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Someone else has been MPing.(Freebies).

“Squashy” dropped me the link to a Marketplace shop called “Hornless Viking Workshop” or HVW for short and my heart skipped a beat……but that could just be the massive mug of coffee I’m drinking.

Only kidding as this fully furnished houseboat is going to make my day.

It has a certain “basic” charm to it but actually, it’s a pretty detailed build, everything from a toilet/shower to propellers under the boat which means you can just move on in or as it’s MOD that means you will find me on my platform seeing how much of this I can rip apart…oh happy days.

There is more and I picked up the rescue boat, flares and some dockside decor items for future use and when I logged back into the MP shop I’ve had to add that yellow liferaft to my hoard.

BTW You can’t see it in this angle but there is a steering wheel in the living quarters and yes it’s drivable or as you can see from the next picture…crashable.

HVW (Marketplace Shop)