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Dollarbie – Clutter

Found this desk clutter on the market place from Follow Us – just $1L, comes in black or as above white – 4Li. Its things like this that can really make an environment feel more life like . If you head over to the main store you will find a ton of group gifts – there is a small joining fee of $40L. The group gift room is quite hard to find but the land mark below should take you to it – if not its in the far left corner in a room.

Follow Us desk clutter dollarbie

Follow Us store

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Let them eat cake

What next group gift - Followus group gift FREE!

Just a quickie for all you home & garden fans. What next has a new group gift out. It’s this scrummy Easter cake that dispenses a plate avec cake and a fork for you to wear. You can also set the cake out on the table as it’s really low prim ! I also spotted this delicate little decor item at FollowUs when I was there the other day, a sweet cup of coffee and a half written love letter – it’s also a group gift (both groups have a small join fee btw) what next and FollowUs are SO worth joining, not only do you get special group gifts, but the standard of them is impossibly beautiful. It’s not alllll-about-the gifts though – you will be notified about special events and offers – when the stores are as good as these you really don’t want to miss out !



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Puppy Dog Eyes

FollowUs doggy NEW - FollowUs group gift Bench
I was wandering around the FollowUs store last week and I spied this adorable doggy ! I mean seriously – who can resist his puppy dog eyes, his sleek coat and darling paws ! He is just gorrrrgeous and I HAD to have him. Originally he wasnt for sale, and was just being used as a decor item – OHMYGOD! Happy ending is, you can now buy a doggy of your very own as Laurent has relented and put him up for sale yay! This version is just perfect for Valentines day no? Send him to your love, send him to charm a friend…

FollowUs Dog NEW!!  NEW decor items - frames & candles

There are two versions (yes I had to have BOTH !) The other one is behaving rather naughtily and chewing up a Barbie doll. He’s just 3 prims so wont eat up your budget either. I decided to make him a pooch corner and placed out some poodle candles and frames, which are new from %Percent, also low prim and sooper pretty. My outfit, incase you didn’t catch it earlier is newwwww from coldLogic, scoot down a post for all the info and landmarks !

Almost forget to mention, the bench in the first photo is also by FollowUs, and its a group gift. The group is pretty inexpensive to join but I did notice when I bought my doggy, there seems to be an offer for free joining ! (I bought him from the market place – not sure if that makes a difference or not)


coldLogic store

coldLogc market place


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More Kitsch – The Challenge sweetens up

The Challenge - 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Tiled Oven brown22

The Challenge is off to a flying start with its Kitsch theme this month and I’ve got the goodies to share! Bauwerk have this frankly astonishing range on offer, its mahoosive and warm. With its bench style seats that are crammed with charming poses galore and its crackling fire – its sure to delight and make your home ultra cozy. Not only good-looking but low prim too !

The Challenge - Cleo Designs

Cleo Designs is in this round, and once again Cleom has surpassed herself. The lounger is just terrific and if you touch the shadow beneath you have a huge selection of textures to choose from. The poses are many and varied, for both males & females. If you’re looking for a sweet tree to adorn your space, check out the one above – it’s so quaint it won my heart.

The Challenge - Cleo Designs - cups & cookies !

Close up of the mugs and cookies ! Everything is set up for sale and once again super low prim so you can scatter all the treats around to make a gorgeous scene.

The Challenge - UR Kitsch Kitchen NEW!

If you want to get shabby , chic & kitsch go visit UR, they have a vast new range including the above cooker,fridge, table and stools, O.o and some really lovely bottle styled light fixtures! The croissants are mine but don’t they look sweet?  The stools have a nice set of poses in them , suitable for both males & females. Love the old wheels on them! Take a look at the full range – url below.

The Challenge - Follow us

Last up is one of my fav’s. This set is by FollowUs and by Jove it’s a corker. I know I know I’m a sucker for a rocking chair, but these are almost edible! Lovely poses, beautifully crafted & textured, with a casually thrown garland over the side, I love! The table is packed with wintry treats and hot drinks,perfectly complimenting a cozy scene.



