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Just a Quickie.(Freebies).

I decided to take a RL break and pop inworld to grab this and I’m gonna be honest and I didn’t expect it to be as nice as it is and it’s not only nice you get a black/floral version plus all the mesh body fits.

It’s completely backless and has the folds that make fabric look realistic and that sheer frill on the bottom is a really nice touch.  There is actually a few more other Free to join GG’s set out in the Xtravagance shop but I didn’t really have time to join and grab but if you don’t like this dres, WHY?, still go and check out the other Gifts.

Byeeeee for now.


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I bring you roses.(Freebies).

I have no idea of what the other GG’s from Bijou are because as soon as I put this one on I didn’t care.

I didn’t actually realise the top comes with the matching shorts so that was a lovely extra.  Just such a simple sweet look and yet because of the saucy boob drapery very sexy.  All the mesh bod fits as well.

The Bijou group is free to join and this and the other GG’s are upstairs but as I said I’ve forgotten what they were as soon as I saw this “keeper”.

Ooo UPDATE Because I’m inworld and I’ve tried on the 2 other GG’s I had, there is still more I didn’t get, and one is a rather bright red bikini and the other a crop top/jumper with a slogan on and both are REALLY good so if this outfit isn’t something you want or need still pop over to check out the rest.


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Jumping into Spring !

Somnia Champagen dress NEW! Kusshon mesh pile of books animated poses with wearable props 1L  Field of flowers 1 prim FREE!

A new season, a new look ! Spring is upon us and its bright and sunny here in England. Kusshon has a perfect little pile of mesh books for you to sit upon and drink a cup of tea, or read a book etc. It looks perfect inside or out. Head over and snap it up for just 1L  Its got unisex poses, so guys one for you yay!

Kusshon dollarbie books with poses and wearable props - Somnia Champagne dress NEW!

My fahhhbulous new dress is from Somnia, newly released and instore right now. Its called Champagne, great pack of colour tones for just 200L. I adore the teeny bow that sits just under the bust area, sweet! The field of flowers I’m sat in, is by moi. If you join Pure Eggs & Spam group, it’s sitting in the notices for you to grab. I’m making group members a “spring garden”, keeping it as low prim as possible. More to come over the next few weeks, so join up and don’t miss out. (group is free join obviously)

BubbleFish Steampunk leggings gacha-RARE colour

Next up are these deeeelicious leggings from BubbleFish. They are a gacha item at 50L a pop a great addition to your wardrobe. I’m showing a rare colour but I have to say, ALL the colours are really lovely. (They come with a phat azz applier also) You can find this item at the MadPea Steampunk Gacha Fair that opened March 15th.

Indie Rose tank & floral skirt (flexi skirt)

Indie Rose has a new release that’s totally adorable, a mesh tank top that sits so prettily over a flexified thigh length skirt. It made me want to twirllllllll around ! Heaps of colours to choose from, go take a peek.

Luck of the Irish gacha event - mesh charm chain 10L !

Last up for today is this darling mesh mouth charm, just 10L ! It’s in the Luck of the Irish gacha fair by Phoebe ~Piercings & more – My first try nabbed me the pink so I was dead happy.


The Luck of the Irish gacha fair


Pure Eggs & Spam cafe

Indie Rose

MadPea Steampunk gacha fair

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Daydream Believer

Ohhhhh sweetness ! Arisaris have this melt-in-your-mouth complete outfit out..its called “daydream” and I’m lovin it. The blouse is an extravaganza of tiny multi coloured flowers…rich frilly neckline and pufffy capped sleeves…add to that a shorter than short skirt and high gloss leggings plus a lush bra !

Close up view of the deelightful blouse…it reminds me of tutti frutti icecream..all the different colours and nibbly lil bits…beautiful!  Guys there are plenty of goodies for you at the store,plus a coupla lucky boards and midnight mania’s to slap!  Ohhh and dont forget to join the group (free join) and  snap up all the generous group gifts at the top of the stairs,theres a beautiful satin top this month –  Thanks Ariadna xx

Go get flowery: Arisaris