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“Mondays Perk”.(Freebie(s).

Since it’s Monday it means I will do my weekly visit to Apple Fall so I get registered for the weekly “Mondays Perk” draw.

All you have to do is pop in, you don’t have to buy anything or click anything just being there will automatically register for the weekly draw and if you’re lucky you could win either 2,500 in cash(Lindens) or 2,500 in shop credit. Pretty darn generous.

Not sure if you have to be in the Apple Fall group, since it’s free you may as well esp as you will want to check if you have won in the group notices and of course grab the new freebies which as you can guess is the muffin and bundt cake stand. Each is only 1 prim.

I thought I’d picked up the other new gift which is a bureau/desk but it looks like I didn’t. This bureau is perfectly proportioned and you can chose from 3 shades of wood. Even though there are a couple of items of decor on it I’m pretty sure the whole thing is just 2 prims.

Don’t forget to check out the book shelves at the LM for other slightly older gifts and of course have a wander around as there are hidden freebies dotted around the shop. I’ve not had a chance as yet so I don’t know if there is anything new but half the fun is finding them.

Apple Fall.

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“The Boss is Away”.(Freebie & Super Bargains).

I came across an old gift from Hive which had me returning to the shop and this is their latest and very seasonal Group Gift.

A great little quality pumpkin cart.  Such a great item, only 5 prims AND EDITABLE!

So easy to remove the pumpkins and the straw and either leave it empty or pop in your own decor items or you can just leave it empty. Even the pumpkins can be used on their own as decor items.

I think there was in total 9 Group Gifts and they’re all decor items.  I didn’t go too far into the Hive shop as I have to admit when I typed “Hive” into my invent a whole load of stuff came up I didn’t even remember I had so before I caved into temptation…again…I TP’d home.

I did an “info only” post about a Gacha Hud I found and like a FOOL! I went to the “The Boss is Away” Gacha Yardsale! OMG it looks like everything bar the rares are only 19Lds and I’ve just spotted that ALL of the rares are only 199Lds! The “Boss” of this Yardsale is a man called Ox(oxfordlennox) and it is he who we should also thank for the “Gacha Locator Hud” I mentioned in my last post.  I’ve not found where it is inworld but again if you check the @pure@  group in my Profile you will be able to pick it up from there.


“The Boss is Away” Gacha Yardsale”.


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I’m BORED! (Freebies).

Which is how I ended up at Apple Fall.

Lots of us by now know that the owner of Apple Fall has a sneaky way of treating us and tempting us to buy things at the same time because scattered around his shop are FREEBIES which you have to find for yourself.  You simply hover your mouse pointer over something and the magic “0” pops up. The Apple Fall hidden freebies ARE shop quality and once he’s changed them they’re reset with a price tag so it’s one of those shops you need to keep on popping into and having a wander around to see if there is something new which has had its price tag reduced to “0”.

Because his intention is to get us walking around the shop looking at everything I’m not going to tell you where the new freebies are but I will give you a couple of hints. This rusty planter is obviously not an indoor item and the other hint is that you don’t have to go far for your first freebies.  There is also a small selection of Group Gifts AND remember if you need a building/barn for your sim/home then the one to the left of where you TP in, the Hatton Barn, is still FREE.

Apple Fall