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This is going to BLOW my budget! (Freebie(s) & 50% Sale).

I just knew I shouldn’t have looked at the Nutmeg shop but I did and it’s going to cost me as at 50% off there are a couple of items I’ve wanted for a long time and the time is now to buy them,

Till then check out the NEW Freebie which although is in the entrance of the Nutmeg shop is a Reka gift.

The gift is the lovely cookie and milk board. You get 2 options, with or without shadow. This is the newest gift and I suspect a bike which is leaning against the stall is also new and you will find that and so many other amazing gifts just behind the stand with the new one on it.

The Nutmeg sale includes the Gacha’s so I treated myself to a play on one and won the little cup/pear and chocolate decor item and although I can’t remember how much I paid for it it was half the usual price.

Now I’m logging back in to LM grab and get SL spendy!

Dayum! That was quick, from the looks of it this excellent gift must have hit other blogs as the Nutmeg shop has gone from very quiet to not enough space for me to TP in.


Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Small, Medium & Large.(Freebies).

I was sent these as a subscribers gift from Noveny which are so pretty.

They are only “small, med and large” because they’re editable and I made them that size. As rezzed, 3 prims and the biggest one, which was pretty big, went up to 15 prims.

Thinking outside of the box, turn them upside down and use them as the star at the top of your Christmas tree or just dangle them as intended.

Since they were just sent as a subscribers gift I’m sure all you will have to do it pop over and slap that sub board.

Reminder though, if you think back not too long ao I showed you a superb gift of a bike which could be used as both a decor item or a prop for picures. For the life of me I can’t find the picture or the post about this bike, I may add an update to this post. They too come drom the Noveny shop but are a gift from one of the biggest freebie Groups in SL.


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Canned Plants & Bike. (Freebie(s)).

I do grow a lot of succulents in RL, not sure how my addiction to them started I guess it was because they harder to kill than a lot of plants and I’m a well known plant killer. They’re so easy to propigate as well so basically I have so many that when I see a gap, container, old tin I just shove one it. So for me this sweet gift from a shop called Noveny was a nice buzz on a very wet and cold monday morning.

Each little tin can is only 1 prim. Although these come from the Noveny shop you get them from an event called “The Beauty Sales Event”. Not going to lie, saw these as soon as I walked in, squealed like a fool grabbed them and TP home without checking this event out fully.

I did spot the other 2 Gifts which some of you may reconise as these bags were gifts from a shop called “My Bags”. I’m so glad they’re now again available as freebies at this event as they’re so detailed and come with a great wearing pose. 16 prims means maybe an item of decor if you have spare prims.

BTW This isn’t just a make up event, it’s packed with clothes and accessories.

Sooooo since the Noveny shop is new to me I had to log back in and check it out so check this out.

Yes this is a FREEBIE! A lovely rustic bike. At 8 prims a perfect item of decor and it does come with some poses both single and couple. It can be edited so the basket on the front and back can be removed but why would you? They just add to the loveliness of this item.

Although this is in the Noveny shop it’s a Fab Free gift, join, then pay 1Ld which is returned.

I have to log off for a little while now but I’ve left my AV stood in the Noveny shop as I’ve spotted some very nice plants/planters etc and I want to check the whole shop out on my return.

Beauty Sales Event.