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Easy Peasy OOPS Corrected the LM!!


Have to confess that I’ve had this furniture for quite a while and I’ve not had anywhere to put it until I picked up an excellent low prim and FREE skyhome.  As soon as I rezzed the Seorn Appartment  from The Designer Warehouse I knew I’d found the perfect setting for my EoD furniture.

Clean11This is unashamedly  men’s  furnishings from the beige retro look to the manly poses in the furniture but that to me doesn’t put me off.  I like its clean cut look and it’s retro style. Normally I like to pose next to furnishing to give some sort of size indicator but this furniture is definitely over sized and that is deliberate.  These pieces are big and bold but not the ugly badly lazy over sized stuff that you can pick up for a few lindens.


Hopefully you can see though that this desk is not over sized.  I have a slightly smaller than average AV and I don’t think I look dwarfed by the desk at all.    This is statement furniture dare I say Lazy Mans furniture because it took me 5 mins to rezz and arrange and I had a fully furnished stylish living room so even if you don’t think you have the time or the vision to make a place look great just get it from EoD.

Clean Piano

Comparison shot. Normally I would never compare the quality of one item against another but since the shop where I got the piano on the left from has long gone from SL I feel ok to do it this time.  The left hand one was state of the art, expensive and top class but compare it to the modern-day version from E0D and guess which one got binned.


If you were lucky enough to get yourself the amazing Billiard/Snooker table then this the same great quality. Plus you don’t just get this you get a brown version as well and both come with lid up or lid down options.  The books, wine etc decorations are included but you can remove them if you want and I wish I had because you can get a great stet of candlesticks from EoD as well which would also look great. Menu inc 10 sitting, 3 activities, 14 couple and 12 adult poses.

Don’t panic because EoD is in the Four Walls Hunt and still has The Great Outdoor Hunt item out (your looking for a tree in a box and a tree stump) and I know since I have both items they’re worth the few lindens they cost.


A free home for all.  Picked this up at The Designer Warehouse for nowt, nothing, nada I also picked up some great stuff so even if your not after a new home still get yourself over there slap the Free Group Board and start collecting because they have a lot of free treats out for us. This home which as you can see has a large picture window also has 2 skylight windows and great texturing/lighting  and it’s only 4 PRIMS! I had to check that a couple of times because how low primmed is that! and totally mesh.  So pop over grab the freebies but make note of the great designer offers which are on and when PayDay comes you can go back and treat yourself yet again.

EoD (End of Days Design)

EoD Marketplace

The Designer Warehouse.

Big Fat OOPS because I gave out my home LM instead of The Designer Warehouse one.  Thats what happens when you post after struggling through a cold.  I hope those who TPed to my home didn’t panic.   I actually keep my home open for anyone to wander through so I wouldn’t have minded but then again I did post the wrong LM.  SO get yourself to the right one now and again make sure you join the group and grab those goodies.

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These four walls

Cleo Design Four Walls Hunt_001

Ok I’m getting a little stir crazy…stuck in my four walls with the snow keeping me prisoner…however…another Four walls is much more FUN..and its a hunt ! Each prize is worth at least 200L but for the duration of the hunt, you can find and buy it for only 20L …this is the prize from Cleo Design…seriously MASSIVE package of top draw items for you to play with.

cleo collage

The desk is sooper natty…one touch and the desk top folds down…perfect for a space-saving study…theres heaps of darling little decor items on the top..and the globe even spins ! I totally fell in love with the desk chair…the leather is SO realistic, great poses also for drinking,studying, and just sitting around…too compliment there are some board games to scatter about..a rug…and a deeelish mesh chair, also a tray with some break time foodie items…not forgetting the essential study wall calendar ! Phew…all that for only 20L. Hunt ends on the 31st January..better haul your butts down there and get it before it’s over. Thanks Cleom ❤ (sorry I wasnt awake when we spoke this morning !!!)

