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Not just for Christmas.(Freebie(s)).

One of my soon to be trashed item was a “Stay at home gift” which I’m happy to say is still out for us at the Mashumaru shop and I can guarantee you will have picked it up. I was even happier to find this new Christmas Gift of an off the shoulder cardie and pants set.

The pants do have a light pattern on them although they look quite matt in this picture. At first glance the cardie looks ok but look closer and check out the folds and esp the shading around the pockets. This is a really well styled item and no reason for you not to wear it any time of the year esp teamed up with that pair of jeans I’ve just posted about.

The “stay at home club” gifts are just on your right in the entrance and the Mashumaru Group Gifts are on the back of the reception desk wall.

PS. Keeping this Mina hair.


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Looking good. (Freebies, even if they’re a reblog).

Can you see whats a bit “off” in this picture?

It’s the reindeer head and baubles on the wall which somehow I’ve managed to bury slightly into the wall so now my OCD is screaming and when I log back in I’m just gonna have to edit them back so they sit properly

OK now for the good stuff. I wasn’t sure if I was going to blog these clothes as I’m 100% sure I’ve blogged the 2 tops but when I logged back inworld as saw how good I looked my vanity won and here is a “reblog” lol.

Actually for some reason I just don’t remember the jeans. They’re not marked as being a “New” Group Gift but I’m pretty sure I would have shown them you to….maybe.

The jeans and cardigan are both in the QE Design shop and you will recognise the more Kawaii style pink outfit, if I remember correctly the top from that outfit also fitted under this cardigan. There are a total of 6 gifts and I promise you I’ve not shown you all of them in a previous post lol.

Then go to S@bbia for an excellent pair of leather ankle boots, not the ones worn and then to Bumblebee for this strappy top. You will have to loiter as they are a Lucky Board prize but I know it won’t take you long to win a lot of goodies as there are a lot of boards and a quick turnover. There is a Free to join Group Gift as well in the Bumblebee shop.

PS, Lots of fits and both the cardie and jeans come with great colour huds.

QE Designs



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I’m useless.(Freebies & Hunt & Update).

I spotted the “Autmumnal Hunt” going on at the QE Design shop and as soon as I spotted the picture of the prizes I dropped Faith a “Back off” note as they are some really decent prizes, “keepers” in fact and I want them..all!

This is NOT one of the prizes because I cammed like a pro and still didn’t find any of the prizes. What I did spot was the Free to join Group Gifts.

I have played with the editing a bit cos I can.

This is a pastel pack and you get that top, cardie, skirt, coochie(needed!) cover and matching shoes.

Woser because you not only get plenty of fits, obviously my SLink P fit as well.

The bustier top confused me for a while as you get 2 version and I thought 1 was a slightly sheer and the other wasn’t and I kept on swopping them trying to work out what the difference was and I now believe it’s the amount of nip slip showing at the top. I will check that when I log in but I know I’m right.

Everything comes as a separate which is really brill as it means you can pick and choose what you wear and I can’t wait to try that cardie with jeans.

As mentioned there is a hunt going on, it’s a small pumpkin you’re looking for. An excellent mix of clothes and decor and all shop quality. I will be returning to do this hunt as I pretty much want it all lol.

PS. There are other Group Gifts of this quality but I do believe I have blogged them and also I will leave them as a surprise for those who haven’t seen them before.

UPDATE. I opened one of the other Group Gifts I’d picked up and it’s the same cardigan in lovely Autumnal shades so if you love it but want something more seasonal then make sure to get that one.

QE Designs.

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A quick cup of coco. (Freebies).

I’ve just read the notice and I had to quickly run and snatch the new gift from Coco before Faith gets her mitts on it.

The cardie is the brand new giftie, as usual, it’s shop quality and plenty of fits.  There is also a pair of exc looking strappy orange shoes so I’ve grabbed those as well.

While you’re there pick up the rest of my outfit.  This is one of my ALL TIME fav freebies for its quality, fit, style etc.  Anyhow chances are since this is up with all of the old group gifts you probably already have it or if its new to you then you’re in for a treat.

If the LM takes you to the right place then turn to your left for the newer GG’s and go straight ahead for the old GG’s.

Coco Design.