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Free Boots, Ankle boots & Shoes

Love a free pair of shoes – love free boots too!I found these at Mosquito’s Way & Fashion Addiction. Both stores have free to join groups.

I wont spoil the surprise by saying which pairs are from which store because Both have lots of group gifts on offer. I haven’t shown anywhere near whats out just the ones that sung to my “sole”.

Fashion Addiction

Mosquito’s Way

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It’s the next big thing..PLEASE! (Freebie(s)).

I’m prevaricating like a pro here, I should be working but then again I should be slim and pretty so sod that and I logged into SL Marketplace instead of working and that’s where I found something pretty surprising, so much so I had to log inworld just to check it out.

Just the pants, everything else is not free but you know when I have more time I will check them out just in case.

These pants are super shiny latex, you get a decent-sized hud of colours and I think a slider option but it’s not the colours or the shininess that is most interesting is that with the hud you can change the length of the pants.  In this picture, I’m wearing them the knee-high you also get a thigh-high and ankle-high option.  They’re also designed to fit most SL boots, so I popped a pair of my Legindaire boots on and a perfect fit!

I’m wearing a pair of my ankle boots in this picture.

This is probably not the same for all boots but I think it’s time designers came up with something that allows you to layer clothes from different shops much better so we can wear our fav jeans with a jacket and not have bits breaking through.

These riding boots are also a freebie from the Essent Marketplace shop and they too come with a hud of colours and obviously are designed to fit with the pants….keepers.

I am kicking myself as I logged back into the MP shop and spotted that these pants come in a leather version which I would have preferred to show you as leather is much easier to wear for most people unless latex is your thing.  I’ve popped them into my basket and they will be waiting for me when I log in.

Although everything is priced at 0Lds and there is no mention of them being demo’s I thought they were demo’s but when inworld I checked the seller’s profile for their inworld shop, there isn’t one, and yup everything is FREE!  So there are boots, pants, shoes, gloves just waiting for you.

What a great start to the week, a new home to decorate and excellent freebies.

UPDATE: I didn’t spot that these boots also come with spurs and I’ve tried the leather version of these pants and the light beige ones look very much like Jodhpurs esp teamed up with these boots.

Essent(Marketplace only)

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Nope buttt…Freebies.

I showed you a freebie from Apple Heart Inc in my last post which got me over to their small and interesting shop and this FREEBIE.

Ya, all know those super deep shoes are just not my “cup of tea” or rather mug of coffee so it’s straight into the trash for me, however, look at that texture!  For anyone into RP, Cosplay, Kawaii etc these are perfect.

I took a snap then stopped posing and went into my invent to delete these and that’s when I spotted you also get a hud. So I pulled another pose to show you a more sedate colour set.

You can change the sock and shoe colours separately.  Still a nope for me but again I’m pretty sure these will be just the thing someone will be looking for.

PS. Depending on which way you’re facing it’s either the small shop in front of you or behind you, I’m telling you this as it’s a shopping sim and you may go wandering off.


Apple Heart Inc


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You probably already know buttt…(Freebies).

I know I’m probably telling you something you already know but I’d hate for you to miss out so even if there is just one person who reads this and goes “ooo” it’s worth it.

I lagged my way over the Scandalize to grab today’s advent gift which is tucked under the Christmas tree and it turns out that ALL of the past Advent gifts are still open.  So I clicked and scored myself all of the gifts.  Obviously, this outfit is one of them and because it comes in my SLink P fit I decided to go with it.  Each gift comes with a hud and some are the complete fat pack of colours others it’s just bits of the outfits you can change.

Of course, there is a whole wall of Group Gifts and Lucky Boards and everything is FREE.  At one stage the Scandalize group cost but even then at 99Lds it was a piddling amount for what you got but it has been free for a long time now so just in case you didn’t know head on in there.

PS.  As you can imagine it’s a bit packed at Scandalize so you may find it takes a while for the gifts to be sent to you but of course it also means that the turn over on the Lucky Boards is extremely quick.


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I never walk away. (Freebie(s)).

The Gacha Life event is on and each or most of the stalls has a gift bag out for us.  This isn’t a big event and I think most of us will know it when we TP in.

I did end up binning almost things but I’ve kept a few decor items and most of the LMs for the shops who have a Gacha/gift at this event for me to check out when I log back in.

LMagnums is one of the shops I will be visiting, and these boots are the gift from them.  The name is familar to me but it’s been a while since I’ve been there.

The Gacha Life

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Second Chances. (9 Free Shoes/Boots!).

You may recognise or even own these Mosquito’s Way boots as I have blogged them before.

I popped into Mosquito’s Way which is always so generous with top quality boots/shoe as Group Gifts and now she, Camilla Limondi, has been extra generous and put out 9 shop quality shoes and boots!

This is a pair I already own and I did recognise a couple of them from past gifts and some I don’t remember.

PS.  Yes I did think about editing the breakthrough out but we all know the struggles of trying to match your fav long jeans up with ankle boots so I just left it as you can see it’s nothing plus if it did bother me I’d just change my jeans.

Mosquito’s Way

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What did I buy ? (And the gifts!)

Love a bit of Fameshed, its one of my fav events. This round most of the designers have pressies out for you – just add yourself to the free to join group – et voila. I’m going to start with a paid for item from Valentina E. The tux dress is just a stand out for me. Traditional but with a twist of sparkly sequins and a loose hanging tie – I thought it was dead gorgeous so bought it in this lush dark plummy colour. Look closely and you can also see my new necklace from Avaway , also at this round. Now Avaway is a revelation for me as they make Maitreya rigged jewellery  mmhmm just slip it on, no editing required – what a life saver. You can use the Hud to remove strands, change stone colours and metal colours – so flexible ! Both these items were under $300, so good value.

Nowwww there were like a serious amount of gifts, and I trawled through them allllllll – loads of keepers hurrah! I think the most blogged one will be this off the shoulder sweater dress from Coco – its just deeeelicious. Maitreya fit only sorry ! You can also buy various other colours at the event. The boots are also a gift from Utopia, several mesh feet fits in the box.

Free hair by Limerence in all colours and a sweet seasonal themed bra and panties set by Belle Epoque, the scrummy red shiny boots are from Garbaggio, as I’ve fooled around with my graphics in a vain attempt to look all arty – you cant see but the boots are really red and really shiny. Theres loads more and even gifts for the guys wooo!