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My Treat.(Freebie).

Sadly the gift at Kopi hasn’t changed in years, happily it’s a good now as the first day it was set out for us.

Because this free for all gift is in an odd place, up on the wall, I thought I’d take a picture showing you it and the backpack.

One click and a resizer menu pos up so I was able to make it fit my AV better. Rezzed, at this reduced size, it was 13 prims so you could if you wanted to make it an item of decor.

The Kopi range is just so detailed. You can see in the distance a set of shelves/hanging space which I have always wanted but it’s definitely full of masculine clothing as I’d have bought it and used it in my home.

The one thing I’m going to treat myself to is a stunning artist set. The detailing is outstanding and so are the lack of prims. If you want to check it out then it’s in the other side of the shop. So once I’ve reduced my invent and gone through all my arty stuff I’m going to reward myself with that artist suitcase/easel set.

PS. Take a walk up those stairs for some very interesting Gacha’s and in fact I think the whole sim is full of interesting randomness.


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Duh has definately downsized! (Freebie).

Duh is a shop which is as old as Faith is, burnnnn!  So it was a shame that it’s inworld shop has become so small but it was also nice to see that it looks as though everything is up on the Marketplace.

I got these from the inworld shop and they were clearly marked as being free on the wall,  I also noticed a blue pair in the little corridor which separates the shop a blue version for one of the big freebie groups.

These aren’t meant for any specific foot shape and I will admit that I’m still wearing not only my SLink flat feet but also the flat shoes I was wearing.  There is a menu to adjust the size if needed.

I won’t lie as most of the stock hasn’t aged well but people do move on and maybe updating stock isn’t a priority in life and I can totally understand it and occasionally you do come across something which has that “ooo nice/interesting” feel to it and although these shoes aren’t to my taste I know the Kawaii style is big in some peoples SL world.

DUH (Inworld).

DUH (Marketplace).

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

A gift for the man in your life.(Freebie(s)).

Freebie first then Bitching after.

I would have sworn that in the Guchi shop there were gifts for us girls as well as the boys but I was only half right and this sporty top and bottom are deffo for the men in SL and a great choice of colours in the hud.

You will find this and a couple of other Group Gifts in the back of the shop and it’s a free group.

So now for the Bitching.  MEH, I had to clear my cache yesterday which worked a treat but today I’ve spotted I’ve still lost 10,000 items! Which if you look closely at my ankles you will see I am footless because yes I’ve lost my feet…all of them. So I’m doing this quick post then I’m going to have to try to work out how to get my missing stuff back because it’s a LOT and like all hoarders, I NEED MY F**CKING STUFF!!!!…OH, and I also need something to eat and a coffee, as if you couldn’t tell lol.


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NOT the dress, sorry, just the bag ‘n’ chicken.

I found something on the Marketplace which reminded me it’s been yonks since I visited Zenith so I logged in and visited Zenith.

There isn’t anything really new in the clothing gifts, people will remember there is a couple of stunning full length traditional Chinese dresses as well as a more modern short one, but since I have shown you them at least twice and I didn’t want to waste a visit I thought I’d show you this new, to me, wearable chicken and what’s become a classic SL gift bag.

That bag is as good now as it was the first time it was set out for us.  It comes with a hud as well and this wearable pose.  I think I may have a copy of this actually rezzed as decor in my home but I can’t be sure it’s this one or one of the other bags as there is a couple more bags which I still have as they’re just so good.

The chicken comes in 2 shades and actually, it’s not that new either lol but it’s one of the Kawaii wearables.


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Cute AF! (Freebie for him ‘n’ her).

Finally a freebie I can keep.

This is just a vanity shot because my AV is looking so good lol.  The freebie is hidden behind me so here’s my just as cute backside.

It’s the bag, very realistic and I think at some stage we’ve all had this style of sports bag in RL so it made me chuckle to find a copy in SL.

This comes from the “ExalteD(sic)” shop which from my quick grab and run looks like it’s a male clothes shop but this backpack comes with not just a decent colour hud but a resizer so it was easy to shrink it down to fit me.

I’ve not got time to mooch around the ExalteD shop but I will when I log back in just to see if there is anything else I’ve missed.

PS.  The outfit is also a freebie from Coco Designs and it’s been well blogged but just in case you’ve not seen then where have you been?  Sorry I can’t give you the Coco Designs LM as I can’t log in just yet.


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Old Bag.(Freebie).

I forgot I had this and I don’t know how much longer this freebie will be out, probably till the end of this month but hopefully, it will be kept out for much longer as this is such a great gift even if you grab it in 2 years time it will be just as good.

This is a wearable backpack but maybe even at 13 prims you could also use it as decor item.  For me sadly it’s just a tad too big but still very wearable and of course I think my AV is on the slightly smaller size and for male AVs probably a perfect fit.

Kopi isn’t a big shop and it’s decor only but there is a couple of items I really, REALLY want but since I really, REALLY don’t need them at the moment I’ve just added this shop to my “wish list” folder.

Kopi Furniture