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Frangipani Garden 1Li dispenses to a variety of forms

The Okinawa Christmas Festival is a must! Not only is it a real treat to wander around as its so beautifully decorated – there are tons of great items to buy. Also quite a few gifts! Not only from the designers but also from the Okinawa team – hint – check out the delivery truck at one end of the event – goodies for you to munch! Anyyyway first up the item I bought is this cute stand of cupcakes – isn’t it divine? It dispenses cupcakes naturally but oh ! Not for only human avatars! Dinkies, Hamster, CHIBIT, Animal fairy & chipmunk ! I love Frangipani Garden, always have, so this was a real winner for me – just 1Li also. There’s a lot of items in the box such as wearables.

Free Outfit Free wearable cup

As you shop look out for the little Santa cut outs, some tell you of discounts and some have free gifts. Above is the gift from Les Sucreries de Fairy – you get two colour versions, this red and another silver and ice blue. The garland is a separate item so you can wear it without if you wish. My peppermint drink is the gift from Schadenfreude, wearable and décor – 1 Li.

Happy Shopping ❤


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Hamster Life (Free items)

Do you recall ages ago that Beetlebones  released these gorgeous hamster avatars? I had forgotten that I went a bit mad about them and came across my collection the other day. Last week when I was at Frangipani Garden I noticed that they make some deadly cute accessories for them ! I just couldn’t resist this Easter outfit, complete with little cart that gives out treats for hamsters and Humans – even the little wheels spin round and round.

I also saw this cupcake seller outfit with wearable cupcake tray that dispenses treats for hammies & human sizes, and such a sweet little cupcake boater hat. The turban was in a gacha – I seem to recall around $30L a pop and the floral head dress was a freebie. If you dont own a hamster av, you can also buy one from a gacha machine at Frangipani Garden – $100L a go and you get an AO with the AV ! There were also a few freebies made by SilveryK by the hamster gacha machine, I dollied my hammie up with eyelashes and a cheek blush kit for zero cost – go on, treat yourself !

Frangipani Garden

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Sanarae – What did I Buy?

Popped over to the latest round of Sanarae and bought this sweet little item from Frangipani Garden. The Valentines Treat box comes in three differing colour versions – and is only 1Li ! Not only does it look adorable but…

…touch it et voila! You are given an option of a lollipop or a chocolate for you mouth – they attach automatically which is super. Only $100L for an individual box or a fat pack for $150L.


Worthy Dress by Neve @ Tres Chic

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I’ve always loved Frangipani Garden for their gorgeous housewares and cheeky hamster items, imagine my surprise when I popped over to their satellite store and noticed clothes ! I had to buy something and try it on just to see if the clothing is as scrummy as the decor stuff. It SO is ! This is the “Asian Bird” dress (in blue,other colours on offer) The pack has Maitreya,Slink and a standard fits all size. It’s really got a hint of retro about, Sunday best sort of thing – I was charmed. My bag is from The Seahole market place shop, just $1L – actually have a good ferret through the store as it’s ALL $1L and some really great pieces to snap up.

Frangipani Garden Kiyomizu store

The Seahole market place store

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All the Free you could want

FREE Hunt gifts - dress, wearable bakery tray

Zan and I have this place that we both love to wander in, it’s called Kiyomizu. It’s a warren of lanes and streets with a mix of obscure and modern shops, heaps of luckyboards and just plain fabulous stuff to see ! They tend to have just a handful of hunts each year and they are such fun, plusssss the gifts are brilliant. Everything to home & decor, fashion,funny & weird – it’s all up for grabs. Youre looking for a black cat – some stores have a sign that gives you a LM to their mainstore to find the cat, most are at the hunt location though. Above is a wearable cake tray from Suzy’s Bakery that dispenses cupcakes and also a lovely little frock from Minor.

free dress & Slink manicure - jewelry set $30L (gacha)

I found a new-to-me store called Frangipani Garden, they had two hunt prizes out, the watermelon dress and also a mani & pedi for Slink hands and feet!

Dollarbie decor - gives out wearable items

Soooo as often is the case, I tend to mooch stores that I land in when I’m hunting – and I found a vendor with all these scrummy items in – all just 1 prim, so great for décor , they also give out wearable items yippeee! So beautifully made, I got over excited and bought EVERYTHING! Cmon at 1 single Linden a pop, why leave any behind?! If you’re not going to snap up all those hunt gifts, you can find most of the Frangipani dollarbies in their market place store below.

Kiyomizu Hunt

Frangipani Garden market place store