Cleo Design

Four Walls Hunt Blog

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Its A Wonderful Life

Four Walls Hunt Zinnias Guitar Pickers Chair

It is a wonderful life ! I have so enjoyed hunting this evening and found some absolutely incredible gifts… First up a hunt that starts on the 17th of January, it’s called The Four Walls Hunt and promises to be a real gem. Zinnias is in it and the gift is this beautiful and detailed “Guitar Pickers chair”…in the box is the quaint wooden chair (there is a tiny bird on the back that you can’t see in the photo) When you sit you get a choice of two animations for guitar playing and you’re also given a wearable guitar, it plays a melody ! You also receive the two framed prints and a decor guitar to stand against the wall….I adore this, thank you Zinnia ❤ All items are valued at 200L or more, but priced at 20L for the duration of the hunt, the hunt finishes on the 31st Jan….

Cold Winters Night Hunt - POST  Hammars Stuga

I’ve also got a couple of finds from the Cold Winter Night Hunt to share with you ! This Hunt is ongoing until the 15th Feb, and wowser there are some FAB stores in this…I jetted over to POST and managed to find the gift there…its this ” Hammars Stuga” build…as is usual with anyyyyything by POST…its super detailed and a real quality piece…in the box are actually three versions, including one for the summer with no snow on the roof. Inside is a fireplace that roars away to toast your tootsies by…this is mesh btw…so crack out your mesh viewers and prepare to be delighted !

Cold Winters Night Hunt - Trompe Loeil  gift shelf

I also found the gift from Trompe Loeil yay! Love love love this store…and the gift is sooper pretty….its also VERY low prim…only three .Would grace a wall in any home …adorable …

Four Walls Hunt Zinnias Crystal Cave gift

Last for this evening…is from Zinnias…very unusual “Crystal Cave” would create a unique spot to hang out in outside. Single & Couple poses are included, some really cute ones to tend to the fire (including a pokey stick !) All gifts are priced at just 10L….I will do more tomorrow, and I seriously can’t wait ! Please take a moment to read the hunt blog pages, they have alllllll the info, hints etc on them.

Four Walls Hunt Blog

Cold Winters Night Hunt Blog


Trompe Loeil


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Garden Party

If you want to grab this gorgeous set from Sanctuaire you’d better hurry…its their gift in The Four Walls Hunt. This Hunt ends on the 15th September…and each gift is valued around 250L , but…youre going to pay only 10L ! I was totally surprised when I unpacked this set…so much ! Six chairs, all with poses, the long table with such a pretty runner along its length…all six place settings that are just adorable and detailed…candlesticks,a bowl of fruit..its just gorgeous.

It also comes with the wooden deck , posts and bunting ! I love that you can use as much or as little of this as you wish…Im always running out of prims ! It’s a visual feast truly..and sooper pretty..I might even have to find homes for the candlesticks around my bedroom…btw…while youre at the store hunting..take a walk outside and check out the homes in the rezzer…I had a quick peek last night…some lovely vintage feel builds and low prim too..Im going back for another gander later today, got a feeling I havent seen it all !


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Summer Harvesting

Oh I’m so glad I popped over to Cleo Design and hunted down the Summer Harvest hunt gifty..its marrrvelous! In this hunt the gifts are free..and wow…its a superb prize…You get this terrific reading chair, its stuffed with poses , touch the cushion for animations, touch the back for all different sorts of books to hold whilst lounging. There is also the sweetest little coffee table, complete with specs,book and a coffee…plus the greenery in a pot..and the gorgeous bookcase that has books etc inside…ohhh musnt forget the working lamp too! Youre looking for an acorn…the hint is right outside the store entrance..and if I found it…you certainly can !

Also Cleo Design is in the Four walls this hunt each prize costs just 10L..In the gift box you will receive…this looks a little shabby chic…and shhh it has a secret ! The animations are just SO cool…its a *breakfast* bed…with poses for two and one for a single pringle….NINE breakfasts in the menu, with different poses, you also get a box in the pack with all the cutlery etc to hold…uber cool. The rug is sweet and simple, there is also a lovely little gas lamp to sit above your bed…


Plusssss you also get a matching dressing table and stool…I think it’s a bit retro looking, which I love. The stool has animations for brushing your hair, applying lippy and it gives you the lipstick and brush to wear to go with the pose..perfect! Thanks Cleom ❤ Head over and try your luck….I always find something I havent seen before at Cleo Design…dont forget to have a wander outside…plenty to see !

Cleo Design