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Lost in my invent! (Freebie(s)).

These are the NEW Momento Group Gift and they’re just perfect so much so I have quite a similar styled pair in RL so as you can imaging I did grin a bit when I spotted them.

You get 2 colours, black and dark brown.

What is “Lost in my invent” is one of the previous Group Gifts which are not unsimilar to these in that they have a “chunky” style but not “CHUNKY” if you know what I mean.  I did bother picking those other gifts up because I know I still have them but of course you can never find what you want when you want it but as always if you didn’t get those and the other Group Gifts when they were first blogged then this is the time to get em.

There is also a sale going on at the Momento shop but this is only for the fat packs.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Coffee Break.(Freebie(s) and Cheapies).

A very quick post as this event was officially over yesterday but a lot of the stalls are still up and a lot of the Cheapies and Freebies to be had on the stalls are still out and this pair of shoes from the “The Sissy Bar” are keepers for me.

Finally a fab freebie and now I have no excuse but to return to RL working…damn.

PS.  It’s the “Black Friday Bazaar Event” you have to visit but it’s the “Evil Bunny Hunt” group you have to join and finally, you will find these on the “The Sissy Bar” stall.  BTW I don’t have time to visit that shop but I do remember it’s been pretty good in the past for hunt prizes so if you have the time try to pop in, sorry I’ve had to log out and can’t give you the LM.

The Black Friday Bazaar Event

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Lucky Me.(Freebie).

The Kustom9 gift from Memento is a really good pair of dark, zippered and bloodied ankle boots which are keepers just as these Memento Group Gift boots are.

It may seem odd to those of you who follow this blog in that I don’t like those really deep sole stacked shoes and yet these super chunky ones are right up my alley.  In this case, you get 2 fits, Maitreya & SLink, and 2 colours, this green tone and a red one.

Add to that a free pair of flatties and another pair of chunkies and ALL of them are tucked away in my invent.

Use my LM as the Momento shop is in a temp location which just so happens to be on the same sim, in the sky, as the Kustom9 event.