Regrets..Ive had a few…

..and then again, too few to mention (sing alonggg everyone)..New release from Bubblez..a stunning gown called “Le Regret”…raven black..with pure white trimmings..a real gothy frothy frock..beautifully detailed with a sash of flowers around your waist..a lush floppy bow at the rear and frilled collar..even a magnificent mini hat…

A close up of the bodice reveals the sumptuous velvet fabric across the corset style top and matching floral tribute around the hat..absolutely divine (thank you milo xx)

Go get Gothed: Bubblez



I could’ve dancedddd all night *beams*

Ahhh you know what>? Im SO not  a gown girly…but Im getting more & more now and…well….*fidgets* Im actually liking them more..I found this fantastic one from L.C Fashion..click the pic for a closer view !

LC FashionDesert Rose II. blue 1L

It moves so delicately…gorgeous layering…I even like the gloves ! Such  a beautiful shade of blue…adorable..

Get it here : https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=2514827

Go visit the store, lots of lulliness : L.C Fashion