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Dusting off a classic.(Freebie(s).

As I was just loitering a little old Mrs Santa AV ran past me for some reason it reminded me it’s time to pop back to G field for this classic SL design.

I suspect I’ve shown you this gown every year since 2016 when it was a new group gift. I have no shame in showing it again.

As you can see there is a lot more going on at the back of this dress.

There is a more modern Christmasy themed dress in the G field shop but who wants modern when you can waltz around like a queen.

BTW The hair is, of course, a Mina. In this picture, I’m wearing the tiar which comes with it however you also get a much more Christmassy themed one which is made up of Christmas lights. Fun to look at but for this style of dress, I decided to stay with the classic tiara.

Pay attention as unless you’ve been to the G Field shop before you may struggle to find this gown and the other gifts as they’re on the ground floor, at the back to your right and they’re in a room with the “Storage” sign over the doorway.

PS. I will, when I find the LM, put the details of previously blogged Christmas AV’s. You may remember them as one is a Gingerbread and an Elf AV.

UPDATE: I don’t want to do another reblog but the Gingerbread AV’s, you get a his and her one, and the Elf AV are still out and still as cute AF! So the E-Clipse Design shop has been added but I’m not adding any pictures.

G Field.

E-Clipse Design.

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Too early? (Freebie(s)).

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas.

Yeah, I know way too early to be even thinking of anything Christmassy but this ADORABLE Elf AV was just way too cute to not show you plus it gives me an excuse to tell you about an item of clothing I’m thinking/was thinking of buying.

When time allows it I like to have a look around the shop I find freebies and that’s how I spotted a few “oooo nice” items but it’s the suit upstairs which had me so very tempted.  It’s what I call a “Chimera” suit in that it’s half business suit and half casual denim wear which sounds ridiculous until you see it.  Very unique, very classy and with the 50% off at 188Ld (I think that was the price) I had to TP’d out before I got tempted enough to buy it as I do already own a few suits…just not this suit!

PS.  There is another Christmas AV which is an equally fun Gingerbread man and woman.  Plus an Easter Bunny nose and ear set.

UPDATE:  Check this out.

On my return to the E-Clipse shop, more Group Gifts appeared inc this full skeleton AV.  I do remember blogging this years ago and chances are it’s still in my invent…somewhere.  Just plain fun, I’m going to spend the rest of the day shopping and hopping around SL as my skelly self.  You get two versions, male and female and with or without a beating heart.  There are a couple of clothing gifts, gloves and matching his and her sweaters but why wear a sweater when you can wear bones?

PS.  The gifts are in both the male/female departments but there are more in the female department.

E-Clipse Design

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A Brain in need of a body. (Freebie & Help Wanted).

The funniest thing about this AV is that if you’re not in flying mode it’s the freaking eyeballs/stalks you walk on!

I just picked this up off the MP for 1Ld, there is a demo for you to try if you want.

The “Help Wanted” is I need a body, preferably free and fingers crossed a decent one.  I do remember that one of the big shops did/does have a basic mesh body out but could I find it, heck no not even with these oversized eyeballs.  So if anyone has the link or suggestions of where to look please send me a NOTE, not an IM, or even leave a comment with a link or suggesting because I know someone who has revived an old AV which is as basic a bitch as you can get lol.


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And why not!(Freebies).

Blimey, I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the events and Black Friday bargains and in the end, so far, I’ve bought nothing.

So to take your mind off the bargains here is a completely random freebie.

I’m a “Dorayaki” which is a Japanese red bean pancake and I’ve actually made red bean paste but trust me it’s easier to just buy it lol..

When I went back to LM grab I’d forgot about this free dress.

It’s a very stylised dress with a fake and rigid look to it, pretty darn unusual and as soon as I put it and the shoes/stockings my first thought was Dominatrix/Futuristic/School Teacherish…you will know what I mean when you try it on.  Obviously, my editing has affected the colour of everything you see in the picture but the dress is black-grey depending on the windlight setting.

You get just the 1 fit of everything and I’ve literally Alpha’d myself from my neck down.  There is a selection of oddball gifts in the Blossom shop, I not only loved these 2 but also the Soft Scoop AV which has an adorable hopping AO to it!

What got me to this shop in the first place was an old hair freebie, which I couldn’t see anymore, but there are some interesting hair and pieces of furniture and decor items in this little odd ball of a shop…good fun.

PS.  I took this picture in a rental which is pretty darn amazing, just behind me is actually a sunken bath.  I can’t tell you much about it but I’ve left my AV there so when I log in I can check out these rentals properly and I might just rent it for a week as a break because at the moment our sim is sooo white I think I’m suffering from snow blindness lol.


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Knock knock.


Is anyone home?


Where are you?


Are you upstairs?


Why is the door locked?


Can’t keep me out.




I had so much fun taking these piccies I’ve delayed doing what I need to do in RL but it means I’m going to have to keep this post short.

FREEBIES from SHiFTiNG ReaLiTy and there is much more.  This is a complete child zombie AV and there is a small boy, a male and female Zombie as well.  If you check out the main entrance there are more Freebies which are unZombie related.  When I manage to get some free time I’m definitely popping back as this from what little I managed to see is a sprawling shop with lots of stuff which maybe good maybe bad but is certainly going to be an interesting place to look around.