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Lets talk raincoats, earmuffs and sims.

Since I know this comes from a shop which is specialising somewhat in sheer, very sheer, mesh clothes when I got the offer of trying out their new range of rain coats my pervy mind went into overdrive but as you can see this certainly isn’t sheer. It’s a lovely basic dark brown mesh raincoat, detailed right down to the button on the back flap and a good choice of colours.  Sometimes more is less in RL and SL and this teamed with basic pants is a good, elegant Autumnal look. Look closer and check out the earmuffs.  I loved these so much I bought them from BOOM months ago before RL and SL even thought about winter warmers.  So pretty flowery shaped ear muffs in a variety of colours and only 75Lds each.

Came across this sim in my eternal search for places to pose in and people like ddsm2 Mathy need to have a great big pat on their backs for spending their time, money and amazing imagination in  making a whole sim into a place of pleasure for all.  It’s not cheap owning a sim so I always feel those who do and open it up to everyone deserves that pat.  This shows the owners home at the top of the hill.  It’s not locked and since there is no security barrier then I am assuming you can wander in and around.  As it happens when I was visiting the owner was there outside in a Hamster AV and I was so tempted to put on my identical one and chat but I am assuming he was AFK….sadly the same can be said for the female AV floating the this picture but each time I returned she was still there AFK.  The only blot on the landscape I can assure you.

When you land you will be asked permission to change your windlight and if your computer can handle it then I would say go for it .  A grey pall hangs over everything and yet it’s not a sad place.  It’s calm and textually attractive.  Loads of places for you to sit and just think.  A bakery, station, garage, cafe, pier etc all for you to sit and chill.  So if you go there don’t hesitate to drop ddsm2 Mathy a BIG THANK YOU note.


Paisley Daisy(raincoat)

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