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Just a quickie before I log off, empty the washing machine, check emails, pack my gym bag, chase one of the cats for a cuddle and then put some lippie on before I head out to face RL.

I LOVE BALLOONS, not to the point of it being a fetish…trust me it’s a fetish for some people lol, but I find it hard to walk past balloons esp if they’re free and 3 prims.

So pop over to Fayded, join the group and grab these from the LM.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

I can’t help it.(Free for all).

A note came through for an event which of course is packed to the rafters but the note does give a list of the sponsors of this event and so I decided to check them out and the first shop I visited is one called Yokai.

There is a selection of I do believe free for all gifts and they’re super cute and kawaii sooooo unlike me but I am sure I have shown you a few of them in past posts.  They do also have some extremely tempting Gacha’s so you have been warned!

Anyhow as soon as I saw the newest “free for all gift” I squealed grabbed and TPed home to see if it was as good as I hoped.

Not disappointed at all because I LOVE BALLOONIES! (and trays, and aprons, and teapots, and wicker baskets and umbrellas both in RL and SL, we don’t pick and choose our addictions they pick us).  I’m not sure why the sight of a balloon should make me smile but I’d guess it’s simply a fact that as a child most of us for Birthdays or Christmas had balloons.

You get 2 wearable ones, same hand, same pose but different colours and 2 rezzable versions which are bigger and 5 prims each.