22769 – bauwerk

Cleo Designs

The Challenge Blog for all info & participants

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Munching Cupcakes

The Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt  - ALL prizes 5L !

I wish I was gorging on cupcakes, but after being bed ridden for a week I feel SO pudgy I can’t ! Closest I can get is hunting for them, luckily for moi there is The Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt on at the moment. Each prize is just 5L and I found some darlings ! Above I’m wearing one of the four skins called Giada from style by Kira, what a generous gifty ! Different makeups and cleavages option also in the pack.

cupcake hunt 5L Per item

My yummy mesh pj’s are by Sugar Button Boutique and I lurrrrve them ! I often wander about in jammas, easy to wear and totally socially acceptable in most place (whut?!) I’m sitting on the couch pouffe from FOllow Us…its gorgy…and rezzes stuff for poses such as the tray of treats and a darling radio etc…brilliant .

cThe Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt

Last up is my bunneh slipslops…oh cmonnn you know you want them…just about theeee cutest pair I ever did spy. They are by Atypical and I found them pretty easily, you all know I’m rubbish at hunts ! Check out the website, it lists all the gifts and gives the clues, enjoy ❤

The Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt Blog


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Summer Style out in the garden

The Challenge & coldLogic Haunn top cambell shorts - FOLLOWUS Shed and garden set NEW!

It’s really summery here in England, pardon moi for being sooper excited but we don’t get much sun here usually ! This months “The Challenge” is out and the theme is Garden…my all time fav clothing store coldLogic also got a mahooosive release of newness that’s perfect for those summer days …Above I’m seated at the sweet garden set & shed by FOLLOWUS for The Challenge monthly event…complete with plates of posh ice cream that you can nibble your way through, or…like me…stuff it in. The shed is sooo adorbs, door ajar and some cute gardening type pieces inside to decorate it. The chairs have plenty of poses for both male & females. Im wearing the new denim shorts (that come in a variety of denimy shades) called “Campbell” andddd a gorgeous lightweight sweater with bared shoulders, called “haunn.”

The Challenge & coldLogic NEW!

o.O looky ! Just wanted to show you the close up of the desert, yum…really good standard of detail, the eating pose also hands you a spoon to get tucked in with.


Next is The Challenge piece by [DDD] a gardening table, its loaded with gear and comes in at an incredible TWO prims ! Its got two gardening poses, you can also change the texture of the leaves on the plants which is awesomesauce. Showing off my butt in the new coldLogic shorts called “Stephen” and the cropped style jumper called “mann.” Both these items come in positively squooodles of colours…

The Challenge & coldLogic NEW!!

Check out the triffic fabric texture on the sweater… ! This latest release is using the new materials thingamebob…I dont really understand it BUT…if you use the latest view either by Linden Lab or Firestorm (there are prolly more but those two I use myself) you will notice how much more alive the clothing is.

The Challenge & coldLogic - -JoHaDeZ- Garden Bench A (2) NEW!

Dont know about you lot, but I’m rather partial to a bench in my garden. This one is from new-to-me store JoHaDeZ. It’s totally rockin my world, such a style statement with its blocky slatted seat. Brill poses and I reallllly love the little watering can it dispenses for this tending the flowers animation. If you touch the cushion it brings up a menu that you can fool around with the  colours of the flowers & leaf tones ! My outfit is from coldLogic, Iam sooo thrilled to have mesh shorts that FIT me ! No messin, slap them on, you’re ready to roll.

coldLogic NEW!

The floral fabric in the “jordan” shorts is just fabulous, sort of  a little faded, as if you’ve washed them a few times…I teamed them up with the short-sleeved “paul” top…both pieces have a good array of colours to choose from and of course those bloomin big quantum packs that save you a goodly amount of dollars !

The Challenge & coldLogic withey dress {MV} Pergola NEW!

