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0Lds for 35Lds(Freebies).

Blah. blah, blah and more blah which just about sums up my morning so far.  The only good thing is that I had completely forgotten I had picked a whole load of goodies from the 35Ld Group yesterday which is actually Free to join group and has a selection of old 35Lds items which are now set to Free for group members.

This is the gift from  Simply Shelby on the shelf with the other gifts and not only is it stunning it’s editable which means…

I copied it, shrunk it, took it apart bit by bit.

Although shrinkable it doesn’t shrink to a table top size even but better is that you can take this whole thing apart so if yo don’t like the milk churn it comes in the simple basic editing skills is all you need to zap it away and you can break it down even more right down to a single stem with 2 of the fat flowers on it for a single prim.

Since it’s been a while since I was last over at Simply Shelby I decided to do a quick visit before I logged off and WOW check out this matching wreath.  4 Prims and just as stunning, a pretty big size but this one can be editing much smaller but the prims stay the same.

It continues.

Holy Carp! Check this out! This is the Christmas Gift and it comes with a lovely big fat green bow which is just as lovely all year around but I edited it off just to see if I can and obviously I could LOL 3 prims with bow 2 without.  Didn’t have time to rezz back out the original and I’d already snapped this one but with or without the bow stunning all year round.

I don’t think I’ve blogged these items before because I’m sure I would still have them in my invent but if these are reblogs I don’t care I think I might reblog them every month till everyone in SL has them LOL.

PS there is, even more, gifties tucked behind the rose gazebo where you TP in but I ran out of time so there is a couple of more surprises just waiting for you.

Lacrime sell’anima Store(VIP room for the Freebies)

Simply Shelby.

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Purple, pink & blue.(Freebie).

Blimey the UK has been basking in almost summer weather even “Oop North” as the Southerners like to say lol.  So I’ve been pottering in the garden then doing this quick post before settling down to a crappy horror movie in the middle of a Sunday afternoon,  I even have the blinds drawn and a bag of popcorn.  So I hope you too are doing something just for yourself even if it’s hunting for good stuff in SL.

Check out this FREE floral headdress from the Bauhaus Movement shop.

Simply gorgeous and you get 3 shades, I’ll let you guess which ones those are.  Nice to see that there is a mans gift set out as well which is a pair of goggles, of course I grabbed them as well, just because they’re for men doesn’t mean we can’t wear em and if they’re the same quality as this headdress then another excellent gift from Bauhaus.

PS Crap movie of the Day is “Bound to Vengeance”.

Bauhaus Movement(You will find them on the entrance desk on the front).

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Heads Up.

I finally managed to get over to the massive Food Fair charity raising event and I will put the link to Faiths post all about it the charity involved, the people involved etc READ IT!


I was going to have a nice morning sauntering around  now that it’s finally calmed down but VANITY won and I ended up pulling some poses on one of the stage set ups at this event.


I wasn’t even going to show you my New Mina but damn I look so good the RL me is as jealous as Hell!


This New Mina hair is from the latest FaMESHed event,  Which I’m not even going to try to squeeze my freakishly skinny AV into(unless there are Freebies there, in that case, I will defy the lag and grab any goodies) and I will wait till it calms down. Because I wasn’t going to show you “Indy” I haven’t taken all the pictures of what’s special about her.  You can see on the back is a big fat juicy bun and lots of tendrils but when you open the Colour Hud and click the “options” tab you can actually wear it 3 ways, the one shown one with no fringe and a few tendrils and one without any fringe or tendrils but as always I’ve put the LM for Mina’s shop so you can try out the demo and remember to check out the new Group Gifts (not free to join).

Here’s a bit of randomness….Mina’s house on the hill.


I was just stood outside of Mina’s mainshop and since we’re tarting up our own sim I’m checking others out for inspirations and I’ve decided to pack my bags and move in here for a while…I wonder what she would think if I started to squat in her houselol?  Such a lovely building and sim setting so I’ve taken a quick snap and I’m now at Ionic to check out the price of this house and of course to see if there is any goodies for a “.

Last bit of randomness, make sure to check out this weeks FLF(Fifty Linden Friday) as there is some super decor items, a couple of pieces of clothing which are worth a whole lot more than 50Lds and here’s a shocker a super hair for only 50Lds.  I’ll put the link to the pictures for you to check out for yourself and you can TP direct to the sellers.

Food Fair, Feed A Smile


Mina Mainshop(Demo).

FLF(Pictures n LMs)


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Sim setting 2357(25Ld Tuesday).

I decided to take a break and work my way through the “25Ld Tuesday” list.  This is obviously a weekly event and it’s as obvious that the cost for everything is just 25Lds and in the past, I have found some amazing things at this super price.


This Walnut boat/cot/snuggle bunny thingy (turns out it’s a Fairy Bed) comes from Luas.  The examples they have in the shop are tiny but when you buy it you get this full sized AV one. Full sized it’s only 6 prims but I’m going to shrink mine right back down to the tinnie tiny size and either have it floating on our lake or nestled somewhere hidden in a shrub on our sim because shrunk right down it’s only 2 prims and super cute.

You actually get 2 options to buy 1 with single poses and 1 for couples I, of course, got the single poses one and it has some really good poses in it! Super nice, works really well with my AV.  Good poses are always a boost but of course, when shrunk down I won’t be able to use them.

I also never miss the opportunity to pick up the Belle Epoque 25LD  offer either which in this case is this over the top headdress.


