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Pint sized

Aphrodite Sushi Boat 2 prims!

I’m always on the look out for decor for my home, its gotta be low prim and simply gorgeous! This is the sushi boat by Aphrodite – at just 2 prims its awesome-sauce. When touched you get a HUGE menu of all different types of sushi and a wearable item. Lovely chopsticks and very detailed food, brill eating animation too!

Heres the deets:

This  sushi boat is nothing short of a great way to impress your dinner guests as you serve your sushi creations as an impressive assortment with style!

This sailing boat is MESH and only 2 LI total, copyable, NO mod, NO transfer.

Aphrodite Sushi boat market place

Aphrodite store – food area

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All you can eat

FREE gift - cake stand gives out cakes & forks - plus all cakes separately for decor

Ohhh I forgot to add this to my last blog post. Whilst I was at Cedar Bay I joined the group and snapped up this group gift ! Not only do you receive the tiered cake stand compete with foodie delights. You also get a box with all the cakes and desserts in to rez around. Go mad with them they mostly seem to be 2 prims ! The cake stand gives out wearable edibles, really nicely made , with a fork to enable eating, great animation too.

Cedar Bay

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Foodies delight


The food fair is now over but don’t fret if you missed it, CIRCA has now moved all their deliciousness to the main store . Just walk straight in (if you’re not lured by all the pretties outside!) and head to the right a little way, et voila …I have an array of treats to share with you but there are heaps more on show instore. I love Cherelle’s quality on these pieces, So realistic and charming. You really feel as if you could reach out and pluck a croissant from the plate, or a chocolate (or five!) These plates also offer you a wearable animated edible, how yummmi.

CIRCA - Food Fair !

If you’re into decor, do check out these sets of wall plates, so quaint and shabby chic, I totally adore them and the pink set is already on the wall in my home. Lowww prim and perfect to cheer up your space. Ohhhh you’ll also find some superduper gacha machines scattered about the store, crammed with such sweet items ! Thanks Cherelle ❤