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Don’t you dare scroll by! (Freebie(ssssss).

Obviously, I know furniture and decor isn’t of interest to many so it’s fortunate that the gifts from “Hello Fall” event gifts contain a really good mix of clothing, jewellery and decor.  I was particularly impressed with one of the dresses and I’m wearing a pair of sneakers which I may just keep.

I’m sure(ish) that this linked bamboo planter set is off the Storaxtree stall as it has that Storaxtree quality to it. Sadly I couldn’t “rip it apart” as it’s non-mod but it does come with a resizing menu so I shrunk it down to an itty bitty tabletop size.

This is the regular sort of event I/we all know and come to love in that there are a lot of freebies and discounted items.  I’ve got my beady eye on 2 things but I just want to make sure I don’t have very similar items already in my invent before I get “spendy”.

Hello Fall.

Hello Fall Blog (for pictures of whats for sale).

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

“The Boss is Away”.(Freebie & Super Bargains).

I came across an old gift from Hive which had me returning to the shop and this is their latest and very seasonal Group Gift.

A great little quality pumpkin cart.  Such a great item, only 5 prims AND EDITABLE!

So easy to remove the pumpkins and the straw and either leave it empty or pop in your own decor items or you can just leave it empty. Even the pumpkins can be used on their own as decor items.

I think there was in total 9 Group Gifts and they’re all decor items.  I didn’t go too far into the Hive shop as I have to admit when I typed “Hive” into my invent a whole load of stuff came up I didn’t even remember I had so before I caved into temptation…again…I TP’d home.

I did an “info only” post about a Gacha Hud I found and like a FOOL! I went to the “The Boss is Away” Gacha Yardsale! OMG it looks like everything bar the rares are only 19Lds and I’ve just spotted that ALL of the rares are only 199Lds! The “Boss” of this Yardsale is a man called Ox(oxfordlennox) and it is he who we should also thank for the “Gacha Locator Hud” I mentioned in my last post.  I’ve not found where it is inworld but again if you check the @pure@  group in my Profile you will be able to pick it up from there.


“The Boss is Away” Gacha Yardsale”.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Hmmmm Minty! (Freebie).

As soon as I logged back in and settled myself in the Lagom shop to wait for more goodies I/we all got booted out because of a sim restart which turned out to be a good thing as I found this Freebie in a different shop and I didn’t even have to wait for my initial to come up as it’s a Free Group Gift.

I showed you one of the Dollarbies from the Mint Marketplace shop, the “Fall Jars” and because there was no inworld link I assumed there was no inworld shop but I was wrong.

This free Pumpkin wreath is now proud of place over my mirror while my RL pumpkin is slowly going soft and smelly on my kitchen bench.

Mint (Inworld for FREE Pumpkin)

Mint (Marketplace for Dollarbies)

Blogging SL

Seasonal Oldies.(Freebies).

I’m busy working my way through the 25Ld Tue list and I always scan the list to check out the names of the shops and as soon as I saw Kresendo has an offer out for us it was the first shop I TPed too as I just love this shop.

I wasn’t tempted by the 25Ld offer but when I check the gift wall to see if there is anything new I spotted some oldies which you may have seen before but since the seasons have well and truly changed and I know some of you are homeowners then I’m sure you won’t mind this reblog.

I betcha remember them now.  This is the clutter at the back of my house, I think since I’m having an enforced week off working I should get my sh*t together and start changing my home for Autumn.  Anyhow it’s just the stuff on the table and not the table.

I had to turn the pumpkin around as one side is shinier than the other.  Each item is only 1 prim as rezzed, I shrunk the pumpkin just to fit on the table. It’s a fantastic decor item for the whole of Autumn and not just Halloween.  Obviously, the hot chocolate also makes just a lovely decor item.

The last is this tray.

Such quality and yet still just 1 prim!

These and the rest of the gifts are Subscribers gifts so you don’t even need to join a group.  There is a lot more inc a fab sign which I think most of you will have seen and chuckled at.  The LM takes you to a corridor and these and other items are on the wall at the end of this corridor, easy to see, and if you do want to check out the 25Ld offer then just follow the bright white arrows on the floor.