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I got SPENDY, but I still come with FREEBIES.

An odd sort of morning and apart from a couple of backdrops I’ve picked up for myself I thought this morning was going to be a washout but I was so wrong as I came across some freebies, old and new, and a piece of clothing which made me spend Lindens!!!

First the freebie.

TBH I know I’ve shown you the other Freebies from KC but this dress I wasn’t too sure about until I put it on and now I’m 100% sure this is new to me and so will be new to you.

A simple and pretty little dress which comes in so many sizes I won’t list them.  Although this is in the KC (Kendrasy Design) shop it’s a “Mesh Body Friends” group gift both groups are free to join and although I’m not showing you the other freebies, and there is a promo Dollarbie as well near the new stuff, it’s only because I’ve shown a couple of them previously BUT you must check them out even if you’re not interested in this dress as they’re really nice and worth going over to check them out if you haven’t already.

Ignore this next bit as it is the spendy bit.

So once I’d grabbed a couple of the freebies I cammed n scanned the shop to get a feel of the style of clothes and prices etc and lots if not all of the clothes come with BIG colour huds as standard and not unreasonable prices.  Lots of what had me going “hmmm” were only 99Lds but as soon as I saw this and tried the demo it was MINE and even though this shirt/jumper combo was 199Lds it is a brill buy.

Just like RL you sometimes pop something on and it just looks so good you have to have it and I had to have this.

10 Textures for the shirt and jumper, lots of fits etc. A really nice mix of textures which means you can make it as light and summer as you want or dark and Autumnal.

Don’t take my word for it try the demo for yourself.

KC (Kendrasy Creations)


Pink Label goes Blue

I have some soooper news for you, Pink Label has a brand spanking new store ! To celebrate this and so you can all update your landmarks, Talena Carissa has left out this amazing weekend deal for you. The Diana dress is ever so flirty and summery, pretty floral pattern is splashed over it with abandon, it comes with a chunky silver belt and just for this w/e is only 10L. Thats not allll…..

….there is also a matching set of beautifully beaded earrings & bracelet, also just 10L , plusssss…

…a sneaky pre-release pair of the lickabubble Dita shoes in blue floral ! Gawd I ❤ these babies, I’ve been stalking Talena the last few days ever since she let me see them, watch this space cause there’s gonna be a LOT of these around in scrummy soft leathers, ssssnakeskinsss that will have you swoooning (I am SO top of the list to get my paws on those!!!) I can also share with you they will be offered later in colour packs ie: dove grey through to black in ONE shoe ! They have such an easy to use HUD system,even I can get the purrfect skin match, you can turn the tiny stars on the heels on & off,and choose your adornment tones silver,gold etc..yay! Hold you breath,don’t faint…cause…these are just 10L also for this weekend only *faints*…Hurry along and snap this offer up !

Go get flowery: Pink Label