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I’m a”Dateless Wonder” (Freebie) & Update.

Dateless Wonder is just what I look like in this picture and as it happens thats also the name of the person who sent me the details for this full bento mesh body. “RuthTooRC3” has now been updated to be Baked On Mesh Compatible.

What can I say except I know nothing about Baked On Mesh, yes of course I know it’s the latest thing, I’ve even watched youtube tutorial video’s on how to use it but damnit the Muckbangs, what I eat in a day and kitten video’s always tempted me away.  The other thing is I’ve always been worried about totally screwing up my mesh body and although I know I can simply have a new copy sent to me but as I say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fiddle with it”.

So you get a totally complete Baked On mesh body/hands/feet and head to not just practice on but as Dateless Wonder pointed out it’s actually a pretty good Maitreya(ish) shape.  I did try on a few Maitreya outfits and more fitted than not but I didn’t see an Alpha Hud and that would have helped.  I will say that the Bento hands on this thing really seem to be pretty good and the hud that is included it also really good.  So if you want to learn to use Baked On mesh pick this up log into youtube and just give it a go.

HOWEVER, that’s my fav word, I did find a hidden treasure in the hud folder called “WhatWearing” and it’s really sneaky so naturally, I love it lol.

It’s a simple hud which attaches to the top right of your screen, just a small light purple square and when you click on up pops a small menu with the names of anyone on the same sim as you and you chose your victim, click on their name and in the chat bar a whole list of everything they’re wearing scrolls up!  From their outfit, mesh body parts, shoes, jewellery, hair etc right down to the ankle lock.  The only thing that’s not on the list is their skin.  Now when I see someone wearing something I want to know more about instead of dropping them a note asking where did they get something from, most people don’t respond, I can CREEP on them instead…and I mean you, Faith! I scanned you and saw everything you were wearing!


Dateless Wonder has dropped me a “How to” note which is written so well that even someone like I can understand how to use baked on/system skins etc.  Plus this note has lots of handy links.  I logged in very quickly to LM grab as I forgot to leave a LM for one of my posts but if Dateless doesn’t mind I will cut and paste her note later for you all to read.

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