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Virtual Tourist – Surf

Oh this is FUN ! I visited the Home Of Surfing In SL and the SLSA – Doesn’t look very much when you arrive – but surfing doesn’t need much to have a fine time ! There is a big welcome centre along the beach, and you can pick up a mesh pair of mens surf school shorts or a women’s bikini with t shirt – top quality items and plenty of fits included. I liked it so much I’ve stored it away for later.

Once you’re all geared up, wander to the water line and check out the board rezzers. There are a few dotted around but I fancied the look of this one and wasn’t disappointed. Hope onto the board and off you go !

Its quite simple once you have had a few goes, you automatically stand when you hit the wave , then you control your movements with the arrows keys – its exhilarating ! Sorry the photo didn’t catch me at a better moment but its tricky surfing and taking photos !

Home Of Surfing In SL and the SLSA