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Running back to B-Made. (Freebies).

I’ve had another very busy/productive day and Oh Boy my poor feet but at least yet another easy peasy post which is great as I still have to get back to work.

I’ve just done a post about the 50Ld fatpack offer from B-Made and now there is a Halloween set out for us for FREE, you do have to pay 1Ld and it’s returned.  I do believe you will have to be in the B-Made group which is of course free.  The Halloween set has everything from pumpkins to a bloody chainsaw.

To get them don’t go where the sign is pointing, you can check those gifts out afterwards, just look on the ground for the BIG Energy sign and follow that.  They’re pretty close by.

As for the outfit, S@bbia of course.  It’s the 3rd gift now out for us and the boots I’m wearing are also from there.



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Come sail away with me

Free boat!!

I’ve been searching forever to find a boat I can actually sail, there’s lots around but they always seem to be overly speedy or just plain outta control! Maybe I’m just a lousy driver, but I’m so glad I didn’t give up ! I have not only found a few vessels that I can use with ease – but they are all free! Above is the simplest design I came up with, just a little wooden motorboat, smashing details on it and really low prim. Super easy to handle with three speeds, and lovely just to sit in. It can carry three people and I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box to find all manner of gifts, shorts, bikini’s etc. Made by Berdav Marine who make some really stylish crafts.

Free boat !

I nabbed this to see what it was like, I’ve not owned an industrial looking boat before! This is the Michie Marine express made by Michie Marine. What a well-built item, its got a fishing chair with animation at the rear, it even gives you a rod to wear!. This will sit quite a few people as there are plenty of spaces to go around. For a larger build its ever so easy to control.

Free boat !!!!

My absolute favourite from what I’ve found so far (and I mean by this, you’d have to drag it from my cold claw-like dead hands) is this by Michie Marine. The SV240 is sublime, I found it so simple to manoeuvre, even in the small area of water I have at home. 28 prims and I count 10 seats! You can personalise it by touching the deck, its got sixteen colours. Really lovely poses for sunbathing, flopping about, proper seats, and of course the drivers position, which has a dead brilliant animation !

Free boat dispenses rideable wakeboards!

Player and I took this baby out last night for a test drive, what fun ! If you touch the wakeboard on the side, it actually drops one down into the water, hop on and off you go – don’t worry about prims, they de-rez if you don’t get on them – you do have to be in an area where you can rez though to use this option.

Free decor boat & trailer

It also comes with a trailer & boat decor piece – it’s a bit primtastic to be left out (well for ME it is as I’m always short on prims) The bopat itself isnt though – only 28 . Zan and I had a whirl on this boat today, she was impressed and even took the wheel  – Yes I did get a bit giddy *winks*…go treat yourself to some free fun, plenty of places that you can rez a boat and take off if you don’t have a home with access, actually I will look some up and post them here later for you ❤

Michie Marine SV 240 FREE

Michie Marine express FREE

Berdav Marine boat FREE

(Michie marine has an inworld store where you can rez a boat to sail yay! Please ensure you CLEAN UP after you) Michie Marine


Sail away…

I’ve got a thirst to explore lately..and realised that in all my four and a bit years in SL I have never been to the Blake Seas sims..Ive heard people saying how beautiful they are …but have been quite happily pottering around my own sim’s on whatever water craft I grab out of my inventory. Sooo today I coerced Steve into accompanying me on a voyage of discovery ! Half Hitch looked a likely candidate,it has a small rez area (in the water don’t panic) so I could rez up a boat..and off we went *squeee*…We arrived in the quaint little harbour and mooched about..its very shabby chic..and picteresque…old boats, bouys bobbing in the water..and bright pink beautiful jelly fish dancing around in the sparkling waters below…I was enchanted.

The world would appear to be your oyster once you’re here, we found a free pretty little yacht where we landed (url is below) and after we snooped about the island, we rezzed it up and set off…

We sailed for ages..our little boat bravely navigating around a huge war ship at one point, dropped anchor at a couple of pretty coves and tiny islands along the way..I think we sailed across approx 6 sims with little or no lag and no sim crossing difficulties….it was just sooo relaxing. Check out whats below you, the ocean bottom had many types of plants & sea creatures, I grabbed hold of a sharks fin and swam with it for a few. I also noticed that Half Hitch have daily boat races..forgot to jot down what time of day though, but pop over and you’ll see the signs…grab a boat or rez up your own and have fun!

Go get salty: Half Hitch rez zone