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Getting snuggly.(Freebies)

I was sent a reminder from the GothiCatz shop that it has now updated its shop, I think that was what the notice said but whatever it was it was enough to get me over to check it out.

This pink shortie dressing gown is an old free for all gift and it’s as good now as then.  Chances are I probably still have it in my invent but I was too damned lazy to scroll so I just picked up another one.

I do believe this red one is new(er), same fits, same design but as you can see a more lush red.

The red one is downstairs, on one of the supporting pillars and the pink one is upstairs with a few other free for all gifts and by that I mean you don’t have to join any group you just pay 0Ld and it’s sent to you.

These 2 items come in both standard mesh and mesh body sizes.  The same cannot be said about the other gift I picked up which is a real shame as it’s a rather good frilled bikini. This bikini and I suspect the other gifts just come in standard mesh sizes and unfortunately I couldn’t get a decent fit but try it out for yourself….it costs nothing!


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

How I felt.(Freebie(s)).

That sign is exactly how I felt yesterday as I did all my paperwork, what happened to the “Paperless office”?  And don’t even get me started on PRINTERS!

My first score of the day was both good and bad, the bad is only that I’m having to do a “reblog” but it’s as good now as then so I don’t care.

This dress comes from Lana and it’s one of their free VIP Group Gifts.

I’d like to show you more of them esp the Lia but sadly the FITS! So I’ve fallen back on this previously blogged item to tempt you with.

It’s not actually that old, maybe a freebie from last year, so the fine jersey knit texturing is top class. You get a decent-sized colour hud, the matching sleeves are “add-ons” which means you can choose to wear them or not or even add them to another outfit.  The Hud changes the whole outfit colour but if you want to have the sleeves/dress different colours then in my case I coloured the whole outfit in the orange shade then took the sleeves back into my invent, changed the dress colour and then put the sleeves back on.

There is a “style” hud for this outfit and it’s CHEEKY! I’ll just leave it at that but it will make you chuckle.

So as always even if this is something you’ve already had or don’t want still pop over as I’m sure there is a few pieces that you will be interested in.


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Shhhhhh! (Freebie).

First the freebie and then the rambling on.

Brand new shop to me and maybe even to SL, I did have a wander around the large shop but there isn’t much stock in it at the moment, I even checked the Marketplace shop just in case I was having rezzing problems and that too is not overly stocked.  So if this is a new shop then this freebie suggests it’s going to be one to keep an eye on.  You will find it on the desk.

The shop is called Silenceillusion(sic) and you get plenty of fits and it’s a two pieces.

Doesn’t that home behind me look amazing? I basically TPed to one of my saved LMs and decided to have a wander around as this sim has a sh*t load of landscaping I’m planning on buying.  There are also some homes and hang out places.  I don’t think the home behind me is free for everyone to use but I don’t think anyone would mind me just standing on their decking and appreciate the work they have put into their home.  I have a golden rule that if I’m not sure I am welcome to use the home I NEVER go inside and of course I’d NEVER use any menu-driven item. When Faith and I ran our rental sims we had so much fun chasing away what Faith called “Free Sh*ggers” lol. Actually, we just got peeved that people were so cheap they’d not stump up a few Lindens to rent a cheap home and instead use someones escape from RL home! So if we spotted a “Free Sh*gger” mid sh*g we’d boot them out! Such fond memories lol.

Silenceillusion Store (Sic)

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A lousy fit! (Freebie & Mention of Freebies).

I knew as soon as I put the first Group Gift on that for me personally none of these was going to be a “keeper” and regular readers will be able to work it out from the picture.

Yup, all the Group Gifts are Maitreya only.

This bikini is I think the newest gift from Aleutia.  All of the gifts seem to come with a pretty generous colour hud which allows you to change different parts.  For this picture, I picked some of the bolder shades but you have more muted tones as well.

There is more than what I’m showing you so again, if you don’t like this then still check the rest and while you’re there do me a favour and slap the Midnight Mania board esp the one with the Winter Coat as the gift.  I bet once you see it then you will know why I want it.

Aletutia (PS, this is FREE to join but I don’t know when it will revert to a paid-for group).

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Typical. (Freebies for him ‘n’ her & Mention of lots of other freebies).

Isn’t it typical that as soon as I find one bathing suit I like I find another equally as good? Trust me I am trying to find clothes but I’m so happy with these and if you read the end of the post for details about the other freebies.

As always the reason you can’t see me is that it’s a Maitreya only.

But being Alpha’d out means I can also show you the matching male swimming trunks.

These are the only clothing Group Gifts from a shop called “Amias” although the rest of the other gifts are jewellery for once I was tempted to grab the lot but in the end, I grabbed just a pair of dangly earrings to check out the quality and they’re great quality.  A real nice mix of male and female jewellery and subtle as well. So for us who don’t really care for “bling” then these subtle ones might just be the thing you’re looking for.

Then because I spotted some nice designs I check out the clothes in the shop and ALL are just Maitreya only!  Not badly priced and there was a really nice one I grabbed a demo for but now I don’t think I will bother trying the demo on.  It’s a shame that so many mesh bodies are being ignored.


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I’m a Bag Lady.(Freebie(s)).

A deceptively simple little party bag.

Whats pretty good about this bag is not just that it comes in 5 or 6 pale shades it’s the fact it comes with a pose which remains the same when you walk.  Lots of details=21 prims so not a decor item but I’m keeping this when I feel the need to tart up a posh frock.

This comes from the Star Sugar shop but it’s not a VIP group gift, that cost 50Lds to join, this is a FREE for all and when you walk through the doorway into the main body of the shop it’s right there on the wall to your right along with another few Freebies.  I recognise the green dress but there was an interesting bikini (?) which I grabbed but it came in just the 1 fit and yadda yadda yadda.

Star Sugar

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Dream on. (Freebie).

Suffice to say the workers are still working and I’m still stressing..NAH I lie.  I’ve created a little woman cave on my oversized seat, coffee and biscuits next to me, a fully charged Kindle, Judge Judy on the TV and a heated blanket means I’m as snug as a bug in a rug…..can’t wait till the buggers have finished though.

Vanity shot as you can’t really see the bikini but it’s a gift from Entice and it’s Entice quality.  To get it you have to go to the latest round of The Makeover Room and it’s a gift for that event.

Faith will recognise this scene as it’s the back of her home and I’m loving her pool and that floatie thing she has….you know what they say “when the cats away the mice will play”.

PS.  Yes out of the dozen attempts to catch me in mid-leap this was the best lol.

The Makeover Room