Okie just one more for today, but I will be back tomorrow with another dose from both coldLogic and The Challenge (bet you can’t wait huh?!)  This is one of the many new dresses from coldlogic, it’s called “withey” and I fell in love with its simple charm. Crisscross straps at the back…elegant draped front and a flattering range of colours for summer…perfect. (Thank you coldLogic team <3) I’m stood inside The Challenge item from {MV}, its beautiful pergola and a great piece to fill a corner of your garden. Rich wood for the pillars and floor and a curly type of vine/tree that’s clinging to the framework. In the centre is a slow flowing water feature, very restful.

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place store

The Challenge blog


[DDD] (Dysfunctional Designs)




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The Challenge – its Industrial strength !

The Challenge - Industrial - Cleo Design

A new round of The Challenge begun a few days ago..Ive been a bit of a slow poke due to real life stuffage…BUT…I do have some bits to share with you today. This months theme is “Industrial”, I wasnt sure what to expect those wily designers to come up with ! Doesnt sound very girly swirly, however, you never know whats gonna pop out of their minds.Ive tried to squeeeeze in as much of the bedroom set by Cleo Design as I can ! It’s a ginormous set, with a brilliant bed crammed with great poses…theres a linen basket, wall art, posters, and….

The Challenge - Industrial - Cleo Design side table part of bedroom set

…the most adorable bedside cabinets. I especially liked the corroded/ aged look of the hinges on these. One touch and the top and lower door swing open, one has a few decor items already inside (which are not hard linked so you can remove them to save prims!).

The Challenge - Industrial - Cleo Design, palette table and decor items (part of set)

There is also a pallette style occasional table, complete with his & hers mugs, magazines etc..and a fully loaded tray with yummies on it.

The Challenge - Kuro pipe lamp - Percent lapfactory chair mfc poses - Studio Sidhe manequin 3 poses and upper body tattoo layer

Lots of new designers have joined The Challenge this month hurrrray! One of them being ” Studio Sidhe”, who came up with this rather unique take on the theme of a manequinn…its not like those ones you stuff in a corner for prettiness, it actually makes YOU the manequinn…and has three different poses contained within , bizarro but neat! In the box you’ll find a tattoo layer to wear that makes you all “manequinny” (that’s SO is a word). Also above is fantastic pipe lamp form Kuro…a real piece of statement style,lights turn on and off and its lowwww prim. The chair is from %Percent, subtle colours on the seat and some brill poses.

The Challenge - Industrial Follow us desk set

FollowUs is also in this month..and as usual a detailed piece is on offer “The Factory Desk”. Its verrrrry masculine, yet I can sit at it and look all professional too. The set comprises of the draughtsman’s desk, which is lovingly faithful to the real life ones. Boxes with decor, a guys jackets slung over the board and a football helmet also. The stool has the poses in it, sooper thing is…its pretty lowww prim too !

The Challenge - Industrial [DDD] Mine set with various tracks and carriages !

Another new designer in this round is Dysfunctional Designs, they have a superb set out for sale , with which you can build your own mine ! Mhmm, all sizes and shapes of railroad track, for the gorgeous little carts (also provided) The carts come full and empty, some have silver, gold or coal . I made up a small section to see how it all worked and fitted together, it was SO simple . Uhm had a little crash at the end of the line though ! Grab these and make an interesting space on your wont eat up your prims allowance as most is only 1- 2 prims a piece .

The Challenge - Industrial - Little House of Curios - My Little Industrial Spot Set - [Breno] find your bearings wall art

Last up for today, a collection of tasty Industrial decor items to spruce up your space. I really love the wall art from [Breno] this round…simple but effective, it says its bearings BUT..I think they also could be pebbles, and I’m going to place this in my bathroom (so there:P). The rest of the items are by another new to this event designer “Little House of Curios”, it’s a big set of separate pieces…a trolley, chair (heaps of great poses) the fan wall art (LOVE it!) and the gas bottle on wheels. This set would look SO fab in a garage or warehouse …btw…big shout out to [bauwerk] whose skybox for this round,  got used to the max for my photos! It’s a fantabulous build, so atmospheric and totally cool textures….only 44 prims !




Cleo Design

Dysfunctional Design


Little House of Curios

Studio Sidhe