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Limited Freebie.

Not sure how long this offer has been on or how long it’s going to be on but the notice did say for a limited period only so if you like what you see then TP over to Formis Designes to grab “Clair”.


You get this mesh top and I love a little bit of boobie flashing.  The top is made up of that cropped section and 2 panels down the side which means the non mesh coochie cutters are flashing at the back.  I have to be honest and say that if I had a bit more time I think I would have added a thick leather belt to not just cover up the raw edge of the shorts waistline but also because I think it would just notch this whole look up.  You do however also get SHOES with this.


SLink high are needed.

Although you can see that the coochie cutters are system layered from what I can remember you get all the Appliers you need to be able to wear them with your mesh body of choice or of course you could just rummage in your invent for a pair of mesh shorts.

Formis Designs

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Basic Fun Basic Freebies.


Once again a bit of a reblog for these tops.  I was meandering SL as usual and came across this freebie from BB (Beetlebones) which I do remember blogging about last year but since they’re just as good as ever and Spring is definitely springing here they’re too good to miss.  What you get is actually a pretty BIG pack of excellent basic mesh tops in a variety of colours, pink, grey, brown etc all pastels and springy (it’s a word!).


Fun shot, I forgot I had these kites in my invent and since in RL I can’t fly a kite to save my life I had just a bit of fun.


This is one of the other tops available from Beetlebones in yet again a big pack of not only sizes but colours and patterns.  They’re good, well textured basic tops which every invent needs.  There’s a lovely mix of items in Beetlebones from clothes to hair and lots of cuddlies.

The skort and trainers come from another pack of freebies from Formis Designs.  2 big fat packs of shirts a simple short-sleeved version and a vest styled one.  Loads of sizes and colours and in the case of the vests, textures as well.  So handy for anyones invent.  The trainers were such a good fit I forgot to try to see if there was a resizer.  The reason I call the shorts “skorts” is that it’s a lovely design of mesh shorts with a panel over the front so it’s a skirt/short combo.  I spotted this little design element straight away a lovely little added touch.  I’m not showing you the top that comes with the skort and trainers not because it’s not nice but the main body of the skort is white and the top was very much a grey/white.  Perfect to wear with other shorts, jeans etc but it didn’t match the skort as well as the tops I wanted to show you.

You will have to go to the little Formis Design shop which is in a little shopping mall and at this moment there is a really good hunt going on.  Spring is back hunt is the name and you’re looking for little gnomes.  I’ve actually picked a few up but not had time to unpack, although I do know that 1 items is a pair of SLink shoes.  Most items seem to cost just 1Ld but I’m sure a couple were also free.

 Formis Design@Spring is back hunt.