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Kit and “Caboodle”.(Dollarbies).

I decided to start checking out the groups I’m a member of and which do come with a price tag and”Caboodle” is one of them. I think it cost 50Lds to join and there are some decent gifts but I don’t think I spotted anything super new so I decided to check out the Caboodle MP shop and SCORED.

Sorry I know it’s not a good picture of the cape but it’s a bloody good “Vampire” cape…see what I did there?  It’s a Maitreya fit but with it’s flared out design it will fit over most people and you get 3 shades, dark blue, black and blood red.  The dress does come with a decent amount of fits inc my fav SLink P one.

I’ve put the link to the inworld shop as well as you may want to check out the paid for group gifts as well and in the back of the shop are some lucky boards.

Caboodle (Marketplace only)

Caboodle (Inworld)