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A late start, reminder & Freebies.

Even if I don’t have much work to do I HATE lying in as I just wake up a muddle-headed mess. Which is my excuse for doing a reminder post.

As I mentioned in a way too long and rambly post that Apple Fall has a new Group Gift out and it’s not the globes I showed you, they are slightly older group gifts, it’s this French press set. Although in the small writing it does state this is a Group Gift and it’s also in the notice I didn’t really notice them which is why I walked passed this on my first visit.

I also wanted to show you this poster at the back of the Apple Fall shop because although it says “touch me” people might not realise it’s an actual TP and when you touch it, it takes you right to the outlet department and some decent discounts on everything from chairs to beds, kitchen etc.

Another NEW thing from Apple Fall is that if you just pop into the shop on Monday you’re automatically entered into a lottery and you can win I think it was 2,500Lds and from the wording, it looked like it was in the form of Lindens and not shop credit, either way, I wouldn’t care because I could easily and happily add even more Apple Fall items to my invent.

Last but not least, NEW FREEBIES & Group Discounts dotted around the shop.

Regular visitors know that dotted around the shop are hidden FREEBIES and it’s only when your pointer hovers it and 0Ld pops up that you know it’s a gift.  There are a few Group Gifts in the entrance, the new one and a small selection in part of the shop and the rest are scattered around the shop which makes you look at everything to find them and of course, tempts you into buying stuff.  You will also see a few items are now market as having a Group Discount price as well so it could make something that’s tempting you even more tempting with the discount added.

Apple Fall.