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It’s not 2Much.(Freebie).

There is an event running called “2Much” and thats where you can score yourself this bathing suit.

Sorry in my desire to add some warmth to my picture because the RL me is freezing, I’ve turned this blue bathing suit into more of a green shade….oops.

I don’t think the LM takes you directly to this gift but it’s just at one of the isle, easy to find. I’m heading back there now, in my badly fitting cossie lol as I may treat myself to a new backdrop plus I want to check out what else is here.

2 Much Event.

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As good as it’s going to get.(Freebie).

Just a quickie…..I need coffee!

This bathing suit has a very leather texture and a big hud of colours and a nice lacing effect at the sides.

There isn’t a lot in the Sweet Poison shop which suprises me as I’m sure this is or was a bigger shop but it does mean you won’t have any problems finding this free group gift.

PS. Yes thats a Mina hat.

Sweet Poison.

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Whats in the box? (Free Hair & Dress).

The box I’m holding is the delivery box for the free hair I’m wearing and I wonder how many of us will be getting boxes like this for RL Christmas gifts? (Make mine a Soap & Glory Gift).

I won’t lie I was hoping this gift from “Pink Hustler” was going to be nails as I’m loving their range of nail varnishes especially the ones with little froo froo things stuck on them. I am so pleased I tried the hair out as I think it looks really good on me and has such an interesting style.

And I know I’ve played with the colour in the picture but it was definitely a case of “Ooo that’s interesting”. You do get a hud of colours and although that pale shade on the left always remains the same I thought this pink option for the other side looks really good.

The dress is also a freebie which I suspect I have shown you it before and there is also an interesting bathing suit which again looks familiar and totally blog-worthy. This dress comes with a big hud of colours and you can wear it with a chain and/or a leather harness.

PS. The hair, if I remember correctly is a subscribers gift so find the board and slap it.

Pink Hustler. (Hair).

Lecastle. (Dress).

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It’s a thumbs up from me.(Freebies).

I nearly spat my coffee out when I spotted that Faith has updated the site so our faces smack you in the face lol.

Although I picked up a few things along the way yesterday these two outfits are my fav so far.  This bodycon style dress comes in more than this “rose gold” shade.

Same shop totally different style.  You get a hud with this one which only gives you four shades for both the skirt and top, it’s a one-piece, and for the skirt, you can choose a plain or this pattern.

There are other gifts in the Venus shop inc 2 strappy and quality bikini’s, shoes and another totally blog worth outfit but by this time my SLing time had run out so I will leave them for you to find.


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What a (Flip)Flop. Hunt Prizes.

Chances are you’ve already done some or all of the “Beached Bunny Hunt” but for me, these are the first items I’ve picked up.

In this picture, the shorts are the hunt prize, 1Ld, from Hopes Creations (HC).  The top is from my “I’m like the Wicket Witch…) post which was just 2 posts ago so you don’t have to scroll back too far to see where I got that from.  The shorts come in a LOT of fits and a 3 textured hud.

This top is another one of the hunt prizes and it’s from the “Ambient Fashion” shop.  There is no picture of this just the LM so this turned out to be a nice surprise.

Not giving you the LM to these 2 shops but I am giving you the link to the “Beach Bunny” blog as there are not just the LM’s but the much-needed hints.

PS.  I did try to get the Flipflops but I kept falling through the air like a wounded pigeon so in the end, I gave up, I wish you better luck than me lol.

The Beach Bunny Hunt 9 (Landmarks & Hints)

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I swear the title of the post has nothing to do with footie!

Vanity shot as this bikini gave me the perfect excuse to pop back to this fantasy sandbox I did a post about recently.

This bikini looks like a good fit doesn’t it but again the picture lies.  As it happens it’s not a bad fit for my SLink at all and there are lots of other sizes I think it’s a winner.  You do get 2 versions in the pack, this bikini and a full swimsuit which I didn’t think I could get to fit my SLink physique shape…but I didn’t even bother trying lol.

This is the gift from “The Make Over Room” event and you will find it on the little dresser.

The Maker Over Room

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It’s a start.(1ld The Beached Bunny Hunt).

A quickie to start your day off.

If you follow my link to the “The Beached Bunny” blog you will see a whole list of shops, LMs, hints and some pictures of the prizes and this bathing suit, which comes in so many sizes and an Alpha as well, is the gift from the “Jelly Roll” shop.

This looks like a FAB hunt as there seems to be a really good mix of clothes and decor.  So as soon as I click “publish” I’m going to quickly check the 25Ld Tue list and hopefully I’m not too late to score something tasty and then I’m hiding inworld and I’m going to work my way through the Bunny Hunt list.

PS.  I will probably do another post later on with some of the prizes and GG’s I’ve picked up on the way as a lot of shop such as Jelly Roll also have GG’s out.

The Beached Bunny Hunt Blog, LM’s, Hints & Some Piccies.