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Think outside of the box.(Freebies).

I bought a couple of items from the “The Arcade” event and now I regret it as I would have treated myself to an outfit from a shop called “Apricot Paws”

I have blogged this shop before so I was pleased to see a new FREE for all gift.

I can’t remember what the outfit is called but it had “beetle” in the name and the reason for that is that the jacket has 2 coat tails which do resemble Beetle wings and they’re tipped with metal. You get the long pants as well as shorts. There was also some sort of foot cover so I added a pair of my own boots to finish off the look, oh and of course my fav Mina hair called Blair.

Apricot Paws shop caters for a lot of alternative shapes/styles and by that I mean the furry sort but as you will see from the pictures in the shop there are also a lot of clothing designed for both furry and human alike. The human fit do seem to be mainly the Maitreya but in this case it makes no difference as this outfit could fit any shape.

In this case the blouse under the jacket is linked to the jacket but the pants are seperates and you get long legged pants and shorts. You also got a foot cover, which I think is for the furries so I popped on a pair of my own ankle boots.

You will reconise this blouse as I have shown it you to before and I still had it in my invent as it’s been a “keeper” since the day I picked it up from this shop.

I just LOVE the colour and style and as you can see in this second picture the pants from the new gift fit it perfectly.

There are more “Free For All” gifts on the back wall of the shop and you may find you can’t find a human enough fit but it’s fun to try them out.

I can’t stress more that you should check out the whole shop, it’s not that big, as although at first glance it looks like it’s furries only you will see a lot of human fits and if I hadn’t spent all my Lindens at The Arcade I would have bought a blouse/pantaloon set which I may still do in the future. Until then I’m so happy with these super gifts.

Apricot Paws.

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Poofy Sleeves. (Free Credit Reminder & OR Bargain).

I did a post not too long ago about the FREE Credit offered by the Gaall, Sweet Temptation, Vaxer and C&S shops.

Basically, there is a lovely generous 300Ld worth of shop credit on offer BUT you must choose which shop you want to spend the credit in before you click the board and it gives you the credit for the shop you’re stood in.  All of the shops with this offer are on the same shopping sim so it’s easy to check them all out before you decide which one you’d like the credit with.

You do have till the end of the month, 31st, to not only get your credit but also you must spend your credit before it’s lost.

I’d forgotten which shop I’d chosen to get my credit with and so I was happy when it turns out it was Gaall as this outfit is what I treated myself to using just 99Lds worth of my credit.

The shorts are perfectly fine but it was the blouse with the poofed sleeves I really wanted, if poof isn’t your style then you also get a slim fitted sleeve and a very nice hud of plain wearable colours.

This outfit it to be found on the entrance wall, above the doors of the Gaall shop.  If you by any chance have already spent you credit or taken it out with another shop then you could buy this for just 99Lds.


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A simple country life. (Free S@bbia).

You all know my feelings about the S@bbia shop so I won’t go on apart from saying this sweet skirt and blouse set soothes my soul.

Sadly the previous recent Group Gift shoes, which go perfectly with this outfit, are now gone but there is still another two new Group Gifts of which I have blogged.


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Staying in. (Freebie(s)).

I must admit I cannot sleep so I did the sensible thing and gave up trying and logged in to SL and it paid off as Entice has just put out a notice about 2 free gifts for the “staying in” movement.

The pants are mine so it’s just this “grape” coloured draped blouse.  There is also a cute bra and panties set which didn’t fit me.

Entice (on the wall to your left).

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That was quick! (Sorry, Dollarbie).

Yesterday the sim I’m standing on was a lush, green, hilly landscaped event, packed with ponds, plants and a perfect contrast to this red outfit but today with a wave of a wand (OK someone clicking the right button) and it’s all gone!

I can never remember if a group is free or not so when I see a really good Group Gift I always keep my fingers, and sometimes my toes, crossed if it’s especially nice and the Poeme group IS Free.

Overall just a nice simple skirt and top set but that bold red pattern and cut out shoulders just make it that bit “extra”.  Plenty of fits and YES, separates.

BTW on the table behind where this gift is are some fun freebies and a daily freebie.  I grabbed today’s daily freebie and it’s a table cloth but as for the fun freebies, I’ve left them as the surprise.

UPDATE.  Doh when I left the Poeme group today it reminded me that it actually cost 1Ld to join so my “freebie” has now changed to a “Dollarbie”.  Sorry.

Poeme & Ballade(The LM takes you to a platform where you can either TP to Poeme or Ballade, both have this outfit as the Group Gift but Ballade is a furniture shop while Poeme is clothes).