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I knew it! (Freebies).

Before I’d even rezzed properly I knew from the crowd of people that Trompe Loeil has it’s NEW freebies out for us.

The dark green and reddish brown woodwork all hint of snuggling down at Christmas.

A nice large deck both at the front and the back of this building. These 2 seats are also set out as freebies for us.  You can see a difference in the cushion texture because you do get a menu to change.  I didn’t try out the different colours but I think they’re all plaid….I happen to love plaid.

This is the front of the house from inside so you can just seem more of the detailing plus the control panel.

This is a lovely feature window downstairs and you can just make out the bottom of the staircase which heads up to a sleeping platform. 

I’ve just spotted that you can see on the other side of this build is another feature window.  I can’t remember the exact prims but I’m sure it was around the 69 count which for the attention of detailing is amazing.

Actually just getting these freebies is amazing.  I don’t know how long the team at Trompe Loeil will keep on giving but until they decide enough is enough I will keep on grabbing because builds of this quality don’t come along often.

Trompe Loeil

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Old, New & SALE! (Freebies).

Even if you’re not an SL homemaker scroll to the end of this post for info on freebie tights.

ChiMia has a 50% sale going on and if you like it pay for it and you automatically get a 50% refund sent back to you.  I’ve not tried it out yet as you know me, I spotted the FREEBIES grabbed them and scurried back home.

You can just about make me out in this cabin and yes this is one of the freebies.

I’m just using our sim windlight settings so show this off.  Only 51 prims for something big enough to fit a kitchen, bedroom, living room in.

Another freebie is this fire which does go really well with the cabin but the back brick wall doesn’t blend in as well so I tested it in edit mode and although you lose the hearthstone it looks better without and even better it fits in the corner so neatly.

As for that little gift wrapping set up I know one of us blogged it and although I can’t remember who I do remember it as all of that is 1 prim!

I didn’t grab the lamp but the other thing I did grab was a pack of pastel/autumn shade stockings which come with system layers and appliers.  I will be trying them on when I log back in as they do look perfectly coloured for this season.

UPDATE: Damn I’ve just spotted a piece of furniture I bought just a week or so ago is now in this sale for half price but I ain’t mad as I love it.

PS. For the VIP Gifts the group is free to join and you pay a linden and it’s returned to you.


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Clicker!(Freebie). Updated

I reread a note I got from a lovely lady, who is a reader of this blog, and she has given me another really appreciated heads up about this FREEBIE from Apple Fall!

What ImproLibra has discovered is that Apple Fall has secret freebies secreted in and around their shop and I’ve blogged a few of them before but what I didn’t really think about is that they add and change those freebies and it’s only by clicking on something do you know if it’s a new hidden freebie or not and she clicked on this cabin and guess what? Yup FREEBIE!

It’s not that I didn’t think it wasn’t but just in case it turned out to be a demo or a footprint you were buying I just took the pictures of it at the Apple Fall shop and when I got home and unpacked it she’s right it’s a complete build for free.

Total Apple Fall quality with the attention to detailing and texturing we expect from this shop.  I took a lousy picture of the doors to this cabin but they’re so perfect you can just about make them out in the last picture, they’re double doors which slide open and on the inside, you can see all the metal work.

It’s 50 prims and I think you can see why.

This last picture of it is just to let you see where it is at the Apple Fall shop, the LM takes you close to it so just turn left and there it is.

The other heads up she gave me was that Apple Fall also has a shop open at the “Holiday Shopping Event” and the empty cabinet, I think it’s called Charlotte is priced at 0Lds and I suspect that since most if not all of the shops at this massive 5 sim event has a Christmas gift out then there is a good chance there is a Christmas gift as well.  Sorry though I don’t even know which sim the Apple Fall shop is on. I’m pretty sure you can find it and if not then just scored lots of what look like really excellent gifts on the way.

PS.  As always hints, tips and heads up are much appreciated.  We’re all SLing together but 2 things, notes as they rarely get lost and IMs get capped plus if I don’t follow up on your heads up it’s nothing personal there might be a reason for it but as always TOTALLY grateful for all the help that’s come our way from you lovely readers.

Ps. Note from a reader with the LM to take you directly to the Apple Fall stand – which btw is FULL of free gifts and the most adorable 1Li Father Christmas statues for freee.

P.P.S Two of us write the blog – Zan who does most of the blogging, and moi – Faithless Babii, who does very little of the blogging lately !

Apple Fall Mainshop

Apple Fall @ Hop & Shop

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A non tiny, tiny home ‘n’ stuff. (Freebies).

I love it when I just go wandering and then stumble on a really lovely freebie.

