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Thigh High

Neve & Goji NEW!! Magika NEW!

I’ve got heaps of new stuff to share with you from Goji, Neve & Magika! First up the “mile high” boots from Goji – dead excited about these. So so so, first of all they are great lookin boots but but but ! They are dead handy because – not only are they thigh highs, they are everything else in-between ! Indeedy, from thigh to ankle with the touch of a button. Wear them with skirts, wear them with dresses & leggings, even wear them under jeans and pants , all with one touch. You can use the HUD to alter the strap colour, boot colour, and a choice of knitted leg or leather leg *faints*. My top / dress is new from neve, this is the “breeze” lively with contrast piping – other variants available including a sweet one with teeny hearts which would be perfect for V day.

Goji NEW!!

Heres how the boots look in the  mid length, pretty cool huh?

Neve & Magika NEW!!!

Also new from neve is the “laced” dress, lot of options for fabric on this – I’m showing the sequin type, four colour options in the pack, plus the ability to add shine. Love love love this blue/green colour.

Neve & Magika NEW!

Couldnt resist showing it in the zippppppy red/pink/orange! Ohmaiiii its super zestyyyyy. My hair is brand new form Magika “fool for love”, just released yesterday and on sale on the market place and main store .

Neve & Magika NEW!!

Last up for today (guys you know this would make such a super V day gift – hint hint) Neve have prettties, several themes to choose from – above is “innocent vines”. I so love the floral print, super chic & feminine. Each pack has four colour options in the HUD. Thanks neve & Goji team ❤

(Mesh bodies supported for neve & goji: Includes Standard Sizes XXS, XS, SM, M
Includes Maitreya Lara Fitted
Includes Belleza Isis & Freya Perky Fitted
Includes Slink Physique & Hourglass Fitted)

Goji store

Goji market place

Goji blog

neve store

neve market place

neve blog

Magika store

Magika market place

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21Shoe – KoiKoi hits the spot


21Shoe KoiKoi coldLogic brat sweater & scarf kokolores hair NEW

Only four more days to go until 21Shoe begins ! Twentyfour hours to dash around and snaffle up those two for one deals. KoiKoi has a really lovely surprise for us, not only two pairs for us chicks but also two for the guys yay! I’m wearing the “soft boots” above and these little beauties are just what I’ve been looking for. You can wear them over your ordinary feet, no slink required.

21Shoe - KoiKoi NEW!

You also get a HUD that allows you not only to switch the sock tops on or off but also gives you a choice of some snazzy sock colours. (Different colour options for the guys)

21Shoe KoiKoi coldLogic brat sweater & scarf - kokolores hair_001

The second pair is just SO me ! I bet most of you have a pair of shoes somewhat like these in your cupboards right? I admit that I wear these a LOT, they kinda are my slippers, my dog walking shoes and general all-purpose bestie ever footwear. Ohhh must mention my newww hair ! It’s by KoLoReS and is on sale in various colour packs at the CosplaySL event that runs from 15th – 30th November. Its called Kimiko and is a pretty funky ruffled style.

21Shoe - KoiKoi

There is a HUD included so you can fiddle with the pink and black, button,strap,sole etc. Not sure what colours the guys get but I reckon it isn’t pink !(I just checked and its black and a really gorgy blue)



coldLogic (for jeans,leggings and sweater)

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Summer Fashion Festival

Summer Festival - Aris Aris NEW!

The Summer Fashion Festival has begun hooohahhh! Love this event, its hosted by one of my fav designers ArisAris…and there are oooodles and gazillionsss of designers in it this year. All showing off their new sumer-tas-tic releases…PLUS…everyone has a freebie out for you ! Lets get the ball rolling with a new release from ArisAris…absolutely adore this two piece set. Lovely hessian effect fabric with big bold stitched on blossoms…one strap and a teeny bow to decorate.

Summer Festival - Aris Aris Mules - FREE!

ArisAris’s gift is a pair of their newly released mules yay! Such a cute colour and easy peasy to set up with your skin tone.

Summer Festival - wet cat prop(set of three) T- shirt FREE!

It’s not all about clothing & shoes , wetcat have a brilliant gift out for you to collect…three props …love love LOVE them ! I’m using the rubber ring one above , so cute. My tshirt is from Retro…kickin design, great to wear with shorts & jeans …

Summer Fashion Festival - CandyMetal gift mesh bikini FREE! (comes with long skirt)

CandyMetal are there yay! They have a superb gift out for you, this denim mesh kini, sooper summery and sweet…also in the gift is….

Summer Fashion Festival - CandyMetal gift FREE!

…this gorgy boho long mesh skirt. Bikini for the beach…slip into the skirt for a wander up to the cafe for icecreams huh?!