It’s like a full English garden on “ya heed”! lol.   As you will know on the whole I’m not into bags and jewelry etc but when it comes to flowers in my hair I have a folder STUFFED with them I just can’t help it as in RL flowers in my hair, as well as ruffled blouses, knitted hats, and roll necked tops on me, look absolutely ridiculous on me so in SL I love wearing flowers in my hair.

PS to get the list just slap the sub board of one of the shops involved in it as I usually get a weekly notice this way or of course you can join the 25Ld Tue group.

PS I also picked up a couple of other 25Ld items but hey ho I like to leave a surprise of 2 for you to find for yourself.


Belle Epoque

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The “B” is back with a Beauty. (Freebie).

I’m back from my few days break, refreshed, pampered and a whole lot poorer but I had a wonderful time. As it happens the last thing I managed to grab inworld before I logged out was this simply gorgeous floral head wreath.  As it happens I have a very soft touch for Lilac as I have a massive tree in my garden and when it is in full bloom it fills the air with scent and of course I fill my house and every vase, jug and container I own with massive bunches of it.  Sad that it only blooms for a few weeks each year but then again that makes it extra special.

I have made my pretty picture even prettier with a bit of softness but trust me you can see every perfect little petal in detail.


The shop it comes from is called “IT” (Indulgent Temptation) and I know for a fact that I have been tempted a few times as I have a number of the head dresses, flowers in my invent if only I could find where I’d filed them away! this is starting to become unfunny as I would have loved to have shown you more of the lovely designs here.  As someone who is too lazy to wear jewelry or carry a bag in SL I do love to wear flowers in my hair.

OK so to get this Freebie you do have to join the SL Free’s and Offers Group, as you go in the shop it’s the purple sign on the wall next to the picture of this gift, you can’t miss it.  However if you have a spare 100Lds to join the “IT” group I’d say go for it.  There is a sign pointing to the room with the GG’s in it so you can see what you get for your money and I don’t know how often Alina updates her GG’s but you get it all back with the first load of GG’s you grab.

IT (Indulgent Temptation)

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Springing.(Oh So Cheapies&Freebies).

We have many ways of tracking down the new, free and in this case cheap items and one of them is just keeping an eye out on what shops use as a decor item and that is how I found this lounger.


Loved its old-fashioned look, it looks as though it should be on the deck of an old passenger ship and I knew it would look great set around our swimming pool.  So I grabbed the details off the one in the shop and quickly TPed over to Naive Designs which is a small shop owned by Isis (isiskowalsky). chair

Since I’m such a cheap biatch when I find something I like and then find out that it’s at a brilliant bargain price of only 30Lds I give a little RL Whoop LOL.  Honestly I am really chuffed with the price, prims, poses and then add to that you actually get a choice of wood and cushion colour.


I had just packed away some tubs of winter plants so to find these perfect Spring Daffs was Kismet and for 20Lds you get a whole pack of them, a selection of window tubs, some in pots.  What you can’t see is that you get a whole clump of them for landscaping but they’re actually unlinked and so you get a whole selection of clumps from the largest at 3prims right down to a single stem.


Confession, I’m not that keen on the ones in the pots purely because the orange of the terracotta pot is a bit too orangey but as I’ve said you get some which are free-standing for ground cover and I’ve taken some of them and planted them into a box I already had. What I’m going to do next is rezz a load of my own pots and fill them and then put some in my home in vases, they’re so lovely so low primmed and so cheap you can.


I’m putting the Link for her Marketplace shop but don’t buy from there, pop into her inworld shop so you can see the items rezzed in there and also grab some of the freebies which aren’t free in her MP shop.  This simple windmill comes with its own pose, not shown, and you get a variety of colours.  Or you can rezz a non pose one for a decor item and of course it does turn as well.  That simple bracelet is also a freebie from here and there is also a sleep mask which is a really good fit.

As I’ve said not a big shop but well worth the visit.

Naive Design

Naive Design Marketplace

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Unban me!(Mens Freebie)

For some strange reason Faith has her security system set up to eject me from her home! How rude especially since I wanted to give her a lovely bunch of flowers, she will have to settle on a lovely picture of me instead.


OK here is a more “dreamy” picture instead.


See I can be a Deamboy as well as your worst nightmare.  The Freebie is the Jacket and the flowers, Zan has already done a post about the flowers which are still out there at the Creator Collection Box event which looks like it has changed to a Valentines theme now.  So if you want these flowers then time to go grab.  The jacket is a freebie from ::K:: and is a one size fits all mesh.

The hair isn’t a freebie.  I have very few hair styles because I’m very lazy but just lately I’ve been wearing one of Mina’s hairs Bas, With it’s shaved side it’s edgy but wearable.  I’ll repost the picture.  This hair, Mark, can only be found at The Chapter Four Event and is at a discounted price for the moment.  Mina now has a much bigger mens hair dept so if you’ve never been there before it’s time to go.  A lot of the newer hairs are also Unisexed.  Zan was going to show you this hair at first as it really looked good on her and the new suit she had but since we don’t get to show that many mens hair it’s been left up to me.


This is the other Mina hair which I really like and I’ve worn it constantly since I got it.

In case you’re wondering about the mouth.  I just don’t like to be 100% perfect so I’ve always got something which is flawed just like RL people.  Sometimes it’s a bruise or a blindfold, I have a great safety-pin for my mouth and of course my Contraption Jaws.

::K:: (Coat)

RH Designs@Creators Collection Box (Bouquet)

Mina@The Chapter Four (Hair)