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Almost but not quite! (Freebie(s)).

I will probably be the LAST person to get into the Access event and all of the goodies which are set out as gifts for us.  This morning I did manage to squeeze in but it was still so busy in the end it wasn’t worth the struggle so I TP’d back out and went to Zenith instead.

I’ve not visited this shop for a long time so to me, this dress/boot set is now. Ignore the sour face as it came with the drink pose lol.  It is only for Maitreya and Legacy bodies.

BTW if you’ve not been to Zenith before then you’re in for a treat as there are other gifts inc two more traditional style Chinese dresses which are classy and now classy SL gifts.


Blogging SL


NOT the dress, sorry, just the bag ‘n’ chicken.

I found something on the Marketplace which reminded me it’s been yonks since I visited Zenith so I logged in and visited Zenith.

There isn’t anything really new in the clothing gifts, people will remember there is a couple of stunning full length traditional Chinese dresses as well as a more modern short one, but since I have shown you them at least twice and I didn’t want to waste a visit I thought I’d show you this new, to me, wearable chicken and what’s become a classic SL gift bag.

That bag is as good now as it was the first time it was set out for us.  It comes with a hud as well and this wearable pose.  I think I may have a copy of this actually rezzed as decor in my home but I can’t be sure it’s this one or one of the other bags as there is a couple more bags which I still have as they’re just so good.

The chicken comes in 2 shades and actually, it’s not that new either lol but it’s one of the Kawaii wearables.