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I’m so excited. (Freebie(s)).

Apologies for the random background but I wanted to post these so badly before I had to log off and lets be honest it is a pretty background.

I promise you I saw these chandeliers a few weeks ago and was so tempted to buy them but at that time not only did I not have a home to put them in our sim was a big blank slate.  So I just forgot about them till I got notice they’re an amazing freebie from the Figure 8 shop!

You get 3 metal shades and they do have an on/off light with a very subtle light glow.  You can’t really see it in this picture but full rezzed size only 6prims, however, this one has been shrunk and is only 3 prims.  I’m so happy as having this smaller option means it will fit into my smaller home.  I have some stunning chandeliers which I will never use because they’re “mansion” size and most of the homes I live in are “hovel” sized.

I’d have been happy to buy these but damn I’m even happier to have gotten them for free.  There are other freebies in the shop, blogged.  I know Christmas is well over but still grab that Christmas backdrop as it will be so handy for next Christmas.

PS. The reason I’m excited is I get to go OUTSIDE!  Please trust me as this is something I have no choice about but I’ve got my hand sanitiser in my bag and a long pokey stick to ensure people keep their distance. I’m also going to walk to where I need to go so I’m not trapped on public transport and I  also get some much-needed leg exercises as well.  When this is all over I shall never take it for granted the freedom we have.

Figure 8