed the colour to suit my outfit better.