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Testing times.(Freebie(sss) & mention of clothes).

As I test I went over to G Fields and in the reception is an easel with a new Christmas gift of a dress which is nice enough and there are 3 nice colours in a hud. Then I continued on to the room at the back of the shop with the older gifts just to see if I’d missed anything and it turns out I have.

In that room there are small little decor rooms set up and l’d never noticed that some of the decor items are FREE!

As you can see on the tag this baubled tree is just one of them and at 8 prims and a colour change menu I’ve snapped it up. There are a couple of other Christmas decor items and in the room next to this one are Halloween gift and a couple of cheapies. There is a planter with pumpkins and it’s only 30Lds and 2 prims and I’m so tempted to get that.

Anyhow I’m going to leave the dress as a suprise and once you’ve got that head to the back of the shop and in a room marked “storage” over the door is where you will find other older gift clothing as well as these decor items.

G Field.

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It’s a community? (Freebies).

As I’m clearing out all the old notes I came across one from “The Monarchs” and I have no idea of who and what they are all I know is they have some very bold and brash Christmas gifts out for the free Group.

This is the landing place and I’m going to assume the pictures are of Monarch members.

There is a couple of ridables so I hopped onto this roller coaster and it worked out well as you can see all of this is on a platform in the sky.

That whole platform is cluttered with interesting things.

And gifts. Since all of the gifts seem to be very Christmassy such as this junky van I’m not sure how long they will be out.

This is actually the thing I went for, this antique flying balloon. There were a few more gifts such as a full deccorated Christmas tree and a big Pavillion and again all very bold and brash so the “season to be jolly” maybe over however roll on the next year.

Unlike me you may also want to check out the “The Monarchs” Group as it looks like it’s a very community based group. They even have a youtube chanel. It looks like thay hold a lot of events and people really throw themselves into these events which is so nice to see.

I’m happy being an SL loner but I do know a lot of people rely on SL to expand their social contacts and this might just be the sort of group for you.

PS I think forming friendship in SL is actually better than other social media sites such as facebook.

The Monarchs

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OMG “You smell a bit like wee”. (Freebies).

I’m not one for wearables but OMG this hugging “icckle donkey” from the Jinx stall has just soften my cold hard humbug heart.

I think it’s the way he’s holding me and he has a lovely slow movement to his head and a really goofy smile that spreads over his face. I couldn’t be bothered to change my clothes and I didn’t want to wait till tomorrow to show you him so here we are both slight goofy.

He’s one of the freebie from an event called ” The Drunken Elf Festival”.

It’s not a big event and so you might miss it although when I went to LM a few people had turned up. The gifts are in the obvious gift boxes on the stallds and the 2 bauble/bells on the ground at the foot of the tree are also gifts.b

The sheep also came off the Jinx stall and cost me only 10Lds, I was going to leave him on Faiths front door step but she’d already returned my other gift, a murdered teddy dangling from her Christmas tree…so ungrateful!

When you click on “Mavis the miserable festive sheep” you get a very grumpy message which is why I have “you smell a bit like wee” as the title of this post.

BTW This market is on the “Dandelion Dreamlands Rental Sim”. The rates and prim allowance for the rentals seems very reasonable, I couldn’t TP to the homes and I didn’t have time to walk to them but if you need a home you might want to check them out.

Dandelion Dreamlands Rental & the Drunken Elf Festival.

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This is going to BLOW my budget! (Freebie(s) & 50% Sale).

I just knew I shouldn’t have looked at the Nutmeg shop but I did and it’s going to cost me as at 50% off there are a couple of items I’ve wanted for a long time and the time is now to buy them,

Till then check out the NEW Freebie which although is in the entrance of the Nutmeg shop is a Reka gift.

The gift is the lovely cookie and milk board. You get 2 options, with or without shadow. This is the newest gift and I suspect a bike which is leaning against the stall is also new and you will find that and so many other amazing gifts just behind the stand with the new one on it.

The Nutmeg sale includes the Gacha’s so I treated myself to a play on one and won the little cup/pear and chocolate decor item and although I can’t remember how much I paid for it it was half the usual price.

Now I’m logging back in to LM grab and get SL spendy!

Dayum! That was quick, from the looks of it this excellent gift must have hit other blogs as the Nutmeg shop has gone from very quiet to not enough space for me to TP in.


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I’ve failed you. (Mention of FREEBIES).

Because I know most of you are into clothes rather than decor etc I was trying my hardest to find you some more kick ass freebie clothes before I did another decor haul but I’ve failed!

So here is some new decor freeness.

Never Totally Dead is one of my fav shops to pop into.  Its buildings and decor have a unique touch, attention to detail and decently priced for such quality.

I’ve taken the picture in the sim setting.  You may recognise the tall Nutcracker guards as I have one standing outside of my home BUT I can’t find them instore either for sale or free. For some reason I cannot help but think that the one I have was actually a delivery box/previous gift from an event. It’s a shame it’s not for sale as the one I have is massive and yet only 3 prims.

The LM should take you the street shown which is outside the main entrance, just inside is a pile of Freebies.  The “Never Totally Dead” group is FREE but only for December so join it and grab the freebies, then check out the shop as you do get a decent discount wearing the group tag.

I’m loving the sim setting and tempted to change ours to the same but I’m not too sure if Faith would like it so cold and dark.  The sim is covered with examples of the builds you can buy and the attention to details is second to none.  With this ruined house you can walk inside and even see the old wallpaper on the wall.

You may recognise this Quay as it’s the one I have and I have a feeling my small beach area will be on my sim for as long as I SL as it’s my little dream beach now.

BTW.  Just on the corner of the main building is a gift box with a gift inside and if you look closely at the first picture you can see one of those candy cane milkshakes. It does give you a hint but since this shop is spread out over the whole sim I’m going to give you another hint to go with the one given, it’s on the same street.

Never Totally Dead

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Happy Chrumpkins. (Freebies).

Not doing to well with clothing so I decided to do a bit of old LM hopping and thats how I ended up at Zen Creations.  Just before I was about to walk out of the shop, it’s an oversized barn, and do a fly over the sim I spotted FREE Christmas Trees.

You get a hud to change the baubles and star also you can have the branches with or without the snow and the addition of a tree skirt means you can have this tree either inside or outside of your home.  At 11 prims not too bad either and copy/mod as well.

This tree is a free for all gift, you just buy the hat gift boxes but if you join the Free Group then you can pick up these Chrumpkins as well.

I do not know why but it hurts my head even thinking the word “Chrumpkins”!  However I do love Pumpkins and Christmas so the blending of these two things make for a great decor item.  The Chrumpkins is unlinked so if you want to save 2 prims then you can delete it, the rest of them are linked inc the Mistletoe and I think it was only 3 prims for the lot.  Does say mod but I think I’d just leave them as they are.

Zen Creations.

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I never walk away. (Freebie(s)).

The Gacha Life event is on and each or most of the stalls has a gift bag out for us.  This isn’t a big event and I think most of us will know it when we TP in.

I did end up binning almost things but I’ve kept a few decor items and most of the LMs for the shops who have a Gacha/gift at this event for me to check out when I log back in.

LMagnums is one of the shops I will be visiting, and these boots are the gift from them.  The name is familar to me but it’s been a while since I’ve been there.

The Gacha Life