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Playing away. (Freebies and Excuses).

Don’t PANIC! All is well in the Zan household, sadly yet again I’m working away from home and although “excellent internet” was promised it’s failed to materialise and so it’s been touch and go with being able to do much online and between working and a crashing internet I am HOT, BOTHERED and BORED!!!

As you can see I did manage to log in for a quickie and Sia, one of our reg readers mentioned the GG’s at DRD’s (sounds like some sort of weird code but of course “GG’s” is group gifts and “DRD’s” in the excellent Death Row Design shop) and although I know Faith has picked these up I don’t think she ever got around to showing them off, I could be wrong though and if that’s the case then this is a reblog and I’m stepping on her toes lol.

At first, I wondered who the hell is Courtney and what has she done that is so bad that even Aberdeen doesn’t want her…turn the signpost around and you will find out why.  A fab 1 prim item to add some interest to your home/sim.

Floaties and I don’t think they come with poses but they are so cute and have a natural rotation to them.

I should have taken some of this advice before I signed up for this job anyhow I think the whole thing, 2 chairs and the stand only come to 3 prims and comes as separates.  Even if you don’t want the whole thing that stool/seat at the front is a good addition to a home and garden on its own.

Sooo after some proper moaning the hotel has boosted its internet, ie turned the router off and on and I’ve been moved to a room nearer to it and woohoo it looks like I can internetty again.  So this is just a quick starter/tester and later on when I’m done working for the day I will hopefully be back with some more goodies.

PS.  I’ve already begun to spend my hard earned extra and I’ve booked myself a Christmas break, did you know it’s only 151 days till Christmas? and a theatre ticket as a reward for being trapped working in some of the HOTTEST WEATHER I HAVE EVER KNOWN!!


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Weird as F**K.(New gift from Blueberry 1Ld or!!!)

One minute I was basking in the hot sun the next running indoors with cushions and my kindle as the heavens opened and drenched everything.  At least it means I don’t have to water the garden later.

I was scrolling through the MP and came across the new GG from Blueberry which are wearable floaties.

Can’t remember how many you get but you get enough to give yourself a giggle.  Although I’ve not used it there is a nice cushion seat with balloons keeping it afloat which I rather like and the wings I’m wearing.

Not sure when the Blueberry group had changed from free to paid but at 20Lds cheap and the QUALITY of the gifts out for group members are second to none.  I’m actually wearing 3 of those items, the top, lingerie bottoms and although it’s not a good picture of them the shoes I’m wearing are actually yoga shoes and I wish I had changed the colour so the strapping of them stood out a bit better.

I should imagine everyone who has read this blog for a while now will be very familiar with the Blueberry gifts so this post is aimed for those new to the brand and those who love to float their way through SL rather than walking.

Although a couple of the GG’s are on the MP for just a single linden don’t buy anything till you’ve checked out the rest of the gifts inworld as well.

PS. Did you know that most people if not all don’t wear yoga shoes?  Or most certainly prefer not too because of all the poses and ways you have to position your feet means that you need a good grip and you can only get that with bare feet. I did once try it with yoga socks and it didn’t end well.

Blueberry MP 

Blueberry In-world

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Ready steady POSE!

imagineGreat minds think alike and both Faith and I rushed over to ANA_Mations as soon as we got notice of a pretty damned generous FREEBIE’S and discounted sale going on.  Surrealia Anatine has had one of those years which we all suffer from occasionally (sh*t ones that we prefer to ignore) but like a lot of people she has dusted herself down, cleared out the cobwebs and is refreshing not only her RL but also her SL shop, which will now be relaunched as ANA.  In clearing away old stuff for new she is being so generous and has priced ALL of her AOs for 0 Lindens!! Yup FREE.  Although I haven’t owned one of her full AOs I have many individual poses and also a few props from here so I was really pleased to be able to grab all of them and treated myself to a seriously cute Panda bear rug slashed to only 50Lds.  There is a bit more than props and poses because there is a wall of furniture and even some retro homes which again have had their prices slashed. No demos but at the price she has reduced them to certainly worth thinking about.

As far as I know these prices will remain for quite a while and from the note Surrealia has sent out she will be returning with a bang, loads of new stuff, collabs with some of the big names in SL and just MORE.  This also includes her ‘nilla Bean shop which is for the kid stuff.

Heads up to a group Faith is a member of and how she found out about the Ana sale.  It’s called Virtual Vagabond and it seems to be pretty packed not only with notices about sales and free stuff but also a load of fun gifts, LMs to some lovely sims and it’s pretty damned comprehensive so if you have a spare group place and a single Linden (a token cost to join) I would highly recommend you become a “Virtual Vagabond” yourself.

PS.  In the picture I am wearing one of her AOs but of course you can’t see the actual movements but they’re lovely and smooth.

ANA Mations Mainstore