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Holy Sh*t she was right! (Free House & Chair).

Sparks, one of our reg readers, dropped me a note to tell me about a FREE TROMPHE LOIEL house & chair!

TBH I thought she was mistaken as I do know that for group members, which is now free to join, there are larger builds for sale at a discounted price but she was RIGHT and I was WRONG and WOW what a find!

Check this beauty out.

I have a whole load of Trompe Loeil houses, usually picked up from discount events, and I can tell you that this is not some old dated build dusted off and repackaged.

This is top class texturing.

Inside is one big main room and you can see the door which leads onto the decking on the side.  Lots of windows as well as this lit fire.

Last shot is of the decking at the side.

What a great gift.  You also get this Mint version or you can choose Blueberry or Vanilla which I will assume since I’ve not rezzed them will be mainly the colour of the doors and window shutters.

I didn’t rezz the chair either and I will when I have the time to but I can imagine it’s going to be the same quality and of a similar design. I can’t remember the exact prim count but it was in the 80ties range which for the quality of details is excellent.

ATTENTION! To find this, check the wall/pillar on the right of the shop doorway.

Trompe Loeil

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It can be Christmas everyday.(Freebie(s)).

We change our sim to match RL seasons which in a way is a bit boring when you consider you can live your SL life any way you want which is why I’m showing you this little Christmas Decor item…you could make your SL home Christmassy all year round.

It was just too cute not to grab it even if in my case it’s being tucked away till next year.  It also gives me a great excuse to put the LM for the Thor shop.  I love the stuff in this shop, it’s unique and so you won’t find it anywhere else.

PS. This gift and an excellent orange industrial chair are free for all and you will find them in front of the desk in the large shop.


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Pull up a seat.(Freebie)

This seat to be exact.

I’ve been to a couple of events and grabbed more LM’s which is how I ended up at “The Green Door” shop.

There are 3 Group Gifts but even though I was wearing the right group tag this is the only one which was sent to me but it was actually the main one I wanted….and that’s it…so far.

The Green Door

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Just this.(Dollarbie).

So I had a day off yesterday and as much as I would like to say I spent it lounging and lunching and lazying like a lady I spent it cleaning, scrubbing and cursing like a skivvy!  Such is life but instead of taking pictures of the really pretty freebies AND NEW MINA FREEEEEEE HAIR I took a quick snap of this chair.

One of the notices I got was from a shop called “also known as” and I don’t think I’d even heard that name before and since I’m curious and the note also showed the 2 gifts in the shop and although the other gift is a “cabin” it was this chair that I was hoping was as good as it looked in their picture…and it is.  I’ve actually quickly logged in and moved it because I wanted to try to get the light from the outside to shine through the slats because even with all of that detailing it’s only 2prims!  Although there are a total of 6 poses for me this is more of a statement piece.

The group costs 1Ld to join and as mentioned there is a “cabin” as well and the reason I’ve put that in brackets is that to me cabin makes me think of something old and rustic whilst this is a modern cube, with glass sliding doors etc

PS.  Will be logging back in soon, I need coffee, and will show you some fab new clothing and that new FREE Mina I’ve teased you with.

Also known as.

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I won!!!!(Freebies).

My RL house is now all twinkling and decked out in all its Christmassy glory, I, on the other hand, look as though I’ve had hand to hand combat with a feral cat and lost!  My poor hands and arms are scratched to ribbon because my fake assed tree is like barbed wire.  Now all the twinking stuff is up all I can think about is how much all of this is going to cost me when my next power bills come in!

That’s enough Humbuging from me. I only managed to get inworld for a very brief time and thought that maybe the On9 event might be a bit quieter than all the others going on but I was wrong.  It’s so bad not even my skirt would rezz so I just cammed and grabbed the first 2 freebies off the stands at this event but it was more than enough to make me happy.

This chair is the first gift I opened and with that exc texturing you can see and great poses you can’t see it’s a keeper esp for my new home.  I will be popping back again to not just see what else is free but also to see some new designs.


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Ridiculous (Freebies)

Love the hair Faith was wearing in her last post so I decided to pop over to the Japan Fair and check it out.

The whole sim is packed with so many unique items.  Everything from furniture to poses, hair to nails.  So many amazing things and you will notice many items have a sticker on letting you know how much of the money will be donated to this worthy cause.  OH I’ve just noticed when reading the Blog that in fact Ryo Ixxel the owner/creator of RH Design House is the driving force behind the whole thing.  I for one am so grateful and I treated myself to his excellent mini cafe but also this amazing FREE bed!


Can’t believe that this bed is an actual freebie but it is.  Only 6 prims with 6 poses, I am using one of them in this picture.  The scattered newspapers are with the bed.  Really lovely organic natural fabrics and lovely plump pillows.


The headboard looks as though it’s full of storage and again this is only 6Prims!


Another little sweetness from.RH Design House is this little linked compartment box which is a single prim and a perfect little decor item, it’s in the box with the bed.

As it happens when I popped back to get the LM I noticed that this next freebie  is also in Ryo Ixxel’s main shop as a Group Gift but in his shop on the Japan sim it’s stood next to the bed waiting for you to grab it.


Just so much attention to details and so low primmed.  A single prim for each item, the drawer fronts even have a little message written on them.  The chair has a slot in the back to hold letters and again just a single prim.



RH Design House

RH Design House at The Japan Fair

Japan Fair Blog