The shop is one I know, ChiMia, I did a quick search in my invent and have things from here either bought or picked up as freebies from many events but I’ve not seen this cabin before.  It’s actually a decent size with stunning texturing inside and out, it’s even got gutters and a covered porch which I’m not showing you because I’ve just slapped it down on my platform and it’s not going to show it off at it’s best.  Only 59(ish) prims.

Perfect timing for this little wrapping set.  Only 1 prim, perfectly proportioned and when I TP home I will be rezzing this under the Christmas tree….it’s rezzed now.  The lamp is the last gift and I did take a nicer picture of it but that picture didn’t capture the nice and light glow this one gives off while you can see it in this picture.

The ChiMia group is a VIP one but that doesn’t mean you have to pay to join, you will have to pay 1Ld to “buy” each gift.  So when clicking on the gifts make sure to wear your VIP tag and click on the 1Ld payment option and not the full price option.  Fortunately for me since all I have left to my name is 3Lds and I’m not buying any more Lindens till after Christmas you get your 1Ld back so I’m still in SL credit lol.

PS.  A little bit further on from the LM there are also Lucky Chairs.

Chimia(on the stand to your left).

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Just this.(Dollarbie).

So I had a day off yesterday and as much as I would like to say I spent it lounging and lunching and lazying like a lady I spent it cleaning, scrubbing and cursing like a skivvy!  Such is life but instead of taking pictures of the really pretty freebies AND NEW MINA FREEEEEEE HAIR I took a quick snap of this chair.

One of the notices I got was from a shop called “also known as” and I don’t think I’d even heard that name before and since I’m curious and the note also showed the 2 gifts in the shop and although the other gift is a “cabin” it was this chair that I was hoping was as good as it looked in their picture…and it is.  I’ve actually quickly logged in and moved it because I wanted to try to get the light from the outside to shine through the slats because even with all of that detailing it’s only 2prims!  Although there are a total of 6 poses for me this is more of a statement piece.

The group costs 1Ld to join and as mentioned there is a “cabin” as well and the reason I’ve put that in brackets is that to me cabin makes me think of something old and rustic whilst this is a modern cube, with glass sliding doors etc

PS.  Will be logging back in soon, I need coffee, and will show you some fab new clothing and that new FREE Mina I’ve teased you with.

Also known as.

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The cheap B is back (B stands for B*tch of course) with an amazing FREEBIE/Dollarbie.

What a way to return to SL with this amazing FREEBIE!

OK first off Helloo cos I’ve been so RL busy it’s been both a blast and knackering, an old English term for very tiring, as I’ve not only been enjoying Christmas and New Year completely I also chose this time of year to start a new job! Now that RL has finally started to calm the F down I’m going to be back inworld from Monday and bargain hunting just like old times.

So the first thing I did when I got inworld was to try to grab some of the December gifts that are still set out and I managed to snag a couple of goodies and then I came across this from Blueberry and it has the OMG factor.


I have to point out that the snow is all ours but if you want a snowy outlook I’m pretty sure that there will still be plenty of free snow rezzers out there, having said that because I rezzed this house on our land there may just be a snow rezzing but they blended in with what we already had.


The main door is on the side and you can see the balcony on the front with sliding doors.


You get 3 versions in the pack this is the land one and although it’s prims made my eyes water you get everything you see, the snow base, trees, house and shrubs and they’re all linked so so easy to rezzz and derezz.  You get the exact same layout in the skybox version with I believe a skydome over the top which adds a couple of more prims to the count but you could literally have a winter home all year round in the sky and a summer home on land.


You also get an unlandscaped version and so I quickly rezzed this on my platform for some quick snaps as I didn’t want Faith to come inworld and faint at the lack of prims left LOL.  The house on its own comes without any snow so perfect for any woodland setting and any season.


I took all this photos in just my nams optimun skin n prim setting and haven’t touched the piccies up at all so you can see the quality.


Gorgeous staircase up to an open balcony bedroom area which is big enough for a bed/bath and any other furniture you’d like to set out and I do believe a window that looks out over the front.  You may have to watch your prims as this isn’t lightweight esp the sky and snow version, even the house on its own is still around the 200prims BUT they’re worth it.  A gorgeous build and with them being linked for a lot of people it makes it so easy to create a stunning home with minimum effort and with such gorgeous builds you can keep the indoor decor to the minimum for a classy look.

I knew it! OK so I popped back inworld to LM grab and this time everything rezzed completely, I was having comp issues yesterday, and I knew it that Blueberry isn’t somewhere you would go to buy a new house or some items of decor, Blueberry has some amazing clothes so nice I just grabbed the LM resisted some adorable balloon decor items and TPed out because I’m poor LOL.

Oops I’m not a 100% sure now but this may just be a Dollarbie or you need at least a Linden which is return to you when you “buy” this house..I’m a bit rusty at blogging now LOL.