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Come on over for the FREE pretties !

I get my thrills these days from visiting The Free Dove , always something to see ❤ Oh gosh I love love love this dress by Eliya K , the main part (in the free version) stays gold, the netting skirt piece has a Hud with loads of colours – so different!

Seen this outfit around quite a lot but its a good one. Simple knit skirt and top with a Hud giving heaps more options.

Last up is this eye-catching top and skirt from Luxe Paris, gorgeous teal blue colour with tiny silver stars over the skirt. Standard mesh & mesh body fits galore.

Hop along to The Free Dove – join the free group and click away to receive your gifts.

The Free Dove

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I had to leave.(50Ld Sale & Update).

Normally I don’t do a post when a shop is closing down but sadly Poulet Koenkamp, the owner of Purple Moon Creations, is shutting up shop but only for good RL reasons.  So as a big thank you to all of her customers old and new she has set everything to just 50Lds.

This is one of the more fanciful outfits BUT ignore this image if this isn’t your style as there is everything here from tailored pants, suits, ball gowns, jackets, cardies, undies and jewellery etc and everything is just 50Lds.

Even though I actually bought another outfit, a pants and jumper set, I’m dreading going back for the LM as I just know I will cave into temptation.

So hop on over sooner rather than later as I don’t really know how long this sale is going to be on.

PS.  And also a BIG THANKS to all of the workers behind the Purple Moon Creations, creations.  I know that when an inworld business is as big and as active as Purple Moon there is often a team of people behind the label.


I just had to buy this “Thumbelina” gown and then I just had to show you it to you.

Obviously I’ve had fun with the picture but you will try the demo on first.  There seems to be a mix of the old mesh standard fits and the newer mesh body fits.  This outfit comes in the old standard mesh fits ie XS, S, M and the S bodice fitted me perfectly but again try the demo out.  Honestly, I sometimes like to tart my AV up because after all to a lot of people SL is for dressing up.

And then back to practical and classy.  The cropped jumper is a common style but it was really the pants I wanted and the jumper was a bonus.  You can tell this is one of the newer range as it comes in so many mesh body fits.

Again everything in the shop is 50Lds and I will NOT be returning as I will just buy even more.

Purple Moon Creations

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Lady in Black

ArisAris NEW!!! Novility outfit, scarf,pants & jacket

Something completely different to all the knitted sweaters and heavy trousers – this just out from ArisAris. Its called “Novility” and comprises of satin seamed pants, and short-cropped jacket and flowing scarf. Each piece is an individual item so you can mix & match to your heart’s content. In the pack there are sizes for the following: Standard sizes, Venus,Freya,Isis and Slink, plus fitted mesh. It’s definitely elegant and rather sophisticated, I’m wearing it over my Slink mesh body and the fit is really superb! Demo available. Thanks Ariadna ❤

ArisAris store

ArisAris market place

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Ladies Hour

PinkCherry NEW! Natalia mesh gown

Everywhere I turn I see new gowns lately …some sleek..some flouncy….its seems it’s all the rage !.::PiNK CHERRY::. have recently released two corkers ..and if you’re into slinky…these are SO for you. Above I’m wearing “Natalia”, a sheath of coloured satin, low dipped back and snug bustiere…classic styling and a beautiful range of tones for you to choose from. Of course I was always going to go for the pink one right? ! My choker I picked up from a new-to-me event called The Thrift Shop..

Manna New! Reverie choker - The Thrift Store - half price!

…it’s from Manna who I think a while back I noticed at another event…a few colour versions of this piece out, the pink is called “reverie”, I also snapped up a coupla more, its approx half the usual store price, at 113L a steal ! Its pretty busy at the thrift shop currently, but brave it as there’s so much to see and some marvelous bargains to collect.

PinkCherry NEW! Gown Felicitas - mesh

One more pretty from .::PiNK CHERRY::….some real Hollywood glamour going on…so retro …ruched body and layered hem…I felt like such a movie star on the catwalk with this. I chose the traditional starlet silver..but there are many other tones to look at, gorgeous seam detailing down the back also.


The Thrift Shop

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The names Dagostino….Player Dagostino

SFD Male group gift

o.O swooon….not often I get the chance to take photos of Player…always worth the wait ! Check this out guys…this is the monthly group gift from SF Design…a superbly made Tux style shirt, ala Mr James Bond…it comes with sooo many options…shirt tucked in or out…bow tie , bow tie undone as above…

SFD Male group gift NEW!

Of course I had to get in the action and try my hand at being a Bond girl… I slipped into my Valencia lingerie also from SF Design and did my best to drape myself over Player…

SFD Male group gift_003

Of course you don’t have to look all mean and moody to wear it…after taking the photos we relaxed on our beach…its the perfect item to make you so handsome and dashing…especially with that little tell-tale lipstick mark on the collar (there is also one for your face)…thanks Swaffette ❤

(The pose we are using in the second photo is actually  gift in The Lavender Hill Hunt, its by elephante and costs just 5L for the duration of the hunt)

SF Design


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Sakura Love

Armony collage1

When I first tried this dress on I was frankly just amazed at the fit…such a complex design, yet its snug like a glove. Even when I walked and moved it retained its shape…and wow the drape at the back is just so pretty. It fans gently out when you move and is collected with a beautiful silk flower  to the dress. This is the Sakura gown from Armony and at only 250L is a real gem.

ribbon limited edition luckyboard gift

I also went over to ribbon yesterday and dutifully stood by the luckyboard to win this limited edition of the new long sleeve mesh sweater to show you ! Sooper cute with an “I love You” slogan…and suchn a great colour..yummm chocolate….(if you get bored waiting for your letter to come up, it’s also for sale for 30L right beside the luckyboard)

ribbon long sleeve sweater 40L

andddd because it was so so soooo lovely I treated myself to the same design in this creamy beige tone…only 40L a fantastic buy. The sleeves are designed to cover your hands..incase you thought it looked a bit odd…I found it really endearing…

Armony inworld Store

Armony market place store


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I usually have a little guideline that says I don’t blog any presents that I might get. However, my partner gave me something from Gabriel that was just too good not show.

The outfit above is one of the new release Military Suits and it is quite simply brilliant. I haven’t taken it off since I got it. It comes with everything you see above, coat, pants, shirt, gloves and even the boots and every piece is so well made and looks gorgeous.

It is very easy to wear this suit as the shirt comes on the same layer as the jacket, there’s very little fiddling required and the details are just amazing. From the epaulets on the shoulders, the little buttons going down from the collar, to the belt wrapping around the middle it all looks sensational. Happily I found that I didn’t need to edit any of the attachments to get them to fit perfectly. I’m not normally a glove wearing kinda guy but I found the black leather ones that come with this too good to leave off.

I have to say I’d never worn a pair of boots with an outfit like this before but I loved the way these boots looked with the suit as a whole. They go perfectly with the ‘military’ look and are really well done, even including bunched up bottoms of the pants on the boots themselves, adding to the realism of the look.

If you’re looking for a suit with a difference then you should definitely head on down to Gabriel and check this out. It is most definitely worth it. You can also pick this outft in a different colour and don’t forget to grab some of those group gifts if you haven’t already!

Get the gear here: Gabriel