Summer Festival Fashion Fears Belle mesh dress FREE! - hat by Eclectica Flora

New designer to me next called Fashion Fears, wasnt sure what to expect but was impressed with their gift offering . The Belle mesh dress is beautiful, peachy cream bodice and a blue floral skirt, when I’ve got time I shall investigate their store. Gifts are a great way to try out a new store ! My hat is by Eclectica, it’s a new release and I’ve been playing with it for a few days now. It comes in two versions, with hair or without, the hair is colour change too. The hat itself is just adorable, and you can pretty much re-texture all parts of it via a simple dimple menu. It’s SO versatile, grab yourself one of these and you’ve got headwear for all occasions . I thought the white was just right for a beach stroll…but of course with the range of colour tones in the menu it will also work for evenings etc.

Summer Festival - Leri Miles Designs FREE!

Last up for today, is the gift from Leri Miles Designs…pretty little sheath of a frock in  a delightful china blue shade. Great fit, especially around the arm holes, which for some reason I tend to have probs with a lot.

Head over and have a mooch, theres SO much to see !

The Summer Fashion Festival

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Im Giggly


I had a lovely box of newness yesterday from LUXE Paris…the eagerly awaited spring arrivals ! My heart went all pitty-patter when I saw it was mostly in pink hurrah! Not a candy, eye watering pink..oh no..a really subtle coral pink that’s so very flattering to most skin tones. I was sooo happy to see some mesh had arrived, I’m wearing the “Giggly” dress and matching bolero jacket…love how the skirt of the dress is sweetly ruffled and almost sheer on the layers, VERY effective. I felt ultra feminine wafting about in this outfit…and of course…I had to buy some new shoes to go with it ! These are the “Alex strap” shoes from G Field in coral. Brilliant design, you get a choice of how to wear the straps, T-bar,single,double etc…and for those who don’t like to skin match…these have no feet to fiddle around with…easypeasy, wear and go. Huge range of colours in these, including a glittery pearlised version.


I’m also wearing a new skin today, there was a notice from la petite morte , the owner is trying to raise some funds to pay for vets bills for her kitty cat Alli. This skin is on sale for just 100L, its called “Wixson” and is really lush. In the box is a choice of light or dark brows (LOVE when skin makers do that) and also an alpha for your lashes which is always handy-dandy. My jewelry is a new release from Addiction, sun of hope collection…would lend itself to casual wear but also looks right on trend for the lightest of the spring outfits around.

Luxe Paris

Addiction Jewelry

la petite morte

G Field


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Legs Eleven

Legs Eleven…or I should say Legs fifteen…mhm thats right…The “Envy” shoe is new from ArisAris…they are kinda like pumps with thee cutest ever socks…and get an easy to use HUD that contains fifteen variations! I predict these will be massive during the winter…some really jolly colours, spots & dots, chunky hunky knits…fahhhbulous!

You get different sizes, so you’re bound to find a great fit for your leggies, theres colours and patterns to suit all moods and occasions…really terrific. I especially loved the dotty ones of course ! The Argyle pattern is also scrummy…whats not to love? ! Head over to ArisAris inworld or shop on the market place…  Saving the best news till last…..these will set you back just 199L at the moment, as they are on a special promotion hoooray! Thanks Ariadna ❤

ArisAris in world store

ArisAris market place

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Im walking on sunshine

Nothing like some free footwear to put a big grin on my face..I picked up these rather sensational boots called cupcake patchwork at the Free Dove. Made by Lassitude & ennui, they really are brilliant ! Zero Lindens..and top notch.

I managed to get to a few of the stores that are participating in the Autumn Effect hunt…nice range of designers in this…furniture,clothing & footwear..and more ! I grabbed up these classic white trainers from DUH…excellent as always…bonus is there is also a pair for the guys in the box…yay!

Free Dove


Autumn Effect Hunt blog

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Ramses the First

Welcome to your Monday at Pure Eggs & Spam. You should know by now that it’s not even close to being Monday until we’ve seen what Monday Mania goodies are up for grabs at SF Design. So, in that spirit of let’s-get-Monday-startedness, I give you the Ramses Sandals.

These sandals are so awesome, they don’t bother with any such things as foot shapers, no. They don’t need ’em. Just wear the attachments and boom, these super sandals are on your feet and looking good. If for some reason they don’t fit, you can always resize them. They also include a handy HUD that will allow you to match the colour of the toes to your own skin, I was tremendously lucky as I seemed to have gotten the right colour right out of the box! There are 15 preset colours to choose from so I’m sure you’ll be able to find your own or you can tint them further with the colour pickers.

The Ramses sandals are wonderfully detailed, the white stitching around the straps especially caught my eye and for L$25 they are a fantastic addition to your shoe closet. Of course though, you can only score these sandals at this price today only from the Monday Mania board located in the casual men’s section of SF Design.

Get the gear here: SF Design