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Truly Scrumptious (inc Free item)


I will be dashing about this Christmas Eve, delivering pressies and fetching a few last-minute treats. Though you might like to know about some incredible foody items from Circa before I sign off. There are heaps of food platters,cakes and treats (savoury & sweet) at The Twisted Krissmuss event. All are so beautifully crafted, most give out items to eat and wear, some are decorative only. Top notch quality to place out for your guests or to fill your own home, gorjuss!  The Cookie Jar is having a hunt and Zinnias has a simply adorable little table & candle out for you to find.  It is a beautiful little demi-lune table sprinkled with papel picado snowflakes, plus a sweet candle on a glass platter. Perfect to spruce up your space for the winter season!


Just a few little closeups to tantalise your taste & style buds! Thanks Cherelle & Zinnia ❤

Twisted Krissmuss


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Stoopid lives here, Hunt items.

So here I am in RL all dressed up in my gym kit raring to go and then I decide to check the time of my dance class and I’ve missed it!  My only excuse is this is my first time at this class sooooo, but I’m making up for it and I’ve booked in for Zumba on Thur….I’m such a glutton for punishment.

So now I’m back in my slob clothes, coffee mug by my side and a couple of cats and looking forward to finishing this “Upcyclers Hunt” post as I not only got some super gifties but found a couple of shops which were pretty interesting to me.

First prize is these cabinets, 2 shades and if I remember correctly only a single prim and shop quality.


Excuse me standing in front of the porch swing, I seemed to have taken just this one picture but then again you get to see the FA Creation dress again plus the cup of coffee in my hand comes from the tray which is another great hunt item.


I’ve got to fact check this post, but I think this prize was 10Lds! Again low prims great quality great poses with props so just great.


Nope not going to say “great” again but I bet you’re thinking it.  Touch and you get either a coffee, in a choice of knitted sleeve lol or a doughnut.


A little Dollarbie swing set out for all of us and yes it is, it’s great.  Even comes with the swing on/off option and some pretty damned good poses.  This swing comes from the same shop as the porch swing.


I wasn’t going to do this prize at first but then I gave myself a mental slap because just because something isn’t to your taste doesn’t mean that it’s not someone else’s and tbh it is super cute.  And yes I did check to see if it was mod so I could pinch those cups/saucers and tea pots for my invent and it’s not.  It does, however, send you out 2 wearables a cupcake and a “Queens Cookie”.

Can I just say even if you don’t like the look of the prize never let that put you off checking the shop out as often if they’re doing one hunt they often do a lot of hunts PLUS this is a great way to find new shops that you’ve never been to before.

Raindale is new to me and not only did I get the 2 exc prized but for only 50Ld each I got a fab umbrella pose set and an apple basket pose set.  I also had a good walk around the “Adorable Strange Wares” shop and yup it suits it’s name.

The Upcyclers Hunt Blogg LM/hints/pictures.

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Use your loaf, (Freebie).

Another “Kiss”, I managed to squeeze my AV behind into the LAG HELL we call FaMESHed and since I could barely move I decided to have a little cam n scan and my eye fell upon the Apple Fall stand and spotted this amongst the goodies there.


To be honest, it was the steam coming off this freshly baked loaf that caught my eye, you can just about see some of it in the picture but it’s certainly steamier in SL.  Clicking on it to see how much it costs it turns out to be FREEEEE which is a bit odd as everything else on the stand has a price to it and it doesn’t stand out as being a gift but hey ho I grabbed and TPed outta there.

I did also manage to check the table just inside the door and there are freebies there which I have already blogged, a metal fence and a kitty kat so if you still want them then they’re still there.  Goodness knows when the event finally calms down I might be able to get back in as there is some landscaping plants I have my eye on and you never know there might be other freebies set out on the stands.

PS Don’t worry though as FaMESHed at some stage will calm down:-)


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Pint sized

Aphrodite Sushi Boat 2 prims!

I’m always on the look out for decor for my home, its gotta be low prim and simply gorgeous! This is the sushi boat by Aphrodite – at just 2 prims its awesome-sauce. When touched you get a HUGE menu of all different types of sushi and a wearable item. Lovely chopsticks and very detailed food, brill eating animation too!

Heres the deets:

This  sushi boat is nothing short of a great way to impress your dinner guests as you serve your sushi creations as an impressive assortment with style!

This sailing boat is MESH and only 2 LI total, copyable, NO mod, NO transfer.

Aphrodite Sushi boat market place

Aphrodite store – food area

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Year End.

Aphrodite for New Year NEW!

