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Dusting off a classic.(Freebie(s).

As I was just loitering a little old Mrs Santa AV ran past me for some reason it reminded me it’s time to pop back to G field for this classic SL design.

I suspect I’ve shown you this gown every year since 2016 when it was a new group gift. I have no shame in showing it again.

As you can see there is a lot more going on at the back of this dress.

There is a more modern Christmasy themed dress in the G field shop but who wants modern when you can waltz around like a queen.

BTW The hair is, of course, a Mina. In this picture, I’m wearing the tiar which comes with it however you also get a much more Christmassy themed one which is made up of Christmas lights. Fun to look at but for this style of dress, I decided to stay with the classic tiara.

Pay attention as unless you’ve been to the G Field shop before you may struggle to find this gown and the other gifts as they’re on the ground floor, at the back to your right and they’re in a room with the “Storage” sign over the doorway.

PS. I will, when I find the LM, put the details of previously blogged Christmas AV’s. You may remember them as one is a Gingerbread and an Elf AV.

UPDATE: I don’t want to do another reblog but the Gingerbread AV’s, you get a his and her one, and the Elf AV are still out and still as cute AF! So the E-Clipse Design shop has been added but I’m not adding any pictures.

G Field.

E-Clipse Design.