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Start on day 1! (Freebie).

I won’t moan, too much, but SL has for me at least, been Borking Mad. I couldn’t see anything about it on the SL “Status Update” page but I am 100% sure the problems were with them and not me.

Since I’m planning on a day out tomorrow I was relieved I managed to log in to snap a couple of pictures before I logged out again as I hate not blogging at least 1 item a day.

As for the freebie it’s the pants only. I had already been checking the SL marketplace when I spotted the Baby Monkey shop. This is a name well known to Faith and I and any longtimers in SL as it has been around for so long. It was nice to see that it has a lot of up to date designs.

The Baby Monkey group does cost, only 20Lds, and for that there are new and old gifts, plenty to make that token payment worth it but I spotted something even better ie cheaper and thats the FREE for all Advent Tree.

Whats so nice is that Pixieplum has set the calender not just as a FREE for all but after the day is over the gift is still set so you can get it at anytime. It is a 12 day calender and so far 2 of the gifts are available, these pants and an Omega applier top. The pants come with a 3 colour option hud, the 3rd colour is a zingy yellow. Plenty of fits as well.

You do have to pay 1Ld which is returned to you and it’s day 1 & 2 which are open.

PS. If you’re after some really good bargains then there are a lot of 19Ld items on her Marketplace shop and some excellent roller skates with a big colour hud. I wonder if there is a pair of ice skates listed as well…I might check that out.

Baby Monkey. (Inworld).

Baby Monkey (Marketplace).

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Ooozing with glamour.(Advent Freebies).

Actually, although I am “oozing” at the moment it’s hardly with glamour as I still have a bit of a cold and I’ve given up trying to sleep so yes I logged into SL at 5.35am.

Turns out it was a good idea as a notice came out that Jumo now has an advent starting and the old ones are still opened.

I picked up 3 full outfits and each one is very much an elegant evening look.

This dress doesn’t just have a sequin texture but it has that layer of a hint of sparkle on top.  This dress comes with an additional fur stole and like the sequins in this dress fur texturing has come on in leaps and bounds over the year.


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From rags to riches.(Freebie(S))

Popped into Glitzz to grab their day 12 Advent Gift and it’s the first one I’ve gotten from here.  The gifts are free for everyone so you don’t have to join the group to grab them.

This is not the Advent Gift this is the Free Vip Group Gift.

This photo is a lie because around me is just clutter and I need to spend some SL time clearing stuff I’ve rezzed and rezzing stuff I want to keep out.

This simple and pretty bodysuit is just one of the gifts.  Some will love this and some will love the other gifts it’s all down to personal taste.

The Advent Calendar are the gifts under the tree, and I will leave todays as a surprise but the hint is in the title “rags”. To find the Group Gifts you will have to wander the store a bit, all I can say is just veer to your left and they’re on the wall thataway.


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It’s started and I’m finished. (Freebies).

I’ve been waiting for the Ebento Event to start and today it’s started and of course, it has an Advent Calendar but because I have sh*t for brains this morning I ran around and around and around looking for it only to realise that it’s the big red numbers! Then I ran and ran and ran some more looking for day 1 and then I  gave up and looked in the notices and DOH! There isn’t/wasn’t a day 1,2, etc as it’s starting today from Day 12.

So I quickly grabbed the gifts and you get 4 of them for today and I think it’s a tattoo, earrings, paper Christmas tree and this little chappie.

His hat would not crisp up and since everything else was as crisp as a cold winter morning I gave up and here he is.

I’m looking forward to adding this event to my daily visits and if each gift contains as nice a mix as this one it’s going to be interesting.


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Better than expected! (Freebie Advent Gifts).

I returned to the Applique Chic shop to check out the demo for the 25Ld Tue outfit, I didn’t buy it, and while I was there I clicked on the large Advent Calendar and I am not disappointed at all.  I thought that the leggings and skirt were actually going to be white so for them to turn out to be my fav green and a classic plaid it makes these very wearable.

I could not be rat arsed to change into my SLink HG body and since this Maitreya fit is good I’m sticking to it.

BTW Both leggings and skirt can be worn separately and there are not only a few hunts going on but the advent gifts are kept open even when the day has passed.

PS.  The sim appears to be down but hopefully, it will be up and running soon.

Applique Chic

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Don’t be late for day 8. (Freebie Advent).

I swear I am working I just work best in spurts so in my 10 min break I logged in and found that at Wellmade day 8 of the advent calender is still open and doesn’t change today 9 till 12 (not sure which time they’re using ie SL time, RL time, UK time etc).

The funny angle is to try to hide the fact my belt is breaking through which is a shame but on the other hand, this furry jacket is so well textured. I have to add this that it was my choice to keep these pants on if I wasn’t so lazy I would have just swopped them out for another pair or tried on another size of the jacket so the breakthrough isn’t a fault.

You get a small hud of 3 colours, white, red and black and the same shades for the sash belt.  Great colours, great texturing.

You will notice that the older Advent Gifts are on the floor in gift boxes which you can buy for 20Lds and there was one I was tempted to buy but I TPed out and will be popping back later when Day 9 is opened.  I will also check out the Group Gifts as well.


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Accessorise this.(10Ld & Free Advent).

This outfit screams for accessories, a set of pearls, a little pill box hat and of course a bag and I did try on some stuff with it but in the end, I couldn’t find just the right accessories, I did find a sh*t load of stuff that badly needs to be binned though.

The Advent Calendar at “AC” Applique Chic is free you don’t even need to join the group and this dress is NOT free but you can buy the old Advent gifts for just 10Lds and so I picked a number at random and I wasn’t disappointed at all.  A nice slightly old-fashioned dress and check out the MODESTY PANEL! That’s so sweet lol.

What got me to this shop was the Freebie they have out at the Redeux event which is a very nice sweater dress.  This dress, as well as today’s freebie, come in all the mesh fits so no matter what yours is you will find it.

PS.  I’ve been so busy I’ve forgotten about the 25Ld tue list and in this shop, there is a lovely Christmassy/retro dress on offer.

Applique Chic