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Indulging in my dark side.(Freebie).

On the 35Ld Sunday list is a shop called Eternal Limited and I found this long black dress among the free Group Gifts.

Unlike my past photos, I have had fun with the editing esp as it gives me the chance to dust off one of my all time fav props and light up for a cig but of course, it has faded a bit of the detailing.

This long black dress has a very light satin sheen to it and the fold and drapes which really look good but the plainness of the top half also lends itself to a dramatic necklace/collar, earrings or even a tattoo.  Damn it’s too late now but there are 2 Mina hairs which would have suited this dark look so much better, the one with the blind fold and even more so the one with the hair trapped in a slave collar.  But I need to log off, go do something else and then move on to the next freebie.

PS.  There are other gifts inc a rather good bloody apron.

Eternal Limited