This year has flown by , seriously! Here we are again, are you ready to party? If you’re looking for props, poses and décor – Aphrodite can fix you right up. A lovely golden table, burgeoning with platters of all sorts of food, candelabras, floral displays and oooodles of balloons! The New Years complete party set is really a steal at $799L, here’s the deets:

– 2016 balloon (copy/mod)
– Glittering stars balloons (copy/mod)
– Happy New Year arch with balloons (copy/mod)
– Happy New Year sign
– Small Happy new year gifts givers (hat, tiara, etc almost a dozen different models to gift away to guests)
– Buffet table, New Year table
– Martha Stewart holiday canapés, appetizers platters, 2 different ones
– Cheeses and crackers platters
– Strawberry & cream tartalettes
– New Year cookies
– New Year fireworks cookies
– Star paper lamps (on/off)
– Big Happy New Year Sign giving out unlimited numbers of 8 different platinum, gold and silver hats & headbands, tiaras.
– Gold & Silver Star Deco centerpieces
– Pineapple stars punch (no alcohol drink option)
– Star sandwiches
– Golden candelabra (on/off)

All the foodies are animated of course, and also the drinks with a nice sipping animation. All foods detaches themselves after some bites, realistically.

Aphrodite for New Year

Just a few of the foodie options above to give you a “taster”. There are also some brilliant poses for friends, singles & couples, I’m holding one of the signs that come in the couples pose mat , I found it works just a swell for single pringles yay! My dress is a mesh dollarbie I found on the market place, worn with my Slink Physique mesh body, great fit!

Aphrodite Store market place

Aphrodite store shop

Heart Homes market place (for poses)

Dollarbie mesh dress


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Halloween made easy

Aphrodite Halloween NEW!

We are almost into October and Aphrodite have this MASSIVE set out that will make your Halloween party a roaring success ! Seriously there wont be anything you need to buy after you get this, food, balloons,tables laden with food , and my favourite thing everrrrrrrr , the piñata witch ! Heres a few details:

♥ Three different ballon arches (11, 10, 10 LI)

♥ Big bundle of different spooky ballons (10 LI)

♥ Balloon trio, small (1 LI)

♥ Balloons wall (7 LI)

♥ 3D Happy Halloween Party Sign (3 LI)

♥ Animated Halloween Piñata “Witch” (7 LI)

♥ Black Witch Deco (1 LI)

♥ Spooky Tentacles Buffet table (3 LI each)

♥ Halloween Pumpkin (2 LI)

♥ Halloween Chandelier ( 4 LI)

♥ “The Tentacle” red wine bottle (1 LI), gives unlimited wine glasses

♥ “The Tentacle” deco cups ( 2 LI)

♥ Carrot Cakes platter(3 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Angry Cupcakes platter (13 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Deviled Eyeballs platter (4 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Pitta pizza platter ( 2 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Green Witch finger cookies stand ( 7 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Ghost Cookies platter (3 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Spider Bread platter (5 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

Aphrodite Pinyata NEW

Tadaaa, yes yes its me whacking the evil witch piñata. Just 7Li and comes with built in poses – awesome fun. More info about the set below:

♥ Black Cat Cookies platter (4 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Mummy Cookies platter (3 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Jack o Lantern Sweet potatoes platter (2 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Puff Pasty Intestines platter ( 2 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Mummy Sodas dispenser (7 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Mummy Pizza platter ( 3 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Monster Cookies platter (4 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Pumpkin Pie Cookies platter (6 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Mummy Hotdogs tray (2 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

♥ Banana Ghosts Display (6 LI) gives unlimited wearable food

Aphrodite NEW!!!

I really couldn’t get everything into the photos, if you’ve got a place to decorate and need to fill it up – this is for you.

Aphrodite Halloween NEW!!

Creepy witch head offering a selection of dodgy looking titbits, whats not to love?! Dont those black burgers look a treat. It’s all out to take a gander at, there’s much more than I’ve shown here.

Aphrodite store

Aphrodite market place

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Odds n Sods.

Spotted this event in a note so decided to pop over just to have a look and although there wasn’t much to tempt me there are some quirky Japanese items, Lucky Boards and a food stall that has some Freebies and they of course are what I grabbed.


First one was a definite Oooo because you can rezz it all or just break it down into the 3 pieces, ie plate of food, newspaper and the stove with the pan are the only linked thing but even better is that you also get the single burner in the pack as well.


If I remember correctly this is linked item.


Although I’m not a fish lover I actually love kippers, this one is an unlinked set.


Now for the fun, each item comes with a throwable object, the Herring, a lid off the first item and even funnier a Kipper! I’m not using the throwing pose that comes with them because I couldn’t get a picture but they’re just as quirky and daft I only wish Faith was inworld and I would have had fun Kippering her LOL.

OK I have no idea of what this event is called but at least I have the LM!