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Don’t hesitate.(Freebie).

Not too long ago I did a post about a free Hot Chocolate kit from Andika, well I popped back into the shop and there is a new GG out for us but because I think it’s a bit Valentiney(sic) you might want to grab it now just in case it goes soon.

You get all of this linked and all of this unlinked and if you touch the bottle you get sent one of those stunning glasses with a very delicate Bento holding pose to slurp on.

I couldn’s scroll back that far to find the old post that featured this but as you can see I did find the picture I used so I’ve dusted it off as if you didn’t get it the first time then get it now…..that’s an order!

The newer more Valentine gift is just to your right and this older one with another GG of fabulous wearable mugs, that maybe one of them in the bottom right of the pictures, are just there.  This isn’t a massive shop so you really shouldn’t have any problems finding them the only problem you will have it resisting buying any of the food displayed and as for the poses…NOPE I’m not going to even try them! I’m trying to whittle down my existing poses and only then when I know where I stand, or should that be pose?, will I start to invest in some new fresh poses.



Food Glorious Food…

I was out shopping the other day when I saw a lovely display of pies & pastries in a store window…being the curious type that I am I cammed in past the glass to snoop who the creator was of such yummmy looking edibles. Found the creators name and tp’d over to their store double quick time ! The store is called “poche” and boy-oh-boy was I in for a treat. Upon landing I found a huge amount of free gifts, and I mean H-U-G-E..all sorts of food..some were wearable..some dispensed items for you to wear and all of them superbly crafted. Now the item above is a secretttt so shhhhhh…Player is obsessed with pizza,when I saw this pizza oven I just knew he’d love it ! Its soooo comes with copyable table mats,which you can place upon your table, then you touch the oven and select your pizza or Quiche or meat stew…the item appears inside the oven and thennnnn…it delivers it to your table!!! If you touch your meal it gives you  cutlery or in the case of pizza a slice of it…great animations also. The oven is just 5 prims the mats only 1 a piece..yay for low prim goodies! It will set you back only 200L…what a deal…when youre done stuffing, touch the oven to clear the table…voila!

Here’s one of the wearable platters..the really lovely thing is that quite a few of the free sets not only give you a wearable version but also all the items on the tray as individual pieces,again most of them when touched also dispense a wearable item to eat or drink…

Above shows a small selection of the gifts I chose..sooo many ! Each piece is an item that would pretty up your home for very few prims.

You all knowww how I adore wearable one last foodie shot ! I just loved this little tray with its heart shaped dish and biggg creamy pudding…if only it was calorie free…oh wait..its SL hurrrah! Pop over to poche today, the gifts are outside in two little cabins…theres more inside the main buildings…oh and check out the BBQ…it works like the pizza oven and is a lotta fun! You can demo everything in the pretty courtyard on the patio outside..if you have time take the little tour ride..youll find it close to the landing point, I think its for couples but I did it alone awww…

The tour ends inside the store beside this darling cafe table…sit and rest your tootsies for a while and enjoy the view.

Go get hungry: Poche