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Another one bites the dust.(Freebie).

NOT the coat!

I always like to make it clear from the start if I’m wearing something pretty good but it is not a freebie. So in this case the freebie has to be that sparkly brolley.

The shop Spell is where it comes from. It’s just inside the doorway with another gift which looks like wearable keys? You get a really good holding pose and even better is that when you walk you keep the pose and it’s pretty natural. A nice sparkle as well.

This isn’t a big shop and it’s range is ethreal and fantasy based. There is a stunning Mad Hatter table set up which I’d love but I suspect it’s a rare gacha prize plus it’s from the Ionic shop which I think shares a lot, maybe just the sim, in common with the Spell shop.

Ionic & Spell.

PS. If you’re wondering I got this coat a long time from a Neve sale and Faith had given me a shop credit gift. So I actually own a LOT of Neve stuff you just never see me wearing it.

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Going, going, gone. (Freebie(s)).

There are a lot of gifts just like this dress plus some more interesting looks in the Una shop. You may remember this dress as I have probably shown it to you before but I’m pretty sure you will remember the Spacewomans suit from a previous post.

I didn’t see anything new since I did my last post about the shop but as always whats old to me maybe new to you.

Now that I’ve shown it to you I can bin it. So far I’ve managed to trash 2,670 items and I only have 27,330 to go before I’m happy with the size of my invent. This is why you’re seeing a few more “reblogs” as I’m making sure to check everything before I bin it and popping in to the shop it came from just in case it’s still out as a freebie or even better there is something new to show you.


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Keep the dream strong.(Freebies).

A nice simple start. I was checking out some of the old hunts which are still on the whole running and thats how I ended up at Ari Pari, this dress is NOT a hunt item.

Upstairs on oposite walls are group gifts and some free for all gifts, since the group is free to join it doesn’t really matter. I think this dress and that hair bow came off the free for all wall. The dress is nice and summery which is why I chose it. The hair bow is so cute, love the colours in the hud and I think it’s just a nice touch. I will keep it for now as I do have an awful lot of hair accessories which I never use so once I get to that folder and thin it out this bow may remain a keeper or become a trasher.

Ari Pari.

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I’ve started! (Freebie(&) mention of Gift Card).

You may recognise the cropped top because it and a matching pair of sweatpants are Amias gifts and have been blogged by us before. They’re still out in the shop as well as these really good wearable ice skates. Pretty detailed and you get a his n her pair. Sadly the top and pants will be trashed, only because they don’t come in my fit, I will be keeping those skates though.

Most of the other Amias gifts are accessories so you know I didn’t get them lol.

Then head off to the Uniwaii shop for a generous 1000Ld gift card. I did but the place is HEAVING and I think too many people have slapped the gift card poster and broken it. I’m going to give you the LM and usually when a place is very busy I always check my map to see exactly how busy it is and that way I know when it’s pointless to TP over to check it out.

REMINDER. I’ve been getting a lot of capped messages and trust me I ain’t that popular so I’m wondering if people have been sending me details of their mesh bodies/home and garden preferences. If you’ve IM’d me the details please put them in a note.

OH and if/when I start dropping off my old sh*t please don’t fret about saying thanks, I’m just happy to pass on stuff I can’t/won’t use.


UNIWAII. (Gift Card).

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How wrong was I! (Freebie(s) & 75% Sales).

A while ago would have sworn that the Rebel Hope shop was closing down and it made me feel a bit sad as it has been inworld for such a long time and it turns out I was wrong as not only is it still up and running there is also a very generous 75% sale going on.

First just one of the Free Group Gifts.

I couldn’t see any “New to me” gifts but as always to some of you these are new. I’m just showing you the shoes and leaving the rest of the gifts, mainly accessories, for you to check out.

Once I’d got the freebie I ran around the shop price checking and grabbing a whole load of demos. Apart from the Fatpacks, nothing seems to be over 50Lds and I’ve spotted plenty under that price. You have everything from tops, shoes, dresses etc.

Once I got home and started trying out the demos much to my annoyance they DO run my fave fit and I’m being sorely tempted. So much so I’ve returned to the shop, which is where I took this picture, as I’m now going to walk around and have a proper look at whats on sale.

Rebel Hope.(PS. There are 2 Rebel Hope Shops next to each other so make sure to check both out.).

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So rare! (Freebie(sssssss).

Another Halloween event/market you should visit is the “Halloween Sales 2020” one. So far I’ve picked up 64 of the gift pumpkins which you find on each stall.

I did not expect this top/necklace(?) from Atame to fit as the details on it said Maitreya/Legacy fit but I know this shop and so I kept my fingers crossed when I put it on and I was most suprise at it’s great fit.

My picture isn’t really doing it much justice as inworld and close up you can see every round dark brown pearl/bead, best of all is the twinkle as it’s just enough to get people checking out your “assets” without you being a “blingtard”, I wonder how many people remember that being a term in SL?

As for the something “rare” and it’s me wearing a tattoo. I just knew it would look good with these jeans and since I’d run out of time to rummage through all of the gifts for an item of clothing I decided I’d show you this. Sorry not sure what stall it came from but as always a really lovely sized event, big enough for lots of interesting things and small enough to not overwhelm you. Also a nice mix of decor/clothing etc both in the gifts and for sale at some bargain prices.

Halloween Sales 2020.

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Don’t you dare scroll by! (Freebie(ssssss).

Obviously, I know furniture and decor isn’t of interest to many so it’s fortunate that the gifts from “Hello Fall” event gifts contain a really good mix of clothing, jewellery and decor.  I was particularly impressed with one of the dresses and I’m wearing a pair of sneakers which I may just keep.

I’m sure(ish) that this linked bamboo planter set is off the Storaxtree stall as it has that Storaxtree quality to it. Sadly I couldn’t “rip it apart” as it’s non-mod but it does come with a resizing menu so I shrunk it down to an itty bitty tabletop size.

This is the regular sort of event I/we all know and come to love in that there are a lot of freebies and discounted items.  I’ve got my beady eye on 2 things but I just want to make sure I don’t have very similar items already in my invent before I get “spendy”.

Hello Fall.

Hello Fall Blog (for pictures of whats for sale).