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I’m a Bag Lady.(Freebie(s)).

A deceptively simple little party bag.

Whats pretty good about this bag is not just that it comes in 5 or 6 pale shades it’s the fact it comes with a pose which remains the same when you walk.  Lots of details=21 prims so not a decor item but I’m keeping this when I feel the need to tart up a posh frock.

This comes from the Star Sugar shop but it’s not a VIP group gift, that cost 50Lds to join, this is a FREE for all and when you walk through the doorway into the main body of the shop it’s right there on the wall to your right along with another few Freebies.  I recognise the green dress but there was an interesting bikini (?) which I grabbed but it came in just the 1 fit and yadda yadda yadda.

Star Sugar

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Old and New.(Freebies).

You may recognise this shirt dress as I recently blogged it.  It is from S@bbia and any reg readers know I LOVE me a bit of S@bbia lol.

What you won’t recognise from a previous post is the bag I’m wearing which is a new and additional gift from S@bbia.

I’ve never really mentioned the old Group Gifts which are on the wall to the right as you go in as some haven’t stood the test of time but some haven’t.  These newer Group Gifts, once they are over, are not added to the wall of older ones so it’s always a case of grabbing it while it’s on offer as you can’t get it at a later date.

This dress is still this months Group Gift and it on the board, only this shade of course, but the bag has been added to the older gifts on the wall.  Just like the dress this bag is so wearable and comes with a hud which allows you to change the straps and rezzed is only 1 prim so I can wear this and I have the other, non-rigged version which is now draped over the back of a chair.


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Old Bag.(Freebie).

I forgot I had this and I don’t know how much longer this freebie will be out, probably till the end of this month but hopefully, it will be kept out for much longer as this is such a great gift even if you grab it in 2 years time it will be just as good.

This is a wearable backpack but maybe even at 13 prims you could also use it as decor item.  For me sadly it’s just a tad too big but still very wearable and of course I think my AV is on the slightly smaller size and for male AVs probably a perfect fit.

Kopi isn’t a big shop and it’s decor only but there is a couple of items I really, REALLY want but since I really, REALLY don’t need them at the moment I’ve just added this shop to my “wish list” folder.

Kopi Furniture

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Easing back in.(Freebies).

I’m back, whether you like it or not lol.  Just a nice couple of freebies to ease me back into it.

Our sim windlight setting is so lovely but it does have an effect on your appearance so I’ve slapped on a body light and there is some impact on the texture of the dress but overall it’s a lovely simple rose coloured dress in lots of sizes and if you don’t like this shade then there are other colours for other freebie groups.  You will find this in the Glitter shop.  As usual, this and all the other GG’s are to be found behind the entrance wall.  There is a bikini which I remember blogging a long time ago and I may even still have it in my invent as it was that lovely so as always if you don’t like what you see still go over to check out the other items.

The bag comes from a small shop just outside of the “My Bags” shop.  The LM where both the Glitter shop the My Bags shop and some other shops for you to check out. This is another shop I remember for a previous freebie, at that time it was a cat in a shoulder bag this time it’s a Guinea pig handbag.  Actually, there are quite a few free bags of different styles and if you’re a bag lady then you might spot a couple of full-priced bags which are to your taste.

My Bags & Glitter Shop(it’s just to the left of where you rezz & go straight ahead for the Glitter shop)

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Cake and freebies for breakfast.(Freebies).

I’ve updated this post for more freebies so check the last bit out.

Get used to the beachy/seaside shots as the Baja Norte sims created by Lauren Bentham are STUNNING!  These are open to everyone to come and enjoy and although these are rental sims there is so much space and so many places set out for residents and visitors to enjoy you can come just to chill n chat.  Or even better, chill, chat and take pictures because the windlight setting is so good that even if you don’t know how to use windlight or edit a picture these sims are a breeze to take decent pictures in.  Usual rules, ie no going into peoples homes and keep your wobbly bits under cover.

This is such a well-loved place that even though I am a frequent visitor I rarely see vacancy and guess what?  During my visit, I found one and because I love nothing better than the sea, plus this particular cabin is in one of the better position I SNAPPED IT UP!  And I fully intend on getting my week’s rental moneys worth out of it lol..

So this morning I’m working my way through the 25Ld list and my first visit was to a shop I don’t know called Saga & Zoe I didn’t go for the 25Lds as I think it’s eyes but I went to check it out, which of course means check out any group gifts and Voila glasses.  Heart shaped with hud which gives you 7 glass shades and 2 frame colours.  The glass comes in the standard grey, the goldie shade, and some really pretty colours I try to avoid a post for just the little things unless like these glasses they’re perfect for the season or are such good quality.

Same can be said of this bag.

I didn’t like it much at first as the one I wore, rezzed it’s about 61prims so no good as a decor item, had the word “f*ck” on it it didn’t actually distract from what is a good looking back but in the hud you also have a choice of plain texture or the same ones with a big embroidered flower.  Comes with a holding pose and really, really nice.

OH I’ve just remembered in the Saga shop there is more free to join group gifts but I’ve forgotten what they were lol I just had my “eye on the prize” so to speak.

PS.  Yes I did have cake for breakfast and if I could I would have saved you a slice.

UPDATE.  The crochet top I’m wearing is an old but recent freebie and it not only comes with a hud but also a skirt.  It’s such a quality gift that I TPed over to the shop I got it from, DM Modas, and it’s not only still there but there are other gifts for other free groups.  You will find them all in the back room to your left.

DM Modas

Baja Norte (I’ve put the 1LM but there is about 4 beach themed ones for you to enjoy).

Saga & Zoe

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Old Bag.(Freebies).

One of our readers sent me a bag and it reminded me of a shop I’ve not visited for a long time, Zenith, so I popped over this morning to see if there was anything new to the pile of free GG’s and I found this.

This is not a keeper for me because DRAT it’s only a Maitreya fit. Although this is a nice picture of it I had to scrap the rest of them as there was too much breakthrough but even so you can still see a little bit of side boob where there shouldn’t be side boob.

This is just too good not to show you as the texturing and details are perfect and you get a colour choice in the pack and as always you might not mind a bit of breakthrough, have the right mesh bod or an Alpha that will work with it.  There is also a whole load of other and older GG’s, this one is the 2018 New Year gift, and the traditional Chinese dressed are stunning and even the bags are cute, the Yakult one is so funny so pop over to check them out.

PS. But be warned as this shop has so many scummy Kawaii outfits and OH NO!! a wall of Gacha’s so avoid if you’re weak in the face of temptation and OMG I won the rare summer backpack which is amazing but I’ve handed the roses on to someone else to wear.

Zenith (This new one is on the round shelf and the rest of them are on the wall).

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Old Bag. (Freebies).

We have SUN and warmth and the birds are tweeting, the bee’s are buzzin’ and I’m…FFS Working! OK not that bad as I work from home so I do a bit of work and then pop outside, work, weed a border, work, sit and drink a cool drink, work, run around the garden stark nakkid (that last one is a lie).

Last night I decided to clean out the stuff I’ve previously blogged about and I came across this bag and one TP over to Jumo to check that it’s still there and it is and since I’ve not shown you this bag before here it


There is other Group Gifts set out and it’s the skin I remember showing you and maybe an outfit but not this bag and now there is a new outfit waiting for you as well.  So like this bag or not go over to check out the skin, comes with some appliers, and the new outfit.

And YUP as soon as I click “publish” I’m back out again.